Jamie Dornan Talks About Sheriff Graham’s Death

sheriff graham death
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RIP Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan), 2011-2011

Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye to our favorite television characters. We have seen it many times on LOST, Dexter etc. The last episode that aired, Episode 7, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter we see Regina Mills (Lana Parilla) squeeze the heart right out of our heartthrob Sheriff Graham / Huntsman (Jamie Dornan).

On the last episode, our Sheriff Graham said goodbye to Once Upon a Time on ABC. It was heartbreaking (no pun intended). Here is an interview with Jamie Dornan talking about his dearly departed character.

When you came onto the series, did you know that Sheriff Graham would be the first death?

Dornan: He did know when they started shooting. He went on to say it makes the experience odd because the cast become a family behind the scenes. At the beginning, the pilot, and waiting for the series to pick up is when he did not know about his character’s death. At the start, it was a bit of a shock, but they still had many episodes to shoot. He did say that he still wants to be involved in the show.

During the process, was it weird knowing you would be leaving eventually?

Dornan: It was strange because getting to bond with everyone while knowing this was coming. We were all together for four months and built great friendships together. In the back of his mind, it was weird to know this episode was coming. Then you just have to adjust accordingly. However, this may not be the last you see his face on the show. It is the last of Sheriff Graham.

So we still have hope seeing the Hunsman in Fairytale World?

Dornan: Yes, that topic has been definitely discussed. The fairy-tale character didn’t die. There still is so much that can happen.

Being on twitter, was it hard to keep the secret of Sheriff Graham’s death?

Dornan: This is the danger of Twitter when Josh Dallas, Ginny Goodwin and Jen Morrison are at a bar in Vancouver tweeting. He thought about accumulating many pictures of them for the next two months and use them accordingly. Like hey we are in Vancouver!

I am not as vocal on Twitter because people are not stupid. They start to put together there has not been a lot of chat about you. He said there has never been a moment where he had to keep a big secret like this. In London, no one even had a clue anyway.

The fairy tale counterpart had a lot of speculation for the fans. Did you know that would happen from the beginning? Did you find out that when the episode came or did you know from the beginning?

Dornan: He did know. Originally, he was meant to play someone else. It just didn’t end up happening because of rights or something like that. However, he did admit knowing early on because of production. It is easier to know sooner because you can start trying to practice the role and playing it into Storybrooke’s character.

It is a cool role to play the Hunstman. The only thing was Chris Hemsworth is playing the Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman. He looks like a proper man, and I look like a woman in drag.

Are you allowed to say who Graham’s fairy-tale counterpart was originally supposed to be?

Dornan: He did not know if he is allowed to reveal that. He did say it was impressive, a man that we all know who has adapted many times in television and film.

Robin Hood?

Dornan: You may be right!

Many people are upset about Graham’s death. It was cool about Regina squeezing the heart though.

Dornan: It is a little good and yet gruesome. Not many deaths end up like that. However, it is more excited than being shot in the arse or something. As far as TV deaths go, he was happy.



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