Michael-Raymond-James Mysterious Character on Season Two

Michael Raymond-James | Once Upon a Time  ABC
Photo Source: TV Guide

It seems that Kristen Bauer van Straten is not the only True Blood cast member coming aboard the cast of Once Upon a Time. Let us welcome Michael-Raymond-James for the upcoming season. We are not sure whom he is playing yet, but they are calling his role a, “mysterious new character.”

With the announcement of Lancelot, Mulan and Sleeping beauty, it seems a little odd that ABC is keeping a tight lip about whom he is playing.

Could this be Henry’s father? The executive producers did say the father would be revealed in season two. Could he play Bae all grown up? Possibly his roll could be from Jack and the Beanstalk since we heard that story line will be making an appearance as well.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Michael-Raymond-James Mysterious Character on Season Two”

  1. This mystery guy has got to be Henry`s father! They look so much alike.
    But he does look alot like Bae to. So we`ll just have to watch to find out…

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