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As we wait for Season 3 to make its ever-so-exciting entrance, we have a few tidbits to share. We all remember when Season 2 ended with some of our favorite fairytale characters who sailed to find Henry in the dangerous world of Neverland. This left many questions unanswered. However, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have been slowly rolling out teasers for the next season.

The Beginning of Season 3

Horowitz confirmed that the upcoming season would pick up where it left off. We saw some characters on the boat, while others remained back in Storybrooke. He went on to say the beginning will present us with all the new challenges the characters would have to face. This also means many of the heroes and villains are going to need to work together.

Kitsis pointed out that there is a drastic difference in the characters who are divided. We are expecting to leave fans questioning how in the world is this group on the ship going to work together. This core motley crew on the ship is a dysfunctional family headed to Neverland with the same goal – find Henry.

Horowitz brought up about the characters who were left in Storybrooke like Belle and others. This will leave things open to dig deeper into each character as they face new challenges on different sides of the world.

Plots and Schedules Change

Kitsis said he noticed the fans were excited when they had a break in the middle of the season. In the fall, they are going to air 11 episodes. For the spring, they will air the remaining 11 episodes.

Emma and Hook’s Potential Romance

Kitsis liked how the season finale ended with Captain Hook reminiscing on his past asking if he wasted it. Now, we have a man who is looking for a new chance and wanting to change. At some point (100 years?), Hook will need to get over Milah. In addition, they are all stuck on the ship together, while Emma believes Neal is dead.

Anything is possible..

Will Rumplestiltskin be Redeemed (Does he want to?)

Kitsis reminded us that in the first season Rumple said, “I’m a difficult man to love.” That is who Rumple is. That minute one falls in love with him then he does something terrible. The unfortunate fact is that he is on a journey, where the prophecy said he would die. We have to see how (or if) he survives this.

Horowitz said the cool part about Rumple is that he is stuck between competing impulses. He understands right and wrong, however, various agendas conflict with his decisions sometimes.

Kitsis went on to say how it is easy for Rumple to be the dark one. He realized that he messed up and lost his son (again). That is why he went back to Lacey because he needed to share those emotions with someone in those last moments. When the ship sailed back, he thought to himself that it was a sign telling him to do the right thing.

He needed to honor his son by going to save his grandson.

Rumbelle’s Future

With Rumple on the ship and Belle in Storybrooke, this is going to pose a challenge for their relationship. He left her there to protect her from many things. The only thing on Rumple’s mind is saving his grandson, Henry. Horowitz and Kitsis confirmed this would all be explored in Season 3.

Snow White’s Dark Heart

The producers confirmed that Snow White’s journey in Season 3 would be very interesting. At the end of Season 2, she said, “Let’s do the hard path.” At that moment she realized that, “I’m the only one who has to heal this heart.” In Neverland, all the characters are going to truly reveal who they are. For Snow, she wants to rise to the hero and save her grandson.

Good vs. Evil

The terms seem black and white, however, that is not how life works. Sometimes people face challenges that leave them in difficult circumstances. It makes it easy to choose the wrong path in those situations. With that said, the writers pointed out it would be boring if the Evil Queen was just evil.

They want to show the pain behind the choices that were and will be made. The Evil Queen is just trying to find her own happy ending, however, she just goes about it in unfortunate ways.

LGBT Character Rumors

Kitsis said they are completely open to that at the right time. However, they have not written a character who is LGBT yet. It is the same with any love story, they want to write it right and give it the time it deserves.

With all this said, what do you want or expect to see in Season 3?

7 thoughts on “Season 3 Chatter”

  1. Was this it’s own interview, or just combination of others- sources? Would love to see transcripts/videos where possible to get a feel for the inflections.

  2. The prophecy didn’t actually say Rumple would die. The prophecy said a boy would be his undoing. Just like the original prophecy given to not-yet Dark One Rumple said the war would leave his son fatherless. We, Rumple included, assumed that implies death, thus the desertion. But ultimately, Rumple’s decision to desert and then to assume the role of Dark One leads to Bae’s future choices and teen years without a father.

  3. I think Henry being rumple’s undoing means Henry will help rumple not be the dark one anymore – rumple will have no power and magic, which is a good thing. And Peter Pan wants to find Henry because he probably knows the prophecy too and wants Henry to take away the magic from rumple. Furthermore if its true that emma and neal are ‘true loves’ of each other, then Henry would be just like emma, the product of true love, which means he has some sort of magic like emma too.

  4. I want to see more of Emma and her parents getting to know each other. More Emma and Neal. More Rumple&Belle, more exploring Snow and Regina’s relationship, more Charming backstory. I hope we don’t lose storybrooke and ftl with the writers very into neverland/peterpan. I am interesting in exploring Neal’s relationships with Rumple and Hook. I hope to see more Granny and more dwarves. I am open to the gay or lesbian romance on the show as long as with all the love stories it’s done well with characters that have chemistry and are not already involved. I hate triangles.

  5. I don’t recall any fairytales where there were homosexuals. So why does there all of the sudden have to be some??? It just seems to me that TV has run amock with it everywhere already…..

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