The Stranger, Mary Margaret & David, Sheriff Graham, Henry’s Father and More


We have all been asking so many questions about this season so far. Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have some answers for us. Here we goooo:

Who is the Stranger in Storybrooke? What is he doing with the book?

We have learned The Stranger’s name is August W. Booth. However, to no surprise, these two questions are interconnected deeply. In a later episode, we will learn the consequences of his tampering with the book. In that episode, (we do not know which one yet) we learn a little more about his character.

What we have seen so far is just peeling the first layer of the onion off. We learned a little of whom he is and what his plan in Storybrooke is. However, Kitsis teases that this August has a specific goal, a very specific goal, but we will learn this later on.

Kistsis also said that if you believed this handsome mystery man is the author of Henry’s book, then think again. Who wrote it will not be told in season one; therefore, season two will be more revealing on this subject.

David and Mary Margaret: Is it over or will they get together?

We all have learned it is the Evil Queen’s curse interfering here. The curse has been keeping them apart somehow or someway. However, to break the spell will definitely be a difficult test for them. Kathryn’s disappearance will continue to for a few more episodes. The disappearance will contribute to complications in David and Mary Margaret’s relationship. Horowitz did say they are building something during season one for the secret couple that will be excited to share with the fans…

Any characters coming back? Sheriff Graham?!

Okay Oncer’s, hold on to your seats for this one, there is a possible appearance by Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan) is still a possibility according to the producers. Kitsis and Horowitz said they would absolutely love to have the actor back, but the scheduling is something out of their control.

Who is Henry’s Father?

We have heard many theories that have been amazing. However, here are what the producers finally had a comment to this questions. Their answer was this will be revealed further down the line. (ahhh!) Okay the next question is have we seen this character on the show yet? Well, they did not deny or confirm whether this character has appeared. They did say it will be a total “a-ha moment.”

Why does the Evil Queen hate Snow so much?

Kitsis said Episode 18, which will air in April is going to have the answers to this question.

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  1. so who is the stranger and why is he in storybrook? how many seasons will there be? why is it so hard for two people to leave happly ever after? the inn keeper (old lade) is who in the happy ever after world? why was the stranger fixing the book reprinting it did he make a cope? he scary

      1. Puss in Boots is a French fairytale character from around the 17th century. He’s turned up and been adapted into quite a few stories since his creation.

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