Ruby/Red Riding Hood Meghan Ory Leaving ‘Once Upon a Time’

Meghan Ory

Some may have noticed that we have been seeing less and less of our beloved Red (Meghan Ory).  Well, there is a reason for this – she has left Storybrooke to join a new sci-fi drama for the adventure called Intelligence.

William Keck, a journalist at TV Guide, caught up with Ory to provide us the scoop on what is going on here.

Keck began the interview asking about people questioning that Ruby/Red was missing from the season finale.  Ory told Keck that this took people back a little.  He went on to ask how this all came about.  She said everything was just all very crazy.

She was under contract for Once Upon a Time, but they (Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz) have added many characters to this year’s storyline.  Their plans for Ruby did not happen because the show went a different path.   She praised about how brilliant Kitsis and Horowitz are and they had to follow their incredible ideas for Neverland.  If you have been paying attention Ruby has not appeared in a few episodes before she faded out.

The last episode she appeared in was when they came back from New York.  She asked about what was happening and they told her, “We love you, but we have this story that’s so huge we don’t know where we’re going to put you at this moment.” With that said, she decided to look elsewhere.

Since the beginning of the season, we were under the impression that Ruby, in wolf form, was going to become a pawn of Regina or Mr. Gold.  Ory agreed that was the idea from the beginning, but the Neverland story took on a life of its own.  With that direction, there are so many more stories that can be told. The original story her and Josh (David/Charming) planned to spend more time in Storybrooke, but they decided to bring the girls back from Fairytale Land sooner.

TV Guide asked about ABC’s feelings with her heading to CBS.   Ory told them that Intelligence is on CBS, but it is from ABC Studios.  They were happy to keep her under another banner at ABC.  However, there may be a chance of her appearing in more episodes of Once Upon a Time in the future.

TV Guide questioned that this may not be the last time we see Ruby then.  Ory told them she is signed on as a regular on Intelligence, so we will have to see what the future holds.  She went on to say, “Who knows what’s happening with Once? I think everything is changing over there.”

TV Guide then went on to talk about how we saw the leads head to Neverland in the finale.  Does this mean we will not see much of other supporting characters?  For example, we know that Keegan Connor Tracy who plays the Blue Fairy/Mother Superior is also working on Bates Motel as Norman’s teacher.

Ory said that everyone has been supportive of her decision.  She did speak with Beverley Elliot (Granny) who was upset and worried about Ruby not appearing in the finale.  She asked if Ory was doing okay.

She went on to tell TV Guide that it was a little strange to watch the finale and not see Ruby around.  Ory said that she is going to miss being there everyday, but it is for a good decision.  Down the road, she would love to guest star as Ruby once a year just to see what the character has been up to.

What are your thoughts about losing Red/Ruby from Once Upon a Time?

7 thoughts on “Ruby/Red Riding Hood Meghan Ory Leaving ‘Once Upon a Time’”

  1. I’ll definitely miss her and I’m sure neverland is gonna be perfect but I hope it won’t change the story’s direction completely.

  2. Good luck to her! I don’t blame her for leaving, considering all the major players have left Storybrooke, there won’t be much for the people left behind to do. I guess, Belle, Granny and Whale won’t be far behind.

  3. That’s terrible! She was my favorite character and I will miss her tremendously. I hope she does well with Intelligence, and maybe I’ll watch her as Riley O’neill in it!
    Neverland needs you Meghan!

  4. I absolutely hate that she’s gone! I was really into seeing more of Ruby/Red’s story told. Such a shame but hopefully she’ll be back….someday.

  5. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ruby’s early manifestation (although Ory played the part perfectly!), but I really grew to be fond of the character. It seemed like out of no where she was just gone. I think that is a real shame. It is strange now that everyone is back on Storybrooke, often at Granny’s Diner, and Red/Ruby isn’t there with no explanation as to why.

    I have, though, been watching Intelligence, and Ory is doing a fantastic job in her role. I really like that show as well. If she could be on both, that would be even better!

    Well done Meghan! You’ve really made your mark as an actress lately, and I wish you all the best!

  6. I’ve missed seeing Red/Ruby and keep hoping for her to reappear on the show. I thought maybe I had missed or forgotten some part of the story line that dealt with her not being on any more but apparently not. 🙁

    I am hopeful that we will see her return at some point with some kind of awesome story line to account for her absence. Maybe she changed to wolf and went wild for awhile? Or traveled far and wide in search of others like herself somewhere else in Maine or up in Canada or something. Maybe several episodes for that would be good. ???

    I wish Meghan all the best in her new projects and will look for her in shows and movies in the bright future she has ahead. 🙂

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