Season 3 Finale and Season 4 Villain

elsa - frozen - once upon a time

All OUAT fans gathered around their televisions to watch the finale of season three last night. Some were excited how it ended and others outraged. Regardless of the ONCER’s feelings, they will all be back around the television for season four. We also got a glimpse at the new villain who will shake things up.

The most talked about moment was not about Rumple and Belle getting married. Even naming Snow White and Prince Charming’s baby Prince Neal did not top this topic. It was about Regina and Robin Hood. She finally found her true love and let her guard down. However, Emma saved a woman who she brought back from the past.

That woman was Maid Marian – Robin Hood’s wife. Where does this leave Regina? Obviously, she is furious with Emma for bringing her back. On the same note, will Robin Hood just walk away from Regina and everything they have been going through?

The other most talked about moment was the new villain. We saw a glimpse of Elsa from Frozen. Are you excited for this new villain? Did you guess right? If not, whom were you hoping?

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2 thoughts on “Season 3 Finale and Season 4 Villain”

  1. Come on are you kidding me, what was up with that Marian and robin thing, Emma was so selfish and stupid. I just hope that in the new season Regina gets to stay with Robin. Regina needs her happy ending.

    1. I don’t think Emma was selfish and stupid. It had nothing to do with her needs or anything. She had good intentions. But I agree, I think Robin Hood should go with Regina

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