What’s the deal with Peter Pan?

At the end of Season 2, we learned that Greg and Tamara worked for Peter Pan. However, what does this really mean? From what we remember, Peter Pan was a fun and adventurous young boy. In ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” he seemed to have a different demeanor.

There are five reasons why we feel so confused about Peter Pan’s in this television show. Here they are:

Hunting Henry.Hundreds of years ago, the Lost Ones found Baelfire. In that time, we learned that Peter Pan was searching for a specific boy. Later on, we learn that boy is Henry. But why, Peter?!

Lost Ones. Okay just looking at this character is freaking me out. Even Captain Hook was nervous crossing Peter Pan’s goon crew.

Credit: Jack Rowand
Credit: Jack Rowand

Kidnapping. We all remember the story of the shadow that took the Darling kids on an adventure. However, this is more like a shadow nightmare trying to steal the kids. Um, can we say creepy?

Credit: Katie Yu/ABC
Credit: Katie Yu/ABC

Never leave Neverland.. Gladly, Wendy Darling made it back the next morning. However, she was flustered by what she saw. She explained to Baelfire that Peter does not let anyone leave who touched Neverland’s soil. Like ever!

Credit: Katie Yu/ABC
Credit: Katie Yu/ABC

Rumplestiltskin is scared. If the Dark One is scared of Peter, then we seriously have a problem here.


Does this all freak you out? If not, it should! In the comments below, tell us what you think Peter Pan is going to be like? Will it get worse, or are the writers teasing us with a misconception?

4 thoughts on “What’s the deal with Peter Pan?”

  1. I’ll bet it’s not Peter all fear, probably Tinker Bell that is the fierce one! She probably has Peter under her tiny little finger and is the one calling the shots.

  2. Once upon a time in Neverland,
    There live a boy named Peter Pan.
    He’s young but old and never grows;
    He keep lost boys and live in shadows.

    Back in Storybrooke there is Captain Hook,
    Helping Emma Swan climbed the beanstalk.
    He may be selfish, vain and crook;
    But there is goodness behind that pirate look.

  3. Once we found out who Pan was I wasn’t really creaped out by him. Even at the end there where I think you were supposed to be. A little anyways. Now that little black feller, he was pretty creapy!!! I had never thought about what might happen if you had your shadow ripped off. From the liiks of it though it’s not something even remotely nice. So in turn I kind of liked him…..

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