‘Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen’ Comic Book

shadow of the queen - once upon a time - comic book

Comic and “Once Upon a Time” fans gather round.  In case you missed the release date on Sept. 4, we are here to remind you the “Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen” is available for purchase online.

“Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen” takes us on a journey into the riveting world of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” television show.  Marvel Entertainment and Disney-ABC Television Group collaborated to bring fans this exciting comic book.  In fact, Mike Del Mundo has created the first official graphic fiction that ties-in to the hit series.  He takes us through Fairy Tale Land, where the fabled storybook characters grew up.

Series writer and producer, Daniel T. Thomsen, plotted this landmark release.  Along side him was co-writer Corinna Bechko (Planet of the Apes).  This exciting comic series featured the amazing art of Nimit Malavia, Vasilis Lolos, Mike Del Mundo, Mike Henderson and Michael Kaluta.

In the story, the Evil Queen has captured the Huntsman’s heart – literally.  This turned him into her slave.  The adventure digs deeper into the never-before-told tale behind their twisted relationship.  We also learn what happens when a good man is forced to do bad things.

During this time, Regina cooked up another devious strategy to capture Snow White.  This time, it was allying with a pack of power-hungry werewolves.  This leaves the Huntsman face-to-face with his past.  The independent spirit in Red Riding Hood may just match his power.

Can these two fairy tale characters break forces that bind them and save Snow White?  When pushed to the limit, where will the Huntsman’s loyalties lie? Did the Evil Queen steal his heart in more than one way?

To purchase the comic book:  CLICK HERE.

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