Who is Tamara on Once Upon a Time?

Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

Around October of 2011, Tamara took a trip to Hong Kong. She was looking for a cure for cancer. She traveled to see a man who was known as The Dragon. The Dragon would offer her a miracle to cure a rare and terminal cancer she supposedly battled.

The Dragon told her that he could help her, but she would need to give him something personal that could never be replaced. In addition to the personal item, he asked for $10,000. She offered a photograph of her and her grandmother. She also gathered the money.

However, she stopped at a bar before heading back meet with The Dragon. There, she ran into August. She went to pay for a drink at the bar with an envelope full of cash, which August clearly saw. In order for August to receive his cure, The Dragon asked for the same conditions.

Tamara stepped away and left her purse on the table, while she took a phone call. August went in her purse, took the money and hurried back to The Dragon. He offered the money and The Dragon gave him the cure that would stop him from turning back into wood. August hurried out with the potion, and was headed somewhere he could privately take it.

However, Tamara caught up with him in a crowded alley. He was not able to fight back due to the pain, which caused him to lose grip of the cure. Tamara took the potion and left August there. The following day, Tamara went back to see The Dragon.

She told the magic man that she analyzed the potion with the most sophisticated techniques available. There was not a single element in that bottle that could be concluded from this world. The Dragon told Tamara that the cure was not from this world. He went on and told her that he knew she did not have cancer.

She told him that she had been in search for real magic. Then she told him that she found it with him and she could not risk another person to find it too. She used a taser that electrocuted The Dragon to death. Tamara then left Hong Kong, but she continued secretly monitor August.

Later on, she followed him to New York City. In New York, she overheard Neal Cassidy and August’s conversation. They were talking about getting back to Storybrooke, so that Emma could break The Dark Curse. When the Curse was broken, he would send Neal a postcard. Tamara saw this as an opportunity.

She quickly walked toward Neal when August drove away on his motorcycle. She set up that she would run into Neal and spill coffee all over herself. Neal offered his scarf and the two (well Neal thought so) of them hit it off. They started dating, became a couple and then engaged.

Later on in the story, Emma, Henry and Mr. Gold search for Neal (Baelfire). Neal/Baelfire is Rumplestiltkin’s son from Fairy Tale Land. The three of them head back to Storybrooke to aid Mr. Gold. Tamara was later to meet them in the small town.

Shortly after Cora and Regina were defeated, Tamara drove into this small Maine town. Emma scolded Neal before she got there about telling Tamara the truth. He listened to Emma and tried to tell her about the fairy tales. Tamara pretended that she did not believe in magic or a Fairy Tale Land.

However, she later leaves and visits August in his trailer hidden in the woods. He instantly recognized her when she appeared. She told August that she had the remainder of The Dragon’s cure, which would release him from the wooden pain. There was a catch.

She told him that he needed to leave Storybrooke and never return for the cure. Initially, August agreed and begun driving to New York. In the car, he found the photo of Tamara and her grandmother. This made him realize she was the one who killed The Dragon.

He quickly turned around and headed back to Storybrooke. He tried to warn Emma, however, Tamara found him first. She used the same strong taser to kill August. With his last breath, he tried to warn Emma, but August ended up dying in Marco’s (his father) arms.

Mother Superior (The Blue Fairy) said that if August did something noble before his death, he could regain his life as a real boy again.

Later that evening, Tamara sneaks away to see Greg Mendell (or also known as Owen Flynn). She enters his room that he was renting at Granny’s. The two began kissing passionately. It turned out that “Her” on Greg’s phone was Tamara. The two of them have planned a devious plan for Storybrooke and the magic that is there.

Sonequa Martin-Green plays Tamara on “Once Upon a Time.”

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