OUAT Casting for ‘Frozen’ Characters

elsa - frozen - once upon a time

Excitedly, the rumor mill has begun for season four. The “Once Upon a Time” casting crew has started their search for three new characters – Elsa, Anna and Kristoff. At this time, Elsa is expected to appear in nine episodes. Anna and Kristoff are anticipated to perform in fewer episodes than Elsa does.


Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle. She is somewhere around late 20s to early 30s. She has struggled to control her powers that are quite “chilling.” Eventually, she learned that controlling her powers came down to love.

Mostly, the power control came down to the bond with her sister, Anna. This made Elsa realize that threat she posed if she were to lose control of her magic again.

If Rumple helped Regina and Zelena, maybe he could help Elsa?


Anna is Elsa’s younger sister. She is fun loving and fearless. This optimist often gets into situations that put her over her head. However, she seems to make it through because of her resourcefulness and positive attitude. Her relationship with Elsa is valued above anything else in her life.

Sounds like she could be a good friend with Snow.


Kristoff is a handsome and hearty fellow. He has spent most of his life solo (besides his reindeer). Sometimes, he can have a brusque demeanor that hides his feelings for Anna and her sister Elsa.

Here is what the cast had to say about “Frozen” coming to Storybrook.

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