Would Emma be More Interesting as a Villain?

Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan

In the last episode, we learned that Gold’s plan was to bring Emma to the dark side. If he can fill her heart with darkness, she will no longer be the savior and change the happy endings for all that do wrong. By changing Emma from hero to villain would definitely be a serious twist to the “Once Upon a Time” plot – is this good or bad?

Since she has lived in Storybrooke and joined the heroes team, she is not the same sassy, people-chaser. She never trusted anyone and did whatever she wanted. However, she still basically does whatever she wants. This could add some spice to the plot. However, is this what fans want?

What do you think? Should Emma stay a hero or become a villain?

Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan

One thought on “Would Emma be More Interesting as a Villain?”

  1. I think it would be interesting to see Emma tempted by the dark side but ultimately choose where she wants to be…

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