Season 3: Q&A with Executive Producers

Regina - Lana Parrilla

Excitedly and sadly, we are approaching the midseason finale of “Once Upon a Time.” As we reach this point, more spoilers and sneak peaks are revealed. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis sat down with for a Lightning Round session. If you are afraid of spoilers, stop reading now. gathered questions that Twitter fans have sent to Horowitz and Kitsis. They used these questions to a Q&A with the executive producers. They had the option to answer, “Yes,” “No” or “Can’t Answer.”

Question 1

Was it always known that Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) was going to be Rumplstiltskin’s father (Robert Carlyle)? 

Edward Kitsis: Yes, if someone goes back to watch the episodes and their scenes together, there are hints sprinkled around. Especially in episode four when they come into the campfire and he said, “Now isn’t this a family reunion.”

Question 2

Will fans see how Micheal (James Immekus) John (Matt Kane) and Wendy (Freya Tingley) attempted to beat Pan in the past?

Edward Kitsis: Perhaps someday.
Adam Horowitz: Maybe.

Question 3

We will get a glimpse at what Rumple is going through inside Pandora’s Box? 

Edward Kitsis: No

Question 4

Will we learn more about Henry’s history in season three?

Edward Kitsis: Yes.
Adam Horowitz: And the first at it is soon.

Question 5

It was brought up about having another child, will Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) talk about this? 

Edward Kitsis: Yes.
Adam Horowitz: Yes

Question 6

In the past, Emma went to jail for Neal (Michael Raymond-James). Will Snow and Charming (Joshua Dallas) find out about this?

Adam Horowitz: It is brought up again and dealt with

Question 7

Will we learn more about how Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) decision to not meet Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) affected both of them?

Adam Horowitz: Yes

Question 8

Is Tinker Bell (Rose McIver) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) connected?

Adam Horowitz: Besides, their names rhyming, they are not part of the Bell family. It is a clever idea, but not the case.

Question 9

Will Ursula (Yvette Nicole Brown) appear again this season? 

Adam Horowitz: Perhaps

Question 10

Will Pincochio (Eion Bailey) show up again?

Edward Kitsis: Yes.
Adam Horowitz: Yes

Question 11

Will we learn more about Emma’s foster home experience as a child?

Adam Horowitz: Perhaps

Question 12

Will we learn about Emma’s last name, Swan?

Adam Horowitz: Yes

Question 13

With Emma exploring magic more, will Dark Magic, just like Rumple and Regina, tempt her?

Adam Horowitz: Yeah.
Edward Kitsis: Always.

Question 14

We saw before that Emma’s heart could not be ripped out of her. Was Henry’s heart able to because he did it himself?

Edward Kitsis: Yes.

Question 15

Will Henry learn that Regina erased his memory when she told him how she was going to let everyone die?

Adam Horowitz: Can’t say.

Question 16

Can a shadow go back and join its host?

Edward Kitsis: Yes.
Adam Horowitz: Yes

Question 17

Will there be more curses explored on “Once Upon a Time?”

Edward Kitsis: Yes.

Question 18

Will we see more worlds explored the second half of the season?

Adam Horowitz: Yes

Question 19

Do you ever see a musical episode of “Once Upon a Time?”

Edward Kitsis: Who knows?
Adam Horowitz: Never say never. We have no immediate plans.
Edward Kitsis: We tried to do one for Comic-Con, but it become cost-prohibitive.

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