Episode 1: Pilot

Pince charming kissing snow white
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And so we are introduced to my nemesis Snow White. She is discovered in a deep sleep from a curse I had laid upon her. I thought this would be the solution to my problems but that Prince Charming came along and found her.

His kiss was enough to break my curse and wake her up. In a fury, I decided to crash their wedding. She has caused me so much misery I refuse to allow her one day of peace. As their unexpected guest, I still offer a present.

I tell them I will lay a curse that will ensure NO ONE will have any happily ever after. Everyone will suffer.

In present day times, we are then introduced to Emma who will be the next thorn in my side. She is 28 years old, blonde-haired woman, and I guess you can say beautiful. She is celebrating her birthday by going on a date with a man she met off the internet. The date goes sour when Emma informs the man she is a bail bondswoman and he has skipped his bail.

Later that night, while the sniveling Emma is about to celebrate her birthday alone, she receives a surprise visitor at the door. Henry is a little boy that she gave up for adoption when he was born 10 years ago. In modern day times, as the mayor, I had adopted him and raised him as my own. Ungrateful Henry has sought out the help of his biological mother to end the curse over modern day Storybrooke which he has figured out by reading a book of fairy tales.

Of course, she does not believe him…would you? She agrees to take him home to Storybrooke.

Back in fairy tale times, Snow White and Charming are making a deal with that weasel Rumpelstiltskin. He has been imprisoned and in exchange for the name of their unborn child, he tells them that their child will be the one who will be able to defeat the curse.

Later Henry introduces Emma to his therapist Archie Hopper and tells her how in fairy tale land he is Jiminy Cricket. If you ask me, a therapist is a much-needed improvement over an insect. He also shows Emma the clock tower, which he notices never moves.

Back in the fairy tale world, the Blue Fairy gives Snow White and Prince Charming a vessel that cannot be affected by my magic or any curse. It is meant to save Snow White and her unborn child.

Emma takes Henry home and much to my dismay I must meet her in the form of Regina, the mayor. I curtly suggest that she leave and go back to wherever she came from. As she heads back, a wolf appears in the road and causes her to lose control of her car.

Unfortunately, she does not die but instead she wakes up in jail and is told by Sheriff Graham how he found her. I show up because Henry has left again. Emma helps search for him.

Emma meets Mary Margaret who happens to bear a striking resemblance to none other than Snow White. She is Henry’s teacher and tells Emma where she may find him.

Flash over to Fairy Tale Land. As I begin to perform the curse, Snow White goes into labor. Making a desperate on the spot decision Snow White and Charming put the baby in the vessel alone. By the time, my men break into the vessel the child is already gone.

You can never get good help. To my delight, the henchmen wounded Charming (possibly dead). One can only hope. The look on Snow White’s face is priceless when she sees her beloved Charming bludgeoned on the ground with his eyes closed.

I am not happy that the child has safely escaped by I laugh as I create a misty vortex around us. A frightened Snow White asks me where we are going and I tell her somewhere horrible where the only happy ending will be for me.

In Storybrooke, Emma finds Henry in a place referred to as his castle. He is sad because he believed Emma’s presence would make the clock tower move. Emma plays along with Henry that she believes him although she does not. Part of this comes from her guilt of abandoning him.

They have a sugary sweet moment as he tells her he understands she felt she did the best thing for him when she gave him up. Henry wants her to stay to help defeat the curse. She takes him home.

When Henry arrives at home, he ignores me and heads straight to his room. Blaming Emma I tell her, she needs to leave town. I then casually throw in a threat to destroy her. The nerve of this woman to ask me if I love him. I respond that I do. After an uncomfortable stare down, I slam the door in her face.

At the hospital, where Mary Margaret volunteers, she has no idea that the coma patient referred to as John Doe is actually her beloved Charming. HAHAHA.

Emma has no idea who she is going up against as she defies me by renting a room at Granny’s Bed & Breakfast. Emma meets Mr. Gold who is actually none other than Rumpelstiltskin. Emma tells him she will only be in town for the week. At that moment little Henry is delighted to see the clock tower move…

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