Will Snow White and The Evil Queen Ever get Along?

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On Once Upon a Time, we have seen many arguments boil.  However, the one that sticks out the most is the Snow White and The Evil Queen grudge that runs forever long.  These two ladies had issues all the way back to Snow White’s childhood.  Since then, it has grown stronger each day.

However, with Henry’s life in danger, these two rivals must work together on their journey to Neverland.  How is this going to work out?

Here are a few things of their past:

The Evil Queen has murdered.  Between the ripped out hearts and ordering soldiers to kill an entire village, Regina truly put the “evil” in her name.

Between life and death, The Evil Queen would rather die before forgiving Snow White.  In the past, young Snow White was the one who told Cora (Regina’s mother) about the stable boy named Daniel.  Daniel was the love of Regina’s life.  Young Snow White told Cora how Regina wanted to run away with him.  Cora murdered Daniel in front of Regina to put a stop to the idea.

For the remainder of Regina’s life, she never forgave Snow White.

Cora and Regina nearly killed everyone surrounding Snow.   Cora murdered Snow White’s biological mother.  Later on, Regina murdered Snow White’s father.  Regina also casted and trapped Snow in a sleeping curse.

Snow White murdered Cora.  Cora was just about to take the place as the Dark One.  We all know that she would choose her direction towards evil and murder with those powers.  Mary Margaret took a candle made of magic to poison Cora.  However, the candle would only work if the heart of Cora were placed back in place. Mary Margaret deceived Regina into doing just that.

Revenge.  Regina has a hard time letting go to those who hurt her.  Mary Margaret was devastated by what she did to Regina and Cora.  Regina was posed to murder Mary Margaret, however, there was sweeter revenge.  After Mary set up the murder for Cora, her heart began to turn dark.  Regina decided to let her live with that pain.

After looking at the past with these two, what do you think will happen in season 3 when the two set sail to save Henry (together!)?


One thought on “Will Snow White and The Evil Queen Ever get Along?”

  1. I think there will be a lot of friction and maybe Regina will find other ways in Neverland kill Snow.
    But changes her mind after she learns that if it wasn’t for Snow she would had never been found almost dead back in Storybrook.

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