Will Snow White Redeem Herself After Using Black Magic?

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Before reading ahead, we want to warn you that this post does include spoilers from last night’s episode “The Miller’s Daughter.”

As we watched the responses on Twitter during last night’s episode, fans were cheering and upset at Snow White’s game-changing decision.  She decided to make a choice that avenged the death of her mother, Queen Eva, by killing Cora.  Snow was scared that Cora would murder Rumplestiltkin, so that Cora could become the Dark One.  Snow decided to use Cora’s own dark magic against her, which was by lighting a candle.

She lit the candle over Cora’s heart and repeated her name.  She had to then find a way to get Cora’s heart back into the body.  She hoaxed Regina by placing Cora’s cursed heart back into her.  Before Cora collapsed, she told Regina that she, “would have been enough.”

Unfortunately for Snow, the murder has darkened Snow’s soul.  This will leave Snow with a major vengeance looming over her.  Now, can Snow redeem herself? Regina is not going to take this lightly.

With that said, TV Guide had a moment to sit down with Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the executive producers.  Here is what they dished out:

After killing Cora, how will Snow White be different?

Edward Kitsis:  The path to restore her heart and the brightness becomes her arc at the ending of the season.  Obviously, Charming and Emma are doing to do what they can to help.  However, there will be circumstances for Snow White to lighten her heart again.

Right before she died, Cora told Regina, “You would’ve been enough.” Was that your way of saying that maybe if she kept her heart, maybe she wouldn’t have turned out so evil?

Edward Kitsis: Yes.  However, what she was really trying to say at that moment is when she looked at Regina and Rumple, the two people she loved most, she realized that she chose a lifetime of power over love.  At that moment, Cora realized she chose wrong.  This was the heartbreaking moment for Regina.  All Regina wanted was her mother to love her.  The moment Cora can love her, she died.

It seems like Regina will be hellbent on getting revenge. Is there no stopping her now?

Adam Horowitz: Regina has a fire that was lit under her.  We have seen what she is like when motivated, but she has never been this motivated before.

Could Henry stop Regina?

Kitsis: This is a great question.  Keep watching to find out.

Rumple told Regina that he had nothing to do with Cora’s death.  However, will Regina still be out for his blood and the Charming family? 

Kitsis and Horowitz: Absolutely!
Kitsis: She is an equal-opportunity attacker.

In the preview for next week’s episode, we saw a flash of the first week of the curse.  What does that mean? 

Kitsis: This gives a perception into Regina’s mind.  It will give an insight into her feeling and revenge.  In addition, it will show viewers about Regina casting the curse and her emotions.  The next episode will really take us closer to Regina.  We will understand what it was like to come over and what it was like when she thought she won.

Horowitz: In the upcoming episode, we really learn more about Storybrooke.  The show began in the middle.  It was in the terms of Storybrooke 28 years later.  As the episodes have been unraveling the history, a few blanks in the story are about to be filled.  Those are the surprised fans can expect in this episode.

We know that Rumple has kept both sets of memories from the beginning.  Will we learn more about that in the upcoming episode?

Kitsis: This episode is going to be really focued on Regina.  Whatever Mr. Gold does know, he is not talking about it.

What about Emma and Neal?  Neal came back to Storybrooke to help his father and spend time with his son, how is Emma going to handle that Tamara, his fiancée, is there too?

Kitsis: This is something that will be difficult for Emma. We know they had a dream for the both of them to head to Tallahassee.  In many ways, it is hard for Emma when she sees that Neal found love with someone else.  The one thing we do know about Emma is her self-defense is extremely strong.  Those two emotions will be at war with each other.

Does Tamara know the truth?  If not, will she find out?

Horowitz: Tamara and Neal met in the real world.  This is where they fell in love and were engaged.  Now, Neal is in Storybrooke, and this is not a place for regular people to understand.  How Tamara will react or not react to this is questions that will come in play.

At PaleyFest, we were teased that we are about to meet Belle’s alter ego in Lacey.  Can you tell us more about that episode?

Kitsis:  In that episode, the important thing is seeing what Gold is faced with.  He is going to make a very difficult decision.  We learned that Henry is Gold’s undoing.  We also know the greatest influence on him is Belle.  What happens if that is taken away from him?

Will we see a young Belle as if we have seen a young Snow?

Kitsis: Not in that episode, no, but that is a great idea.

What other characters will we see?

Horowitz:  We are going to more of the central figures and newer additions.  We will learn more about Hook and Neal/Baelfire.

The finale seems to be heading towards Neverland.  What can you tell fans about that?

Horowitz: Who says we’re bringing the show there? [Laughs]

Kitsis: It could be a flashback, as we’ve seen other lands. We know Hook spent time there.

Horowitz: Again, we’re going to be learning more about both Hook and Baelfire and there may or may not be another land in that. What we see of it and what we learn of it is something that we want to keep as a surprise.

Kitsis: But I’m sure we’ll spoil it in a month. [Laughs]

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