Kristin Bauer van Straten Appearance on Once Upon a Time

Kristin Bauer Once Upon a Time
Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam on True Blood) made a guest appearance on Episode 2: The Thing We Love Most.  Her role was one of the queen’s old frenemies.  Kristin’s character was Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent the “Mistress of Evil.”  Kristin said it was exciting to play the role and stir the witch’s brew.

Meleficient is another power diva role that is not afraid of wielding what people may call evil.  Kristin told reporters that she loves to take her acting to another level because it is fun to play different layers in this ‘friendship’ with the Evil Queen.  Meleficient and the Evil Queen have a long history together playing this game called chess.  This was Kristin’s first time acting in front of a green screen.

While on the set, Kristin did not know what to expect.  She said that Lana Parilla was extremely helpful and really enjoyed sharing most of the scenes together.  Kristin went on to say that, Lana was the best partner to work with.

Kristin has currently been booked for that one episode only so far.  However, she may return in future episodes to finish some uncompleted business.  She would have to balance the return of Season 5 True Blood, which is starting to film sometime in November.  The actress said she just received the first script for and is excited already.

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