What Happened to Neal?

Last night, many Oncers were glued to their television during episode 21, “The Second Star to the Right.” There was a surprising turn when the show possibly killed off an adored character. Well, we will soon enough find out more next week when we approach the season finale.

During “The Second Star to the Right,” Emma could not let go of a feeling that Tamara was the mastermind behind August’s end and Regina’s disappearance. With the aid of Mr. Gold’s magic, Snow White put herself into a position that was quite shocking. This allowed Snow to connect with Regina in order to find out, where she was being held. This led to the tip that she was somewhere that smelled like sardines.

The sad part of this episode was that Neal and Emma confirmed the hard way that Tamara was working with Greg. After Tamara knocked out Emma, she shot Neal. However, before she finished him off, Emma awoke and tried to stop her. Tamara had a magic bean in her pocket that she used to open a portal and Neal was sucked in.

Before Neal lost his grip, him and Emma exchanged words of love that absolutely broke our hearts. Emma feared wherever that portal took him; Neal will not survive with that gun wound.

Do you think that was the end of Neal? Tell us below in the comments your theory on what you believe will happen in the season finale.

3 thoughts on “What Happened to Neal?”

  1. I think he ended in Neverland too and he’ll stay alive because you don’t die in Neverland. I think Emma gave up too easily. If she looks, she may find a lost bean or something in the ruined garden and go find him. The last episode has Neal on the cast list!!!!!!! 😀

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