Lana Parrilla Tells All About the Evil Queen

Lana Parilla - Evil Queen
Photo Source: ABC

So far on Once Upon a Time, we have seen the Evil Queen murder her father, squeeze the life out of a heart from her lover, cast curses over the residences in Fairy Tale Land, erasing memories and leaving people stranded in StoryBrooke. Here is the big question- what makes the Evil Queen so mean?

Lana Parrilla plays the role of Evil Queen in Fairy Tale Land and her counter role as Regina Mills in Storybrooke. According to Lana, all that will be answered very soon on the hit television series that airs on ABC about a fairy-tale drama. According to Lana, “its one thing that just explodes and branches off into all these other little things, but its one big f—-up that changes her life.” She goes on to add, “We’ll go back in time in fairy-tale land and see who she was before she became this evil queen. The big secret will be revealed.”

The story line goes like this for the Evil Queen:

The Evil Queen was married to King Leopold (Richard Schiff). King Leopold was Snow White’s (Ginny Goodwin) father. The Evil Queen sent the Huntsman (Jamie Dornan) after Snow White to murder her. Snow White wrote a touching letter to her mother, and the Huntsman let her free.

The Huntsman was supposed to bring back Snow White’s heart to the Evil Queen. Instead, he returns with an animal’s heart and lies to the Queen. The Queen finds out, removes the Huntsman’s heart, and places a curse over him. She eventually squeezes the heart and kills the character (In Storybrooke he is dead. Fairy Tale Land, he is still around until further notice).

Okay so back to the relationship of the Evil Queen and Snow White…

We know that they have some dysfunctional union, and the Evil Queen hates Snow White. According to Lana’s interview, an upcoming episode will show the king and queen together. It will reveal the hardship between the two. The episode will show the relationship unhealthy and unsupportive. Not only that, it will show the king favoring his daughter more than his wife.

This episode will explain how the Evil Queen is capable of loving someone. The real question here is whether she truly loved her husband or if it was only to seek status. This episode will show the soft and vulnerable side of the Evil Queen. She longs for love, but it is just difficult for her to obtain it. Then once she has finally it, she does not know how to hold on to it. (ugh, this reminds me of myse..oh never mind)

This leaves it open to say, so far in the show, the only person that showed her affection, she killed. However, Lana said that she does not think Regina felt good about killing Sheriff Graham in the midseason finale. A tear rolled down her cheek as she squeezed the life out of his heart. This was to reveal how difficult of a decision it was for her to make.

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