Makeup Like ‘Once Upon a Time’ Stars

Emma - Jennifer Goodwin

Halloween is here tomorrow. At this point, you probably already have your costume. However, do you have the makeup to go along with it? If not, we have a makeup tutorial for Emma Swam, Mary Margaret/Snow White, Ruby/Red Riding Hood, Regina, Blue Fairy and Belle.

To begin, we are going to start with the all mighty savior, Emma Swan. Hopefully, you have her killer red jacket, and powerful personality to match. All you need a little guide on the makeup side of the costume. It does not take an advanced makeup artist to create this look either.

Here is Emma Swan’s makeup tutorial:

Next up is Mary Margaret/Snow White. Ginny Goodwin has many personalities and styles on this show. It depends on which scene that you want to portray. Regardless, here it he conservative makeup style for her.

Following the new mayor is Ruby/Red Riding Hood. She may not be on the show anymore, but she is still a loved character on “Once Upon a Time.” This makeup tutorial is more for Ruby and less Red Riding Hood.

Evil or not, Regina is one of the most popular characters. As she battles her love challenges, fans can help support her by dressing up like her. Here is a cool tutorial on how to do your makeup like Regina.

The Blue Fairy is played by Keegan Conner Tracy. She is a beautiful fairy and Mother Superior. This look could easily be used with another fairy costume. However, it is inspired by our very own.

Last but not least, we have Belle. This tutorial is targeted more towards when we first met Belle. It’s another beautiful look.

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