Episode 10: ‘Fall’

Frozen - Fall - Episode 9


The spell breaks.  Anna and Kristoff thaw out.  She finds a straw of gold and figures out Rumpelstiltskin has the urn.  Hans and his men come in.  Hans declares himself king and arrests them.  Anna and Kristoff are able to escape.  In the woods Anna tells Kristoff about a pirate named Blackbeard.  She believes they can pay him off and get ahold of a Wishing Star to bring Elsa back.

Anna and Kristoff find Blackbeard and attempt to make a deal.  They do not know he has already made a deal with Hans who tells them they are going to their deaths.  Blackbeard tells Anna he met her mother and that she tried to use a Wishing Star but it only works for the pure of heart.

Blackbeard brings out a trunk.  He will lock Anna and Kristoff in this trunk to ensure mermaids do not find them and rescue them.  As they are about to be sealed in Anna learns from Hans that they have been frozen for 30 years.

Anna and Hans are thrown in the water to die.


Rumpel tells Ingrid she has won but he will hunt her down.  He offers to back off if he can leave Storybrooke with Belle and Henry.  She agrees.

We watch from the Clock Tower as the spell approaches.  Emma suggests we leave town.  We find we cannot.  The town is still trapped behind an icy wall.  David tries to pick at it.  The wall comes back with a force that knocks him over.  The ground opens and Anna’s necklace comes through.  Elsa takes it and exclaims it is a sign of hope Anna is close by.

Belle does research.  She tells Elsa and Anna that a counterspell can be made.  Elsa figures out that Anna must have been under a spell when she trapped her in the urn.  She gives Belle the necklace.  Belle finds fragments from the mirror in it.

Rumpel and Hook are in the dock.  Rumpel tells Hook he wants him to use the hat to trap the fairies so he can get enough power and flee.  Hooks is beside himself and reminds Rumpel his own grandson will be stuck here with the spell.  Rumpel tells him he will take Henry and Belle.

I see Robin and the Merry Men.  I am sad as I tell Robin I want to remember the way he is looking at me.  He kisses me.

Elsa and Emma take Anna’s enchanted necklace to find her.  They are led underground.  Elsa is excited as the necklace glows bright but Emma tells her it is unsafe to break the walls.

We find out from Belle that the fairies need the dust from the necklace.  Emma gives the bad news to Elsa.  The necklace needs to be destroyed for the good of the people.  Elsa clutches the necklace and enters an elevator.

Hook and Rumpel go the Diner where Belle works with the fairies to save the town. He tries to hide his frustrations as Belle tells him she cannot leave with him yet.  Hook hides.  Emma runs in and gives a pouch to Mother Superior.  I am angry when I see pebbles.  Emma realizes Elsa tricked them and heads back to the mines.

Elsa uses magic to blast a hole.  She and Emma walk through and end up on the beach.  They are confused.  Elsa tells the necklace she is sorry and she wishes Anna was there.  Suddenly they feel a force of magic.  A portal opens in the water and a trunk comes through.  It opens.  Anna and Kristoff emerge.  They realize the necklace is a Wishing Star.  As they reunite they do not see a message in a bottle emerge from the portal.

Rumpel is finally able to get Belle to leave with him.  Hook opens the hat and traps the fairies.  Mother Superior is last to be taken.  Hook hides when he hears Emma’s voice.  She believes the Snow Queen is responsible for this.

Rumpel tells Belle he will cast a protection spell. He seals her in the shop.  Hook gives him the hat and asks for his freedom.  Rumpel tells him not yet and to enjoy his last day alive.

David reunites with his old friends Kristoff and Anna.  He introduces them to his family.  They come to terms that they need to lock themselves up to protect themselves from each other.  Hook comes and tells Emma good bye.  She kisses him.  She then returns to her family to take her little brother from their mother.

I seal Henry in my office.  When I leave him Robin finds me and tells me he wants to be with me.  I tell him he needs to hide from me and I will seal myself in my vault.  I sadly leave Robin.

The spell approaches.  Emma, Anna and Elsa watch their loved ones imprison themselves.  David and Mary hold hands through jail cells.  The spell finally takes them.  David and Mary’s loving stares disappear into angry glares.

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