Storybrooke Tour

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Welcome to Storybrooke

Strorybrooke is located in a quaint little town in Maine. It is full of charm and character. However, it may seem small; it is home to many wonderful spots and sights. In addition, it has some of the most interesting residents that can be found. Here is a tour around this charming New England hamlet.



Storybrooke - Clock Tower
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Clock Tower

The first stop is the famous clock tower in Storybrooke. The clock has been stuck at 8:15 for as long as anyone can remember. Until recently, the old gears started turning and everything is moving like clockwork again.



Grannys Diner - Storybrooke
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Granny’s Diner

Next on the tour is Granny’s Diner. Come here for nice warm cup of cocoa (cinnamon optional) and slice of pie. Not only that, one can come in for the hot cup of joe or sandwich fix. For the out-of-towners, there is a cozy room for the nightly stay. Guests should feel comforted to know there is a municipal code that enforces “no felons” policy.



Sheriffs office - Storybrooke
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Sheriff’s Office

While we are on the subject of public safety, let us talk about the sheriff’s office. Unfortunately, there was a recent lost of the beloved Sheriff Graham. However, Ms. Emma Swan, the Deputy, is more than capable of taking care of business until there is a new Sheriff in town.



Mr Golds Pawnshop - Storybrooke
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Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop

As we keep moving, be sure to know about some shopping needs at Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop. This is a warm and inviting location full of kick-knacks and curious souvenirs from all over the world. Some unique items here are a lovely hand-made wooden puppets and charming mobile unicorn that can turn any nursery into magic.



Storybrooke Woods
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Local Woods

While taking the tour of Storybrooke, be sure to check out the local hiking trails. Surrounding the town is the picturesque beauty and calm spots for getting in touch with nature. The late Sheriff Graham loved the forest and stream underneath the old toll bridge. It is also a perfect romantic spot for rendezvous.



Mayor MIls Apple Tree Storybrooke
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Mayor Mills’ Orchard

If foliage is what one is into then come a little closer into town. The Mayor’s home and office has a gorgeous apple tree. It recently had some major trimming, but it still grows the most delicious memorizing apples one could ever find.



Storybrooke Hospital
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Storybrooke Facilities

Just because this is a small town, does not mean Storybrooke does not have the amenities of a larger populated area. The local schoolhouse is for the growing children and dedicated teachers like Ms. Mary Margaret Blanchard. The hospital is a top-notch facility with Dr. Whale. Finally, one can find a licensed therapist, Dr. Archie Hopper, who once helped save a boy from an old mine.

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