Executive Producers Talk About Season Finale * SPOILER*

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Read at your own risk. **Spoiler Alert**

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are the executive producers for the hit television series on ABC called Once Upon a Time. Entertainment Weekly sat down with them to discus a few questions that everyone has on their mind about the season finale, which is episode 22 called A Land Without Magic. Here is what the producers had to say:

Q: We see Henry goes is in a coma, will Emma and Regina team up for his support? What will happen between the two after this?

Kitsis: He said they would continue to be enemies at odds. At this moment, they have found a purpose for them to work together in the finale. However, it is an uneasy alliance. The rivalry between the two mothers will continue to boil just as we have seen since the beginning.

Horowitz: What he feels is interesting is that this affects everyone in a certain way. In this season, we have seen Henry bring Emma into Storybrooke, which touched everyone’s life in a meaningful way. Henry is a true believe and truly feels he can help the residents of Storybrooke. Now that he is in jeopardy, this has an affect on everyone now.

Q: What happens when Henry wakes up from the coma?

Horowitz: We cannot tell you that because it says he does wake up. At this point, it is still a mystery. All we can say is magic is completely unpredictable in the real world.

Q: As for Fairy Tale Land, what is happening to Snow? We saw her eat the poisonous apple and the gang finds her. What happens on this adventure?

Kitsis: Here, we are trying to fill a few blanks that have been open since the pilot. Also, we are trying to surprise you with parts of the story that you did not expect or know about.

Horowitz: What we can say is that last week focused on Snow White’s side of the story. The finale will go into Prince Charming’s side of the story now.

Q: We hear that the Huntsman (Jamie Dornan) will be making a reappearance. How will he play out in this story?

Horowitz: This is one of our favorite revealing points.

Kitsis: In order to not spoil it for everyone, all we have to say is having Jamie back in the finale was a very exciting experience and everyone was so happy to have him there. It was fun to create these scenes, and we can not wait to see what everyone thinks.

Q: Will the finale change the storyline at all? Is it going to be a real jaw dropper?

Horowitz: I really believe so.

Kitsis: We do not want to guess what the audience will think or how they are going to take it. We can talk about what is has done for us when creating the story. It is a big game change type of thing on how we approached it in the show.

Q: In the season finale, will Emma finally start to believe?

Horowitz: This question will be asked and explored.

Kitsis: We have really been building it up in the last couple of episodes. We have been exploring the nature of Storybrooke and Emma. This is what we will see intensify somewhat.

Horowitz: No question about if someone came up to you and said you are the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White and you are the savoir from a curse, you would think this person is crazy. For us, it was important for Emma to earn belief. There is frustration, but reality we will explore in the finale.

Kitsis: It is a difficult situation for Emma. In the real world, it would be difficult for anyone to believe this idea of fairy tales being reality. One of the aspects within the story line is we are excited the finale intensifying this on her.

Q: Regina had a dream that Storybrooke began turning on her. Was this just a dream of a foreshadow on what to expect?

Kitsis: This would definitely be a foreshadowing from the last episode. When you watch the finale and go back, it will make people go, “Ahhh.”

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