‘Once Upon a Time’ Brought Ariel to Life

Last night, “Once Upon a Time” brought Ariel to life. They debuted the little mermaid in Ariel, which is the sixth episode in season three. JoAnna Garcia Swisher dominated the episode in her epic debut coming face-to-face with some of our heroes and villains.

Most of the fairy tale characters have had a little twist to their storyline. However, the Little Mermaid/Ariel stayed true to her original Disney character. Her optimism still lies deep in her personality along with the desire and bravery that she exults.

We were super excited to meet the gorgeous redheaded mermaid. What did you think about JoAnna Garcia’s performance in Ariel?

Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand
Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

One thought on “‘Once Upon a Time’ Brought Ariel to Life”

  1. Joanna Garcia did an awesome job as Ariel !! Love what the writers did with the story, keeping it true to the Disney tale and sending her to Storybrook is ingenious ! Can’t wait to see how she will help to save Henry!

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