Who is the Stranger in Storybrooke: August W Booth

Many of us have been speculating who The Stranger (Eion Bailey) is that just drove up on his motorcycle into Storybrooke. During a conversation between him and Emma Swan (Jennifer Goodwin) he revealed his character’s name to be August W. Booth.

With that being said, what else can we make of his name?

At first, we assumed The Stranger was going to be playing the big bad wolf in Fairy Tale Land. Now, we are not so sure. With the name August W. Booth, what have we learned so far?

We know August is a slick fellow and certainly has some tricks up his sleeves. We can make this assumption because he took some pages out of Henry’s storybook.

So let us break down a little more about him. He rides a motorcycle, could this be a metaphor for a horse? He wears dark clothes like the dark knight. The bandana is purple, which is the color of royalty.

Now the name… Booth is a surname for temporary shelter such as a stable or barn. August has been known to mean lordly or venerated. August could also mean great or very important. Could this be a prince or king in future episodes? Then the W, could this be a symbol for wolf?

These are our Once Upon a Time theories. What have you come up with?

Eion Baily - Once Upon a Time
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August W Booth - Once Upon a Time
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96 thoughts on “Who is the Stranger in Storybrooke: August W Booth”

  1. I seriously still think he’s a GRIMM BROTHER. He’s a writer, he’s OBVIOUSLY been to Story Brook before, and he can come and go as he pleases. I don’t think he took pages OUT of the book, but maybe rewrote the ending now that Emma is here to fulfill the prophecy.

    1. who is Grimm, he fixed the book he made it nice and new agin at least that what it looked like to me, but i hop he didnt wright the end cuse if the evil queen gets it she will no the next move!!!!! Hennry riped out the end in the fist cuple of episcods didnt he

  2. The thing that caught my attention was that he said he couldn’t lie. So it’s possible he could be Pinocchio. That’s what came to mind anyway. Seems like a long shot but then again you just never know…..

      1. i think it is Pinocchio, because on last weeks episode it showed him having restless leg syndrome and the fact that he has child-like imagination and tricks throws me for a loop but for him to come and go to Storybrooke then he must of left without Rumpelstiltskin helping. He can’t tell lies and he needs magic maybe because the RLS is slowly killing him.

  3. que coincidencia…

    BOOTH = 60
    (B)=2 + (O)=15 + (O)=15 + (T)=20 + (H)=8 -> 60

    GRIMM = 60
    (G)=7 + (R)=18 + (I)=9 + (M)=13 + (M)=13 -> 60

  4. I think he is Rumpelstiltskin’s son. Mr Gold and Regina both know about the curse and can leave the town. Rumpelstiltskin is the creator of the curse and would want to protect his own son from being cursed. By protecting him from the curse the son is able to leave town. August stated he had been there before. So far August and Mr. Gold have not crossed paths. The son knowing what is going on could have been the person to author the book and give it to the one person who could get Emma to return, Henry, So Emma could break the curse.

    1. I think the stranger is both the Big Bad Wolf, and Rumple’s son, who became twisted after running away from his father

      1. why dose every one think he is the big bad wolf he dosent seem mean he did fix the book and give it back to emma

      1. i like what BA says:

        I don’t know how it works, but he’s Henry, all grown up.:

        i think it makes since it would answer all the questions i have

  5. he didnt stell papes he fixed them he coped them and replaced them in the book and gave it back to emma i think he is emma true love in the fair tale land just saying

  6. I’d say he is the frog prince and there are plenty of clues.. He tells Emma to ‘hop’ on his motorbike. He takes her to a well, he gives her water to drink. The next scene has Regina tending a pitcher plant, which is a double joke. Pitcher plants catch insects (flies) and so do frogs. Also in a version of the story the princess goes to the well to get a pitcher of water, which is where she encounters the frog.

  7. I nelieve that August Booth is the son of rumpel, however, how is it he can come and go out of storybrooke. I thought all the characters were sent there by the Queen and could not leave. The only other option is that he is the author of the book Once Upon a Time

    1. i don’t think he is the author because they say they will find the author in season two nothing deadly has happen to any one that leaves like when Emma fist tried to leave the wolf do any of you think there is a thing going on with Emma and him because i do maybe he is Emma’s destined true love…

  8. I think this man is a Grimm brother, he saw what the evil queen did and He wants to fix it because that is not the story… He fixed the book…. he gave it to Emma… He has a writer machine, not a computer. That´s what I think. See you.

    1. did you see the latest episode he was in it and talked to Henry don’t want to say much more if you haven’t seen it

  9. I think that he’s Baelfire, Rumple’s son.
    The writer of the book.
    There is a reason that he hasn’t seen Mr. Gold.

      1. When have Mr.Gold and August been in a scene together?
        Mr. Gold has a way to make his presence known.
        I could have missed it, but I haven’t seen them together.
        I do think that August is avoiding Mr.Gold, which is hard since he “owns” the town.
        August also has a way of making his presence known as well. I could be wrong about him being Baelfire. I will be ok. It’s just my opinion. We don’t know what happened to him after Rumple becomes Dark one. Rumple tells Belle that the boy is gone same way as his mother. His mother was rumored to have left him or died. So it could go either way.

          1. I think that he wrote the book too. As he watched his dad, and his deals, it seems all the story have to a Rumple deal with it, but I’m not sure of that yet.

  10. August has a scar across his neck (off with his head?) Who else lost their head besides the Mad Hatter?

    I thought it was Gold’s son too, but do we know what happened to him? Also, this guy has something wrong with his leg….hmmmm, a clue?

    1. i never new that he had a scar across his neck but hear what BA has to say BA says:
      April 7, 2012 at 1:35 pm

      I don’t know how it works, but he’s Henry, all grown up.
      it would explain every thing why he can leave Story-brook and how he knows about the book

  11. if he is one of Grime brothers who is the other one? on the other hand that is how he can leave town, he made the book he would be like god so to say… he could came and go as he pleases no one can stop him because he created the book but i think there is something going on between Emma and him!

  12. Ok so I always over think everything… I look at every detail and for some reason it seems the camera zooms in on the words TOLL BRIDGE(Troll Bridge) makes me thinks of the story the 3 Billy Goats Gruffs…lets think about it he seems as if hes pulled back towarsds the bridge, and then he stops as if hes kinda stuck…he doesnt help look and he doesnt go near the water.. he sparks a conversatioin…but he knows exactly where to take her …he never touches anything and he always wears gloves… but when the evidence is given to him he dusts it off..strange..idk he could be a Grimm Brother but the toll bridge incident throws everything off!!!

  13. Pinocchio! He’s made of similar wood which is why he was protected from the curse. Emma was found by a 7 year old boy, which could have been him. He’s probably been searching for Storybrooke which is why he’s been everywhere. He would have probably been told the stories by Gepeto. He freaks out when people say he’s lying and makes it clear he always tells the truth. Baelfire has brown eyes and August has blue, and I doubt the writers would miss a detail like that. It’s much less of a stretch for a red head, like they showed Pinocchio to be in the pilot to grow up to have brown hair. The leg thing could have been related to formerly being a puppet. He wants to show people the light, “Wish upon a star”. He has a fascination for water. Does he ever rid in a car? maybe he’s claustrophobic from Monstro.

    1. Emma was found by a 7 year old boy, which could have been him. it was her son Henry that found her and no he doesn’t ride in a car.

  14. i think he would be someone importuned like way in importuned. What will happen to Henry when they go back to the fairly-tail land?

    1. OMG that is like the most amazing answer ever how did you think it up it would answers so many questions but now i grossed out because i thought that Emma and him would be together

  15. I think August is Henry grown up. Somehow, Emma must have gotten stuck in the time loop before the clock started ticking and he had time to grow up separately (maybe?)I like the idea about Rumple’s son also- but August looks up to Emma, you can tell. Who is Emma to Rumple’s son? In the episode where they go back to the scene of the crime he says “I knew you could do it” and looks so proud. The look is very son looking proudly at mom. There is something up with his leg- I would like to know more about that! I also really liked the theory of him being the author of the book and being almost like the god of that world, being able to move in and out. Maybe there is some way Henry grew up and wrote all of this for himself as a kid to kickstart the process of getting Emma.

  16. Just so you all know the producers already came out and said that he was not Henry from the future or the author of the book ( who will be introduced in season 2 ). Plus, I don’t think that he is Baelfire since in the previews it shows him trying to kill Mr. Gold. I kind of hope that its the Cheshire Cat from Wonderland. I mean that would explain why his neck is covered ( if he was beheaded like the Mad Hatter ), and it would explain why he is able to leave Story Brook [ since the Cheshire Cat could open portals to other worlds and areas of Wonderland (why didn’t the Mad Hatter ask him for help?!)]. But i kind of know that this idea is kind of out there and not very likely, but still i really wish it was true! When did they ever show anything wrong with his leg?

      1. when did they say it was Henry and he he is the writer of the book if there the same person it it most defiantly that Henry wright the book just who is the other Grimm brother

          1. if booth is the author of the book (he had to)If he is Henry then that means Henry is the writer of the book…because they are the same person but…there are 2 Grimm brothers who is the other Grimm brother and
            (((sorry this is hard to explain)))

  17. No, I get it (sorry i got a little confused at first), but I don’t believe (this is just my opinion, not saying that you are wrong) that he is either Henry or the author. Now they have made statements (or at least some sites have said that they have)saying that he is not a Henry from the future and that they would introduce the author in season 2 (again I just read them online which doesn’t mean that they are true). But it would be really interesting if he was!

    1. they could introduce the other Grimm brother in season 2 and say he is the author in season 2 as well…but i really think he is some one in portend like, not what the other people are saying…this one person is saying his Pinocchio… that would make me mad

      1. Haha yeah that would make me mad as well. I would also be upset if he was Baelfire or Henry. But, I think that the episode after this week’s will be telling more on Pinocchio.

        1. people who say that Disney is the only connection are wrong Russellstiltskin was never made into a movie trust me i would know that’s my favorite story (i really wish they made it into a movie though.) they haven’t said any thing about a girl who made hay or what ever its called into gold. so that’s an unfinished story

      2. ….only to say that the grimm brothers have nothing to do with alice in wonderland, Pinocchio, or even Belle and the beast (and Pongo, by the way)..the only connection among them is the Disney filmography. But i don’t think Mr. Booth is Walt. I still stuck on the “puss in boots”, he represent the power of imagination (as Pippi longstocking). Of course I may be wrong…’cause I doubt a lot that the actual writers of the series are interested too much in symbolism.

        1. The Disney referencs come from the fact that ABC is owned by Disney. Same reason there are some “Lost” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” references. There are writers from both of those shows working on this one.

  18. August W Booth = White Knight aka Lewis Carroll.

    Reasoning: August also means “noble” and a “carol/carrel” is also a booth of sorts AND found often in libraries. If Wayne is his middle name, the definition of Wayne is a CARTWRIGHT – a maker and repairer of carts or things (like an editor is to a story). So, a “Noble Cartwright Carol” is Lewis Carroll’s alter ego/Fairy Tale Land persona, The White Knight of Wonderland fame. As an author, Lewis Carroll embedded himself in Wonderland as The White Knight. August Booth is a writer, knows the art of bookbinding/repair and is fulfilling the classic role of coming to the aid of a damsel in distress (Emma) – and on a fine steed (motorcycle) to boot. Both, Knights and Authors/Editors correct and “set things right.” Also, his mysterious identity plays well into the Caterpillar’s catch phrase, “Who are you?”

    IF August is White Knight /Carroll, perhaps, by writing himself into Wonderland as the White Knight, created a duality (Looking Glass) that allows him to move more freely between worlds/Storybrooke AND as an author, he has the power to edit or subtly guide the storyline through his pen/sword which is his magic wand of sorts.There seems to be an underlying theme for the characters to believe in themselves, embrace their abilities and use their imagination to overcome Fear and obstacles. So, if August is or is somehow connected to Lewis Carroll, he probably won’t use the full power of his pen/wand to write out the obstacles along the journey the characters and the reader/audience must go on to discover who they are and to learn “lessons” like Alice had to. August never seems to reveal any easy answers to Emma, as making it all too easy, lessens the lesson – and “what’s the lesson in that?”

    It is also interesting that Emma looks a bit like a grown-up Alice (still growing up and learning lessons, it seems) and she’s been chasing her White Rabbit (Henry) “down the adoption and emotional rabbit hole” and into Storybrooke. Also interesting is, The White Rabbit traveled between worlds, as did Henry, when he sought Emma. The “pet name” for Henry is sometimes Harry and this leads us to “hare.” Although, a hare varies from a rabbit, it’s worth consideration. Then, of course, everyone thinks Henry’s “mad as a March Hare, eh? Gotta wonder what month he was born.

    – – Happy Endings, Everyone.

    1. if Emma is a grown up Alice then that hadn’t happened yet because she was in the fair land for like 15 min. and i like who you think booth could be so he would be a writer and a worm thing

      1. Yeah, I’m not completely sold on Emma being a grown up Alice – I think that is far too easy – and a plot line cop-out, actually. The LOST writers can o better than that. Now, are Alice and Emma connected? Possibly but not necessary to the story if they are not.

        There are so many directions to think about and that’s the fun of it.

        I do find it amusing August’s motorcycle has a Kansas license plate and Emma an Henry are also Oz references (Aunt Em and Uncle Henry) but then, that’s suggesting an incestuous relationship and I think the OUAT creators probably steered away from that idea. Unless, of course, they are going to tie into Ancient Mythology’s Oedipus Rex. Eeeuuwww.

    2. I like your idea a lot too but i would be ecstatic if he turned out to be the Cheshire Cat. I love Wonderland and its inhabitants so if he has anything to do with that i would be happy, especially since I was kind of dissapointed with the Mad Hatter.

      1. I was also really dissapointed with my beloved Mad Hatter. They’ve change his all story and represented it so badly T_T this doesn’t makes honors to the whole Lewis Carroll world. If he is Cheshire Cat it would be perfect, he would travel with no problem cuz my cat can ‘vaporize’. But It doesn’t quite fits in my mind how can it accoplate to the story. Wouldn’t make much sense. We have to wait.
        *Cheshire cat smile*

    3. I just remembered The White Knight of Carroll’s, Through The Looking Glass was the White King’s Knight. Could The White King also be Snow White’s Father – or at least related? It does seem Wonderland and Fairy Tale Land might have been cross-pollenated through some previous royal – or other – entanglements between the Kingdoms. Perhaps, each story is a Kingdom in Itself but certain conditions create bridges for the Story Kingdoms to interact and expand.

      Anyway, mad ramblings on my part, apologies. I love to unravel mysteries imagine possibilities…like this one last thought:

      The White Knight was also an inventor and showed Alice a strange box that only opened from the bottom. It’s not a huge iconic part of the Alice stories but in OUAT, much was made of August’s mysterious box which turned out to be his typewriter case which as many old cases do, may open from the bottom. I am looking for video clips of August’s case to see how his opened.

  19. ….only to say that the grimm brothers have nothing to do with alice in wonderland, Pinocchio, or even Belle and the beast (and Pongo, by the way)..the only connection among them is the Disney filmography. But i don’t think Mr. Booth is Walt. I still stuck on the “puss in boots”, he represent the power of imagination (as Pippi longstocking). Of course I may be wrong…’cause I doubt a lot that the actual writers of the series are interested too much in symbolism.

  20. i would be mad he if was the doll that cant say a lie i beat the people who come up with the show don’t know who he is there more then likely reading what were saying right now

    1. Yup. They leave it open until they absolutely have to get the script to the studio and go with the most interesting, controversial ad mysterious answer. Then, someone on set yells, “Roll Camera…Action!”

        1. i really think booth is pinocchio i saw the next episodes summary and it says that we well discover something new about geppetto and pinocchio…also he’s the one who made the wardrobe that saved emma i think he wld have done something to save his son from the curse as well i dont know what yet but im sure he thought of something and the theory about booth beeing a grimm i dont think its possible cause they just have nothing to do with the story

  21. There are so many fascinating possibilities as to who August W. Booth is, and I have to say I would be happy with any of them because any one of them could open up a world of possibilities. The first time he rolled into town I said he is one of the brothers Grimm. This week I feel like he could be Baelfire and still be a brother Grimm… However there is one thing I would like to point out… the creators of O.U.A.T. did create Lost and how many years did they tell us “They aren’t in Purgatory” except they were…. I personally don’t believe anything they say. And I wonder if they don’t monitor these sights and pick whatever the viewers think the most likely scenario is.

    1. The creaters of Lost also told us it had nothing to do with time travel and in the next minute everyones time travelling.

  22. He is Pinocchio. This is evident in stills from the show and he is also the boy who found Emma. He was sent out into our world before the curse like emma that is why he can come and go as he pleases.

    1. But, you have to remember that the Fairy Tale characters look the same in the real world, because they are the same person. Now, from what I have seen of Pinnochio, he has red hair and green eyes. Booth of course, does not match this description. Some interesting things I have noticed about Booth which were very obvious in the latest episode, but anyways, was the weird thing going on with his leg and the fact that he said he was going to die soon, and if that happened i would literally cry my eyes out! But anyway, there also seems to be a pale scar around his neck which seems to suggest that he has had some affiliation or time in Wonderland. But honestly I’m just trying to make up excuses because I really do not want him to be Pinnochio. Plus I’m really ecstatic that he is not Baelfire.Just sayin.

  23. He is pinnochio, geppeto build the magic thingy for emma as a baby so she could cross unscaved and in the next episode we learn that geppeto finds a way to save his son while also saving emma. thus sundays episode revealed that he is dying so while we keep in mind that pinnochio was made out of wood after 29 years he would start to rot as would does so maybe whats happening to him is the human equivalent. just a thought.

  24. While he could be Pinocchio, if you seen the paper weight in his room it looked like a wolf carved from wood. Being carved from wood it would support the whole Pinocchio theory, but I think he could be either “the boy who cried wolf” he could have the physical ailments due to being attacked by the wolf (ruby/red?) or he could be Jack from Jack and the bean stalk. The fairy gave Baelfire the magical bean to open the transport, but said it was the last of its kind meaning their could have been others before and that is the bean Jack ended up with. It would make sense that anyone connected to the fairytale world who left before the curse could be able to come and go freely as they were not actually touched by the curse, but are connected.

  25. i want him to be immportant…like he doesnt like Emma in that way. he just useing her…he looks a lot like Henry maybe, he is him or he is Henry’s father from the fairy land or secreat brother my friend just came up with

    1. well im sorry but that just dont make sence emma left the fairy land when she just born so she couldnt rlly have a baby with a man from the fairy land and if he was henry’s father dont u think emma wld recognize him?

      1. maybe she had a destiony to have Hennry like what would happen to him when they go back would Emma be a baby again or what i just dont want booth to be Pinocchio

  26. I think he is Pinocchio, few reasons, he stated he doesn’t lie, his legs are stiff, in one of the episodes we find out the Geppetto tried to save his sons life so I’m assuming he used the wood from Pinocchio to make the tree Emma was placed in therefore making it possible for him also to be able to come and go from Storybrook as he pleases.

  27. I’m going with Pinocchio because he can’t lie, August means noble and Booth means man-made. Pincchio was carved out of enchanted wood to make him a real boy, this is why he knows everything, if the enchanted tree saved Emma and is the same tree Geppetto used to make him, he would be save too. Also when he leg hurt by the toll bridge he said he has splinters in his knee – only a few eps left to find out 😀

    1. i hop you know the man who shot Abraham Lincoln last name was booth and, i don’t think they look up what peoples name means and are all like well this means man-made lets use that as his last name

  28. I read someone’s post and they thought that Henry’s father needs to be a fairytale character in order for him to able to go back to the fairy tale world when the curse is broken. So here is my theory: Baelfire (rumpel’s son) is Henry’s father!!

    Okay so maybe its a long shot but who knows maybe its possible. The only problem is that since Baelfire left the fairytale land before the curse and before Rumpelstiltskin made most of the deals he made with the fairy tale characters, then he must have aged in the real world. He was 13 when he went to the “land without magic” plus 28 years that have passed since the curse was enacted which makes Baelfire 41 + however much time passed by from the time Baelfire left to the time the curse was enacted. Which would kinda suck if we see baelfire again and he is almost as old as Mr. gold.

    So my theory is that Baelfire got to the real world and aged until the curse was enacted. Making him a young adult maybe in his twenties or so- then for whatever reason when the curse was enacted, he was cursed as well (maybe a special clause in the curse) or whatever. Then he stopped aging like everyone else in storybrooke. After 17 years he met Emma, fathered Henry and he’ll come back into the picture later on.

    1. so now that we know who booth is…it’s time to find out what will happen to Henry,by that i mean, what will happen to him when the curse is broken. Will it go back in time to when it fist began leaving Emma a baby again or will she still be 28. Will Henry still be there or will he never be seen again…and i really don’t like who booth is. He was my favorite actor in the show, but i don’t like who he is in the fairytale land.

  29. Could someone please tell me about that motorcycle? I’m over the moon about it! I love it!
    What is it? It’s a Beauty!!

  30. I think he is the brothers Grimm or the frog prince both make sense because the brothers Grimm fix the story’s and he did fix the book but he could be the frog prince that makes sense because he is some sort of prince his bike is horse and his purple scrauff means something but i m going to say brother Grimm

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