Episode 9: ‘Save Henry’

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Fairy Tale Land

The curse begins to take over the Enchanted Forest. Before I start my new life I visit Rumpelstiltskin who is in a cage. He interrupts my gloating to ask me how it was to kill my own father. I try to ignore his taunts but he continues to mock me. Rumpel tells me that one day I will come to him begging to fill the hole in my heart.


Time has gone by and I feel unfulfilled. I meet with Archie Hopper and tell him I feel nothing. He mentions me feeling a hole and this angers me. Realizing Archie knows nothing of what Rumpel said to me years ago I tell him the happiest I had been was when little Owen had come to Storybrooke.

I visit Mr. Gold at his shop. I tell him I want a child and do not have the patience to sit on an adoption waiting list for two years. He agrees to help me while explaining being a parent means putting someone before yourself.

I leave Storybrooke and go an adoption agency. I am interviewed by a man who tells me my application was great. I am finally introduced to my child. I tell the man the boy’s name will be Henry after my father. I take Henry home. He never stops crying. Granny tries to offer me advice in the Diner but at first I believe she is mocking me. I finally listen and she suggests I read a story to Henry so he becomes familiar with my voice. Next I bring Henry to the hospital. Dr. Whale tells me there is nothing wrong. I find this hard to believe as the baby never stops crying. Whale tells me we will need to locate the birth mother for further testing if I believe he has medical problems. This is impossible as I had agreed to a closed adoption. Frustrated I see Mary and tells her to hold Henry. I call Sydney and tell him to somehow find out about the birth mother. I am shocked to turn around and see Henry relaxed and quiet in Mary’s arms. Once I take him back he cries again. I realize it is me.

At my house I receive a fax from Sydney. I am furious. I storm over to confront Mr. Gold. I tell him that I have found out Henry’s biological mother was found as a baby right outside Storybrooke eighteen years ago. I cannot tell from his reaction if he knows about the curse or that he is really Rumpelstilstkin. I keep hinting at it to get him to admit something and he does not. I am so angry and as I turn to leave I accuse him of trying to ruin everything I have built here. I tell him I am taking the baby back.

I return with Henry to Boston. The man from the agency tells me another family will take him. He leaves us alone for a few minutes and I tell baby Henry that he deserves better than me. Something inside me clicks. When the man returns I tell him Henry is my son and I am not going to give him up. Once we leave he tells the new family that I had changed my mind. The two people who had come to take the baby are Michael and John. They realize Pan will be angry.

Without being able to tell Archie what exactly is bothering me I tell him I am afraid someone out there will come along and mess everything up. He tells me I cannot live my life like that. I take Henry to my father’s tomb. As I create a potion I tell Henry the story of the Queen and the Prince who lived happily ever after. I drink a potion that will make me unafraid and forget my fears.


Peter Pan reveals to us that he is the father of Rumpelstiltskin who is now trapped in Pandora’s Box. Emma waves a sword at Pan that lightly catches him but he manages to take off. I cast a preservation spell over Henry’s body. I begin bickering with Neal and Emma. I finally burst into tears explaining that I have no one but Henry. Emma softens up and tells me I should run the show. I show her the blood on the sword and tell her Pan is weak right now and could be hurt or killed.

We find our group and come up with a plan. I see Felix and want to take his heart. Emma stops me and tells me she wants to reason with the Lost Boys. Emma talks to the Boys and tells them she relates to them. She promises to get them off the island. She tells them Pan has been lying and how he left Henry to die. Felix tells the Boys she is a liar but they warm up to Emma. The Lost Boys tell us we can find Pan at the Thinking Tree. Neal agrees to stay back and guard Henry.

I leave with Emma and Mary. We see Pandora’s Box. I warn Mary that this may be a trap set up by Pan but she is desperate as Rumpelstiltskin is David’s only way home. A trap is triggered and vines from the tree grab us. Pan tells us that he did not expect us to find him but the tree will hold us until he is strong again. He tries to break us by telling Emma that she abandoned her son and Mary that she abandoned Emma. He gets to me and it does not work. I point out how many people I have killed and hurt. I tell him I don’t care and I do what I need to do. With that I am able to snap the vines and free us. I reach into Pan’s chest and snatch out Henry’s heart. Pan falls to the ground and we leave him there. We return to the ship and I give Henry his heart back. At first Henry does not move but he finally wakes up. He hugs both Emma and I at the same time.

We leave Henry to rest but I later go to check on him. He is groggy. I cast a spell that no one can ever remove his heart again. I am happy when he tells me thank you and calls me mom. I leave him but do not realize Pan is in the room and has been waiting for me to leave. He corners Henry.

On the ship Rumpelstiltskin is released from Pandora’s Box. Neal hugs him. Neal asks why he never told anyone Pan is his father. He then tells Rumpel that he is nothing like Pan as he went to find him. Rumpel senses something is wrong. He walks in on Pan trying to steal Henry’s Shadow once he has realized he cannot take his heart. Rumpel uses Pandora’s Box to trap Pan’s body. He tells me Henry is fine and that I raised him well.

Neal unleashes Pan’s Shadow from the coconut. I use magic to merge the Shadow with the sales of the ship so it can fly. We begin to fly home. Mary feeds the Boys. David admits to Emma he is surprised at how everyone was able to work together. Wendy gives Tinkerbell pixie dust which Tinkerbell tells her she cannot use without her wings or magic. Wendy tells Tink that she believes in her. Tink makes her way to me and tells me she is surprised the Evil Queen in capable of loving someone. I chuckle at this and point out glowing pixie dust in her hand.

Henry offers Felix food. He refuses to eat. Henry then reveals to Felix that he is actually Pan and has switched bodies with Henry…..

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