Episode 9: True North

Fairytale Land

Tonight’s story begins in the enchanted forest. We see a father chopping wood for his family. He has two children about 12 years of age named Hansel and Gretel. The father gives his daughter Gretel a compass. For a brief moment Gretel and her brother walk away. A moment later their father is missing. The children become frightened and set out to look for him. They are ambushed by knights. I emerge from my carriage and demand to know what they are doing in my forest.

The children give me a sob story about losing their father. I have no sympathy for them. I only see opportunity. I tell my guards to see them and the two children try and escape. It is a fruitless effort and I am enjoying tormenting them. I enchant some vines to retrain them. After toying with the children I tell them I admire their bravery and would be willing to help them find their father… if they would be willing to help me of course.

I am walking with the children and ask Gretel about her compass which is now broken. The children want to know what the task will be that I require. I lead them to the home of the Blind Witch. I explain that she has something in a black satchel that I need them to steal for me. Of course they ask me why I don’t just go and do it myself. I explain the house is enchanted but the magic does not affect children. If they get me what I want I will help them find their father. Before they leave me I give them a warning. I tell them no matter how tempting that they should not eat anything at the house. A gingerbread house is now seen.

Hansel and Gretel break into the Witch’s house by entering through her window. Once inside it looks like a candy shop. There are sweets arranged all over the place. Gretel reminds her brother of my warning not to eat anything. The Blind Witch is seen sleeping in her chair. Gretel spots the satchel and goes to retrieve it. Hansel ignores my warning and takes a bite of a huge chocolate cupcake topped with blue icing. Stupid boy. The Witch is now awake and can smell her unexpected guests. We now see a pile of human bones at her feet in front of what appears to be an oven. The children are unable to escape as the doors and windows close around them. The Witch is delighted and announces that she smells dinner.

The children do their best to dodge the Witch until they are trapped. She gleefully walks around telling them how succulent and delicious they will be. She finally grabs ahold of Gretel thinking she has Hansel. As she debates aloud about dressing her meal with gravy or butter Gretel manages to snatch the key to the cage from the Witch and tosses it to Hansel. He frees himself from his prison. The children overtake the Witch and she ends up in her own oven. They escape as she screams. I am enjoying the spectacle as I watch it through my magic Mirror at my castle. I say to her reflection I would have gone with gravy.

The children are now at my castle and present me with the satchel. I pull out a bright shiny red apple. I still cannot believe they managed to pull this off. Hansel is not impressed. I tell him this is more than an apple. It is a weapon against my enemy. Gretel reminds me of my promise to help them find their father. I turn to the children and tell them that they have impressed me so much I believe they deserve more than a father that would abandon them. I offer to reward them by keeping them as my own. I tell them of all the luxuries they can have by staying with me in my castle. Gretel will have none of this. The little girl tells me she wants her own father and would never want to live with someone awful like me. I raise my arms and create a purple smoke that surrounds them.

Later I am watching that awful Snow White in my Mirror. Now she is hanging around with dwarves. I am disgusted. My guards bring me a chained up prisoner. It is the father of Hansel and Gretel. I explain to him how I told him children that he abandoned them and even offered them a lavish lifestyle with me. I then tell him that even after my offer of such generosity they still chose him. I want him to tell me why that would be. His response is that they are a family and family will always find each other. I am curious about this and impressed with them. I decide to release him and tell him if he can find them then they can be together again.

Hansel and Gretel wake up outside in the forest. They realize that I have let them go. They are happy about this. They set off to find their father.


Henry is in the drug store. He meets two other children there. He and the girl are talking about comic books. The pharmacist suddenly bursts in and interrupts them. He accuses Henry of stealing from him. Henry is confused and says he did not. The pharmacist checks his bag and finds stolen candy. Henry is upset with the girl and says he now knows why she was talking to him.

I come to the pharmacy to squash this situation. I know Henry is not a thief. I see the Apollo candy bar. Although I know Henry does eat them I tell the pharmacist that my son does not eat candy and he needs to deal with the two children over there. Emma shows up. After a few not so nice exchanges of words I leave. Emma finds out that the two children gave a fake phone number for their parents. The girl tells Emma she lied because her parents cannot pay the phone bill.

Emma drops the children off at a house. She wants to come with them to the door but the girl begs her not to. As soon as she leaves the children switch directions. We see them go to a garbage dump and retrieve a bag. Then they go to a shed. From there they go in through a secret entrance way into a house. They are surprised to be greeted by Emma. The girl finally admits that they have no parents.

Emma takes the kids to Mary Margaret’s. The kids are eating. Mary Margaret reveals the identity of the children to be Nicholas and Ava. Emma persuades Mary Margaret to not call child protective services because she knows what it is like to be bounced around foster homes. She does not want them to suffer or be separated. Ava overhears and begs Emma to help them not get separated.

Emma goes for legal documents where she speaks with Mr. K. He gives her papers to sign so she may see these children’s birth certificates. He informs that their certificates are gone. Of course she immediately comes running to me. I tell her I think foster care would be the best option and have already made arrangements for them to go to a boy’s and girl’s home in Boston. I tell her she will be the one to deliver them. She is unhappy about this and tells me she doesn’t want them in foster care. I do not care.

Henry goes to see Emma at the police station. He has figured out the kids are Hansel and Gretel. He tells Emma their father must still be somewhere in town because no one can leave Storybrooke. Henry then asks Emma about his own father. Reluctantly she tells him a story. She tells him his father was training to be a firefighter and would come into the diner where she once worked as a waitress. They hung out and went their separate ways. She then tells him that she tried contacting him after she found out she was pregnant but he died saving a family from a burning house. He asks her is she has anything of his to remember him by. She tells him no but suddenly brightens up and tells him she has to go.

Emma returns to the children and shows them her baby blanket. She asks if they have anything of their father’s. Ava gives her the compass. They ask if she ever found her parents and she admits she has not.

Emma brings the compass to Gold’s shop. She asks if he can tell her anything about it. Gold tells her it came from his shop. He offers to check his records. Mr. Gold pulls a card out from a file and holds it. Emma asks his price. He tells her he wants forgiveness. She offers tolerance. He gives her a name. Once she leaves we see the card was blank.
Emma pays a visit to an auto mechanic. He is at work. He talks to her while working on a car. At first he says it is impossible that he has twins. She shows him the compass. Emma tries to reason with reminding him that these kids never asked to be brought into this world. She talks about herself and Henry. He will not budge. He walks off apologizing and telling her he would not be a good father.

Emma calls Mary Margaret and asks her to step outside. She tells her about the auto shop. She also admits to Mary Margaret she had lied to Henry about who his father was. I show up and remind Emma she needs to get those kids on the road.

The kids are in the car with Emma. As they are about to leave Henry runs up to the car. He reminds her that no one can leave Storybrooke without something bad happening. She tells him something bad has already happened. We watch them leave. As they are about to leave Storybrooke Emma’s car stalls. She calls for help on her cell phone.

As the mechanic pulls up Ava’s compass starts to move. He is the one driving the tow truck. He sees his children through the car window. Emma tells him he should see them even if just once. As he approaches the car he asks Emma if she is taking them to Boston. He then tells her she doesn’t have to take them. He goes to the car window to reunite with his children. Emma cries tears of joy.

Later Emma is home with Mary Margaret talking about how things worked out. Mary Margaret tells her not to give up on finding her own parents and there may be some circumstance. Emma tells her Henry theory of Mary Margaret being her mother. They laugh at this. Mary Margaret sees Emma’s baby blanket and admires it. She picks it up to smell it. She abruptly drops it and walks off.

Emma is outside with Henry by her police car. He has come to bring her a piece of pumpkin pie. He tells her he is happy she told him about his father. Suddenly a stranger on a motorcycle appears. He asks them to recommend a place where he can get a room. Emma suggests Granny’s Bed and Breakfast. She asks him name. He doesn’t give it and takes off. Emma looks to Henry and said she thought he told her strangers don’t come to Storybrooke. He tells her that they don’t…

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  1. I really hate to be so critical (well sometimes) but at the top of the page you have, written by Snow White. As I read through the recap though I notice that it had been written as to the effect of the Evil Queen as first person. So in turn does this mean that first Person Snow White has written said recap for the Evil Queen, thus making Snow White first first person, making the Evil Queen second first person. Or maybe who you actually are is first person, making Snow White second first person and the Evil Queen is third first person in the first sense, or maybe even Snow White is first person in the second sense, making who you really are as first person in the third sense, making the Evil Queen second person in the third… Well now I went and got confused and lost my place. So lets see here. EQ first sense in the third sense SW second sense in the first sense and who you are is… Ok I got it!!! Since don’t any of this make any sense and cents is money and since it really dosen’t matter in the first place or would that be first in the second place leaving!!! Oh well, I give up…..

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