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I am not sure about you, but we have been anxiously attempting to find out more details of the season finale of Once Upon a Time, which is only days away. We have been digging and digging to find more information. Recently, had a five-minute phone interview with the executive producers, where they were open for some Q&A.

We have been curious of this question ourselves, but they asked the producers why Regina has not used Belle in a bargain with Rumpelstiltskin.

Edward Kitsis: If you are going to enter into a negotiation like this, there will need to be extreme leverage. If Regina was to tell Mr. Gold that Belle is alive and she has her locked up, Mr. Gold would probably just kill Regina and find Belle himself. She would have to come with something that would prevent Mr. Gold from murdering her once she told him the secret. However, once he does find out what she has done, OMG.

Will we see Bae, Rumpelstiltskin’s son in the season finale?

Edward Kitsis: No

Will everyone in Storybrooke catch up with their age if the curse is broken? Will they just become 28 years older?

Adam Horowitz: We want the audience to experience the show. We do have answers and we are excited to tell everyone, but the question is what when it is broken and if the curse is ever broken.

Which episode of season do you feel is the most successful?

Edward Kitsis: This is difficult to answer because we love the new episode the best. It is fresh, new and exciting. I could not pick my favorite, but we loved the Mad Hatter episode and Red Riding episode. It is like asking which child is your favorite.

Adam Horowitz: The amazing writers, Edward and I sit in a room and come together these stories. It rather makes the whole season like one giant episode. It is more fulfilling to look back at the season as a whole. There was a story that was told and we did that the way we wanted to. We are excited for the audience to watch how the season ends.

Many people would love the show to continue on forever. How many seasons do you think the show will run for?

Adam Horowitz: It is really up to the audience. We have many ideas that we would love to continue forward.

Edward Kitsis: We want to do something shocking that continues to move forward. It is interesting that people are calling for the finishing of the show, which they love. With that being said, we do not want it to go to Season 12, where we do not even recognize the cast members. However, we are only finishing season one now, but we feel there are a few more seasons in us.

Back to Storybrooke, if Henry is the only child getting older, what are the other kids and parent’s thinking about this when they are still frozen in time?

Adam Horowitz: That is the curse!

Edward Kitsis: In episode 2, the clock began to move forward in the pilot. Time began to move forward and everyone started to age. Previously, everyone lived in a “constant present.”

Adam Horowitz: We think of the curse as an organic and active thing, where it was working on the residents of Storybrooke for 28 years. It kept them in a constant present. It adjusted itself for Henry’s growth and aging. Then, Emma came and the clocked ticked. That caused everything to check and all bets were off.

Henry has been stuck in this constant present and unaware of it?

Edward Kitsis: Yes, until he got the book. Once he read the book, he started to wake up and realize that no one was aging and everything was the same. It was not until the book, where he began to notice everything.

Could we assume that August wrote the book because he repaired some of the pages?

Edward Kitsis: I would not assume that.

We saw that in the previous episode Regina and Jefferson were able to take an apple. Will there be any time-traveling element to the show?

Adam Horowitz: No, it is not about time travel as much. Carefully speaking, Jefferson says to Regina to think about a time and place where this item is. It is how magic was able to reach in time and space to bring it. It was not about traveling back in to or changing the past and/or preset.

What do you think will happen on the season finale?

ABC’s Once Upon a Time season final will air on Sunday May 13th at 8pm EST.

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  1. A land without Once upon a Time. I want Once upon a Time. I don’t want that new show that is on May 27 and I was disappointed that it was not on May 20.
    I will just channel it. I may just shut it off all together.

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