Storybook magic

Season Five

Episode Title Air Date Summary
1 The Dark Swan 09/27/2015 TBA
2 The Price 10/04/2015 TBA
3 Siege Perilous 10/11/2015 TBA
4 The Broken Kingdom 10/18/2015 TBA
5 Dreamcatcher 10/25/2015 TBA
6 The Bear and The Bow 11/01/2015 TBA
7 Nimue 11/08/2015 TBA
8 Birth 11/15/2015 TBA
9 The Bear King 11/22/2015 TBA
10 Broken Heart 11/29/2015 TBA
11 Swan Song 12/06/2015 TBA
12 TBA 02/28/2016 TBA

Season Four

Episode Title Air Date Summary
1 A Tale of Two Sisters 09/28/2014 Elsa, who is from Arendelle, finds herself in Storybrooke. She is scared and confused. With her fear, she creates a snow monster for protection. Regina questions the future of her relationship with Robin Hood now that Marian is back. We first visit the past of Arendelle. Elsa’s sister Anna wants to finish the journey that her deceased parents started.
2 White Out 10/05/2014 Trapped inside an ice cave, Emma slowly freezes to death. The Enchanted Forest of the Past, Anna attempts to educate a meek David to battle Warlord Bo Beep.
3 Rocky Road 10/12/2014 Marian has a spell that is casted on her, and Elsa is being blamed for it. Will Scarlett is caught by Emma and David rummaging through Robin Hood’s tent. Elsa and Kristoff must stop Hans from taking over the kingdom.
4 The Apprentice 10/19/2014 Hook makes a deal with Mr. Gold to reattach his hand. He wants to be able to embrace Emma with both of his hands on their first real date. However, he learns that magic always comes with a price. In the Fairy Tale Land of the Past, Rumplestiltskin uses Anna to obtain a magical box the sorcerer’s apprentice.
5 Breaking Glass 10/26/2014 Emma has a flashback to her childhood, and it reminds her of forgiveness. She takes this life lesson to Regina, and tries to work things out. The Snow Queen tricks Elsa into thinking she found her sister. Mary Margaret and David go on a much needed date, but it has an unexpected turn.
6 Family Business 11/02/2014 Emma has been racking her brain because she has no memory of the Snow Queen ever being her foster mother. Belle uses the dagger to force Rumplestiltskin to tell, where the Snow Queen is hiding. Arendelle of the Part, Belle and Anna become friends. Belle needs Anna to help find a troll who can regain her memory loss about her mother.
7 The Snow Queen 11/09/2014 Emma uses her magic and captures of the Snow Queen. However, she learns that they are alike more than she would like to admit. In Arendelle of the Past, Ingrid learns her deadly ice powers and makes a pact with her sisters to always protect and be there for each matter what.
8 & 9 Smash the Mirror 11/16/2014 Emma’s powers are out of control, and she asks Gold to help her. Elsa and Anna’s bond is put to a test. The Snow Queen’s true agenda is exposed.
10 Fall 11/30/2014 The Storybrooke residents must prepare for the Spell of Shattered Sight to take over. Who will survive?
11 Shattered Sight  12/07/2014 Elsa and Emma are on a mission to destroy the curse before it destroys Storybrooke.
12 Heroes and Villains  12/14/2014
13 Darkness on the Edge of Town  03/01/2015
14 Unforgiven  03/08/2015 David and Mary Margaret don’t trust Cruella and Ursula. Regina and Henry continue searching for the author.
15 Enter the Dragon 03/15/2015 Regina has to prove herself to the Queens of Darkness that she is truly back to her evil ways. David and Mary Margaret keep a close watch on the ladies. Henry gets closer to the author
16 Poor Unfortunate Soul 03/22/2015 Hook and Ursula have a complicated past. Hook tries to use that as leverage and learn more about Rumpelstiltskin’s plan.
17 Best Laid Plans 03/29/2015 Gold & The Queens of Darkness continue to seek the author. Meanwhile, Maleficent casts a spell on the town.
18 Heart of Gold 04/12/2015 Emma is still upset about truth behind the lies that her parents told. Gold finds the author. Regina learns a horrible secret that Robin Hood doesn’t know – it could cost his life.
19 Sympathy for the De Vil 04/19/2015 We learn the story behind Cruella and how she became so evil. Even with all her darkness, there is a big secret that she is hiding too.
20 Lily 04/26/2015
21 Mother 05/03/2015
22 & 23 Operation Mongoose Part 1 & 2 )Season Finale) 05/10/2015

Season Three

Episode Title Air Date Summary
1 The Heart of the Truest Believer 09/29/13 The ship’s crew (Emma, Snow, Charming, Rumplestiltkin, Hook and Regina) arrives to Neverland. Before they begin their save Henry journey, they are greeted by a group of mermaids who are not friendly. These mermaids threated to end the search before it even begins. Outside the ship, Neal meets with Mulan and she aids him in the enchanted forest. He tries to learn the fate of Emma and Henry.
2 Lost Girl 10/06/13 Emma and Peter Pan meet. He offers her a map that will guide her to Henry’s whereabouts. However, she has to embrace her true feelings about her identity before the map will appear.
3 Quite a Common Fairy Tale 10/13/13 Feeling as if they are hitting a dead end with Peter Pan, Hook decided they should find Tinker Bell to help find Pan’s Hideout. Neal is coming up with a plan that could reunite him to Emma by using Robin Hood’s most precious possession. Tinker Bell helps Regina improve her life.
4 Nasty Habits 10/20/13 Mr. Gold decides that it is time to confront Peter Pan. David is struggling for his life because the poison is starting to take a toll on his. In Fairy Tale Land that was, Rumplestiltskin searches for Bae.
5 Good Form 10/27/13 Hook guides David, who is dying, on an adventure in search for a map that could get them out of Neverland.  In Fairy Tale Land, Hook and his brother sail to an uncharted land to find a powerful healing plant.
6 Ariel 11/03/13 Ariel saved Snow White. It was only natural for Snow to return the favor. Snow helped Ariel be acquainted with Prince Eric. In Neverland, Emma, Mary Margaret, David and Hook try to help rescue Neal from Peter Pan’s camp.
7 Dark Hollow 11/10/13 Ariel adventures to Storybrooke to contact Belle and find a hidden artifact. This artifact can aid in taking down Peter Pan. Emma, Neal and Hook search for the Dark Hollow, where Peter Pan’s shadow resides. They are planning to capture it.
8 Think Lovely Thoughts 11/17/13 Pan guides Henry to a secret cave. Pan convinced Henry that he can save the magic and Neverland by giving up his heart. Young Rumple is given an item that can bring him and his father a fresh, new start.
9 Save Henry 12/01/13 The race has started to stop Peter Pan from gaining full magical powers.  All the while, Henry’s life is uncertain.  Storybrooke of the past, Regina sets out to adopt a baby.
10 The New Neverland 12/08/13 Storybrooke residents are excited and overjoyed that Henry and the heroes have returned from Neverland.  However, a well-hidden Peter Pan is making plans to stir things up in Storybrooke.
11 Going Home 12/15/13 The Storybrooke residents are racing to stop Peter Pan from casting another spell on Storybrooke.  This curse could end the lives of everyone in town. **Winter Finale**
12 New York City Serenade 03/09/14 Hook tries to help Emma regain her memories, so she can help her fairy tale friends and family out. They are in dire need of rescue.
13 Witch Hunt 03/16/14 Emma returned to Storybrooke. However, the residents have no memory of how they got back. No one know who started the new curse.
14 The Tower 03/23/14 Zelena has a dark surprise up her sleeve for David. In Fairy Tale Land, Prince Charming helps Rapunzel face her fears. She can only do this to free herself of the tower.
15 Quiet Minds 03/30/14 Neal finally gets back to Storybrooke, and wants to connect with Henry and his father. In Fairy Tale Land of the Past, Neal, Belle and Lumiere attempted to find a way to bring Rumplestiltskin back from the dead.
16 It’s Not Easy Being Green 04/06/14 Zelena challenges Regina to a fight. This fight is until death. It ultimately leads into their family connection. Neal is laid to rest. In the land of Oz, Zelena asks the Wizard to send her to Fairy Tale Land. She asked after she discovered that she has a sister.
17 The Jolly Roger 04/13/14 Ariel begs Hook to help find her true love, Prince Eric. Emma accepts Regina’s help to teach her how to use magic. She wants her to be able to fight Zelena.
18 Bleeding Through 04/20/14 Zelena stole Regina’s heart. Regina then casted a spell to speak across the realms. She wanted to speak with her dead mother, Cora, about why she abandoned Zelena. Young Cora kept her pregnancy a secret, so she did not lose the royalty lifestyle.
19 A Curious Thing 04/27/14 Zelena meets up with Hook again for another threat. This time, it is to threaten him that if he doesn’t kiss Emma, she will kill Henry. Back in Fairy Tale Land of the Past, Snow and Charming search for Glenda, the good witch. She can help defeat Zelena.
20 Kansas 05/04/14 TBA
21 Snow Drifts 05/11/14 Emma and Hook are pulled into a time warp that sends them back to the Fairy Tale of the Past. In order to get back to present time Storybrooke, they must be careful not to alter anything.
22 There’s No Place Like Home 05/11/14 See Snow Drifts

Season Two

Episode Title Air Date Summary
1 Broken 09/30/12 Prince Phillips wakes Sleeping Beauty up.  Prince Phillip and Mulan face a deadly enemy on their trip.  Then in Storybrooke, Mr Gold attempts to get the upper hand in a power battle with Regina.
2 We are Both 10/07/12 The seven dwarves learn what happens when the residents of Storybrooke try to leave. While this is happening, David continues searching for Emma and Mary Margaret. Then Regina meets a magic man who makes a promise to aid her in breaking free from her mother’s grip.
3 Lady of the Lake 10/14/12 Emma and Mary Margaret search for the portal back to Storybrooke with some help. King George poisons Snow White
4 The Crocodile 10/21/12 Belle tells Mr. Gold she is leaving if he will not stop his hunger for power. Rumplestiltskin tries to save his wife from cutthroat pirates.
5 The Doctor 10/28/12 Regina is still trying to not use her magic and win back Henry. Mary Margaret and Emma discover a lone survivor from an ogre massacre.
6 Tallahassee 11/4/12 In this episode, Emma makes her way up the beanstalk with the non-trustworthy Captain Hook. They are on a mission to steal a compass from the dangerously, murderous Giant. Emma’s past is also revealed.
7 Child of the Moon 11/11/12 Ruby is fearing what happens when she morphs into a wolf when living in Storybrooke. Red Riding Hood discovers a kindred spirit in Anita who is a leader of the human-wolf pack.
8 Into the Deep 11/25/12 Cora tries to take the compass, so she can locate the entrance to Storybrooke. Regina and Mr. Gold put David’s life on the line so he can contact Snow/Mary Margaret across the lands. He does this to give her vital information.
9 Queen of Hearts 12/02/12 The fear that Cora could be close to find the portal to Storybrooke has Regina and Mr. Gold preparing a deadly plan. This plan would kill anyone who entered the portal, which could put Mary Margaret and Emma in serious danger.
10 The Cricket Game 01/06/13 The town believes Regina murdered someone, however, Emma is the only one who does not believe this happened.  In Fairy Tale Land (that was) the Evil Queen’s public execution is being planned.
11 The Outsider 01/13/13 Mr. Gold / Rumpelstiltskin is in search to find a spell that will give him access to leave Storybrooke. He wants to find his son, Bae. Belle and Mulan team up to fight Yaoguai.
12 In the Name of the Brother 01/20/13 The residents of Storybrooke want Dr. Whale to let this stranger die because he may have seen magic before the accident. They are afraid this stranger will expose the identities of the residents to the world. Victor attempts to prove to his father he can bring the dead back to life.
13 Tiny 02/10/13 The Giant comes to Storybrooke with a vengeance. Mr. Gold tries to leave Storybrooke to find his son, Bae. Henry and Emma join Mr. Gold for the search.
14 Manhattan 02/17/13 Mr. Gold is searching for his son in New York. As Mr. Gold is away, Cora tracks down one of Rumplestiltskin’s most prized possession.
15 The Queen Is Dead 03/03/13  Mary Margaret promises to protect Rumplestiltskin’s dagger from Cora and Regina. The Blue Fairy offers Snow White a spell that is unconventional to try and save her dying mother, the queen.
16 The Miller’s Daughter 03/10/13 Cora has a desire to replace Rumplestiltskin. This all happens as we move one step closer as Rumple lies there dying. Mary Margaret is tempted by dark magic.
17 Welcome To Storybrooke 03/17/13 Regina is out for revenge against Mary Margaret. We are also introduced to the beginning of the Storybrooke curse. A father and son supposedly enter the undetectable Storybrooke
18 Selfless, Brave and True 03/24/13 Mary Margaret runs into August when she tries to get away. She finds him completely made of wood. Emma is shocked that Neal invited Tamara, his fiancée, to Storybrooke.
19 Lacey 04/21/13 We learn about Rumple and Belle’s past. Mr. Gold looks to Charming for help to regain Belle’s memory. Anton’s magic beans may be able to get everyone back to Fairy Tale Land. This leaves Emma with a decision to make.
20 The Evil Queen 04/28/13 Regina tries to transport her and Henry back to Fairytale land. This includes a fail-safe that may wipe Storybrooke and the residences off the Earth. Emma becomes suspicious about Tamara.
21 Second Star To The Right 05/05/13 Emma has a suspicion that Tamara is behind Regina’s disappearance. Young Bae is in old London and taken in by the Darling family. He became close friends with their daughter, Wendy.
22 And Straight on ‘Til Morning 05/12/13 The residence of Storybrooke brace for the end of the town becomes looming. Mr. Gold grieves the loss of his son, Bae. Hook makes a connection with young Bae in Neverland.

Season One

A 10-year old boy named Henry comes to reunite with her.  She gave Henry up for adoption.  He takes her back to a strange town called Storybrooke.  Emma’s life turns upside down when she is visited by Henry, the 10-year-old child she long ago gave up for adoption; Emma brings Henry back to his foster mother in a strange town called Storybrooke.

Episode Title Air Date Summary
1 Pilot 10/23/2011 Emma’s life changes when she receives an unexpected visit.
2 The Thing You Love Most 10/30/2011 Regina wants to push Emma right back out of Henry’s life and away from Storybrooke.  The Evil Queen’s curse is revealed.
3 Snow Falls 11/06/2011 Emma influences Mary Margaret to read to an unidentified patient that is in a coma at the hospital.  Snow White and Prince Charming meet for the first time.
4 The Price of Gold 11/13/2011 Mr. Gold is pushed away by Emma from a pregnant woman he made a deal with.  Cinderella meets Rumplestiltskin and makes a deal.
5 That Still Small Voice 11/27/2011 There is a mysterious sinkhole that Henry wants to explore.  He believes it can link Fairy Tale Land and Storybrooke together.  Jiminy Cricket wants to leave the family business, so he can become the person he dreams to be.
6 The Shepherd 12/04/2011 The unidentified coma patient learns his real story.  His name is David and he must make a decision to leave his wife, Kathryn or be with Mary Margaret.
7 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter 12/11/2011 Storybrooke has a resident that starts to remember fairytale life.  The town mourns a dramatic death.  The Queen searches for an assassin to rid Snow White from Fairy Tale Land.
8 Desperate Souls 01/08/2012 Mr. Gold and Regina join together to put a stop to Emma’s attempt on running for sheriff of Storybrooke. Fairy Tale Land, Rumplestiltskin continues his journey to help his son by gathering him the power in order to avoid war.
9 True North 01/15/2012 Understanding the pain of being separated from their parents, Emma helps two homeless children that were placed in a foster care system and when separated from their birth father. In Fairy Tale Land, the Evil Queen persuades Hansel and Gretel to steal an important artifact. The artifact was in the hands of a blind witch (Emma Caulfield).
10 7:15am 01/22/2012 David and Mary Margaret continue to battle the unanswered love for each other. Regina and Emma both become suspicious about a new mysterious stranger that arrived in Storybrooke. In Fairy Tale Land, Snow White looks for ways to heal her broken heart as the wedding approaches of Prince Charming and the daughter of Kind Midas.
11 The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree 01/29/2012 Emma finds herself enlisted by a dejected Sidney to help uncover evidence that could expose Regina’s corrupt dealings. Mary Margaret continues to secretly meet David in an attempt to figure out a way to fulfill their love. The back story of the Magic Mirror is revealed along with his encounter with Snow White’s father, King Leopold, and a forbidden romance with the Queen that may introduce divided loyalties. At the conclusion of the episode, Sidney and Emma become allies after Regina causes their plan to collapse by revealing plans to build a new playground in the woods. Regina then threatens Emma and orders her to stay away from Henry. She then meets with Sidney, who Regina used to gain Emma’s trust, and now plans to get even. Emma tells Henry to put off their mission for a while. It’s revealed that “The Stranger” has the book of fairytales in his possession.
12 Skin Deep 02/12/2012 This episode takes place on Valentine’s Day in the show.  In Storybrooke:  Emma and Mr. Gold are caught up in some drama together.  Mary Margaret, Ashley and Ruby decide to have a girls night out.  One of the lovely ladies goes for a happily ever after moment.  In Fairy Tale Land: Belle makes a deal to save the town from the horrific Ogre War.
13 What Happened to Frederick 02/19/2012 Storybrooke: David tells Kathryn about his feelings for Mary Margaret.  Fairy Tale Land: Prince Charming want to escape the wedding and bail on his fiancee.  He agrees to a dangerous mission for Abigail.
14 Dreamy 03/04/2012 The history of Grumpy is exposed.  A beautiful woman (Amy Acker) that has an issue with men, which will need to be worked out.  This will show a life and death problem.  The woman, Nova / Astrid, will become a love interest that will put a smile on Grumpy / Leroy’s face.
15 Red Handed 03/11/2012 Ruby quits working at Granny’s diner. She was feeling very down, so Emma hires her to come help at the police station. Emma continues to search for Kathryn and keeps questioning David about the disappearance (possibly a murder!). In Fairy Tale Land, Red Riding Hood wants to run away with her true love. One big obstacle is standing in her way–the big bad wolf. The bloodthirsty world is on a relentless killing spree, where the Red Riding Hood and the townspeople are scared for their lives.
16 Heart of Darkness 03/18/2012 Mary Margaret is arrest by Emma in the suspicion of Kathryn’s murder. Mary Margaret hires Mr. Gold to represent her in court. In Fairy Tale Land, Prince Charming continues to search for Snow White. Snow White’s memory is still hazy from the potion she received from Rumpelstiltskin.
17 Hat Trick 03/25/2012 Emma searches for Mary Margaret and she is kidnapped by a madman. The madman has an obsession with hats. In Fairy Tale Land, the Evil Queen hires a man of magic.
18 Stable Boy 04/01/2012 Emma tries to find evidence to save Mary Margaret from the murder trial against David’s wife, Kathryn. The Evil Queen is faced with major decisions against her mother, the love of her life or a loveless life. We also learn why The Evil Queen hates Snow White.
19 The Return 04/22/2012 The fate of Rumplestiltskin’s son Baelfire is revealed. Gold tries to expose the true identity of August, and a dangerous feud begins between the two men. Mary Margaret is released from jail and David tries to reconnect.
20 The Stranger 05/06/2012 We learn about Pinocchio and his maker.
21 Apple Red as Blood 05/06/2012 Henry pleads with Emma to stay in Storybrooke and continue her quest as the savior of the fairytale dwellers, and Regina concocts a plan that could rid her of Emma forever. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Snow White enlists the aid of her fellow fairytale cohorts to attack the Evil Queen and save Prince Charming’s life
22 A Land Without Magic 05/13/2012 The destiny of Storybrooke begins to unfold when Regina released magic into the real world. Henry fights for his life after eating the apple turnover that Regina tried to give to Emma. Emma and Regina go head to head, while Henry is in critical condition. Emma threatens Regina’s life when this all happens. David and Mary Margaret start to realize something strange when the curse weakens.