Little Red Riding Hood Spoiler

Little Red Riding Hood - Once Upon a Time ABC
Photo Source: ABC

It seems that the fans are not going to be in limbo longer about Little Red Riding Hood. ABC’s Once Upon a Time just confirmed the official rundown for episode 10, titled, “7:15 am.” This episode will air on January 22, 2012 at 8pm EST on ABC.  The narrative of the episode does not tell us about the fairy-tale character, however, the photo released unmistakably reveals her in the fairy-tale world.

With that said, the episode description implies the focal point will be directed back to Snow White and Prince Charming’s relationship coming together.  The release talks about Mary Margaret and David continue to struggle with the unrequited love connection. Regina and Emma both are suspicious over a new stranger in Storybrooke.  In Fairy Tale Land, Snow White longs to mend her breaking heart while Prince Charming’s wedding approaches to marry King Midas’ daughter.

Now, how Red Riding Hood comes into play, has us just as curious.  In addition, the role of the Big Bad Wolf should follow once all is exposed.  In Storybrooke, we so far know the waitress at the diner named Ruby is playing the classic character.

As we are getting deeper into the season, this is getting more exciting!  The upcoming show this Sunday, Desperate Souls will be focusing on Rumpelstiltskin’s origin.

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