Eric Lange Joins OUAT as Prince Leopold

Eric Lange - Prince leopold

Announced today, Once Upon a Time just signed a new cast member from the infamous television show Lost. Once known as Stuart Radzinsky (Eric Lange), will now be known as young Prince Leopold on the second half of season three. In season one, we met King Leopold who is Snow White’s father. However, the executive producers feel that it is time for another flashback.

Lange will make his debut into season three during episode 18 called “Bleeding Through.”

When OUAT fans meet Prince Leopold, they will find out that this bachelor is ready and hopeful to find someone whom he can love and trust. This woman will be someone who could join his soon-to-be-inherited kingdom. However, Leo does not want to go the traditional way settling for an arranged marriage. However, he wants to uphold his family’s royal status and find a bride who he connects.

Many of the other Kings were not has humble and grounded like Prince Leopold. This explains a lot when you look at the Snow White and how she was raised. (Amazing person!)

In this episode, we will also see Rebecca Mader who is playing an iconic villain.


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