New York Serenade Sneak Peak: Emma and Hook (VIDEO)

Colin o'donoghue - Jennifer Morrison

We are all waiting until Sunday, March 9 is here. In the mean time, Access Hollywood just released this awesome sneak peak of New York Serenade.

In this sneak peak, we see Captain Hook and Emma chatting in New York City. They are discussing Neal’s whereabouts and her parent’s troubles.

Colin o'donoghue - Jennifer Morrison

It seems that Prince Charming and Snow White are in need of their daughter’s help. However, this will be tricky since she has no idea what Hook is talking about.

As always, Emma wants answers, real ones. Can Hook convince Emma of her true fairy tale story? I guess if she decides to take what he has to offer.

What do you think will happen?

This photo was courtesy of ABC/Jack Rowand

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