Season Two Finale Teasers

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As we close into the finale, there are many questions still left unanswered. Let us take a moment to break down what we learned last night, and what we may be able to expect.


Last night, we saw Wendy take a trip with a dark shadow to Neverland. However, she learned that it was not what she had expected. The dark shadow let her return because he wanted a boy. He returned the following night for a boy. Young Bae, nobly offered himself, so the Darling family was spared.

When young Bae was being taken to Neverland, he was able to break away and fall into the ocean. Hook and his crew spotted young Bae and fished him out of the water. As we learn a little more about Neal’s backstory, we also will learn about his connection to the infamous Captain Hook.

Edward Kitsis, the executive producer said, “What happens with him, Wendy and the Darling family is the emotional touchstone of what these last two hours are. As promised, the producers will also nod to a character we’ll meet next season who is likely Peter Pan himself.”

Keyword here is NEXT SEASON. Yeah, I just screamed. Okay, let’s move on..

The Home Office

Greg and Tamara were hired by an entity. In the finale, we will learn more about the source of their directions. Kitsis teased, “You will find out who the home office is, you will find out what they want, but you won’t know why they want it.” Adam Horowitz, the other executive producer said, “In bringing in Greg and Tamara, who are characters who we have established and shown to be real world characters, that was our way of saying, ‘What starts to happen when the real world gets connected to Storybrooke and the magic there?'” In the finale, we will learn a surprising revelation and where Greg’s father is. Woahhh!

The Trigger

Regina carried a black diamond with her. This is the Storybrooke’s curse failsafe. However, Greg and Tamara stole it and learned what it does. The black diamond is a self-destruct button that will erase everything in Storybrooke and return it to what it once was.

This also means that it will kill everyone who is in Storybrooke.

Snow White’s Dark Heart

Last night, Snow was determined to help Regina and possibly save her heart from darkening anymore. The real question that remains is if it is even possible. Horowitz confirmed that her dark heart would play a large part in the finale. We are going to see Snow take more steps in the direction to attempt to lighten her heart again. This will leave Charming in a position that he must balance Snow’s problems and saving all his people.

Emma’s Big Decision

If you are up-to-date with everything going on, then you will know that Storybrooke is faced with extinction in the finale. Emma will have to decide on the possibility of adventuring to Fairy Tale Land. In the finale, Kitsis did confirm that Emma would face her feelings for Neal and her connection to magic. He went on to say, “We’re definitely going to explore the magic inside her.”


In Season Two, we learned that Henry is the downfall to Mr. Gold/Rumple. However, we may see someone else try to rectify this situation. In other words, Lacey, who loves the drinks, may think its ridiculous to let a little kid stand in the way.

Finale Facts

It has been confirmed that in the finale we will be graced with the presence of Mulan, Aurora and Phillip. This means we may return to Fairy Tale Land, but does this mean everyone will make it back there? The producers did not confirm or deny the death factor. However, they said we should always consider it. The producers ended the teasers with we also will look at some of the characters in a way we have not seen yet. Eeekkkk!

With all this said, what are your theories for the two-hour finale?

4 thoughts on “Season Two Finale Teasers”

  1. I think Bae/Neal will return from Neverland somehow and rescue the inhabitants of Storybrooke. Hopefully Tamara and Greg die in that mine shaft and I think Hook will have a change of heart and do something to keep all the innocent people from dieing in Storybrooke.

    1. I seriously doubt it since it looks like they’re going to Neverland and what’s Neverland without Captain Hook! He’s also a fanfave.

  2. If Regina ends up dying thanks to the fail safe trigger during this season finale, I will not continue to watch this show. Regina has been through hell trying to make a difference in her life, and to change and put her past behind her. I will be devestated if Regina is killed. Besides, without her, there is no blood feud with Snow. So were would the drama and “evil” queen go? Please do not let Regina die.

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