Sneak Peak at Season Four (VIDEO)

Season Four Sneak Peak

In just a few days, the season premiere of season four will air. The ABC Network released a sneak peak of “Once Upon a Time.” In this sneak peak, we saw Regina walk aggressively through a hospital. She entered in a password to get into a restricted area. However, this back area reveals a little something that Storybrooke may not be ready to unleash.

In this back area, is a door that is securely locked. She lifted the peep area, and to took a look inside. The next thing we know, she opened the door to reveal something major. A man’s voice asked her what she was doing there.

She told that man that she needed her mirror. As she reached for a tool from her past, this made us think she might be back to her old ways. When she responded to the man whom was the one and only Sydney/Mirror Mirror (Giancarlo Esposito), she told him that someone stood in the way of her happiness.

Take a look at the video here:

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