Episode 8: ‘Smash the Mirror’

smash the mirror - episode 8

A Long Time Ago…

The Snow Queen rides a white horse to a cavern. Once inside she freezes the hat and hides it. She then travels to Misthaven where she meets the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. He will not allow her to meet the Sorcerer. She tells the Apprentice she has the hat and will trade it back at a price. She wants another ‘sister’ born to give her back the happiness she had as a child. She tells him she is patient and willing to wait.

Elsa is setting up a grand food spread for Anna. Ingrid comes in and tells her that she has Anna locked away for bringing the hat back to try and take Elsa’s powers. She lies and tells her that Anna tried to use it on her. She tells Elsa how her mother had trapped her and that Anna is just like her. Elsa asks for a moment alone.

Elsa heads to the dungeon. The guards watch her confront her sister. She asks them to leave. Once gone she tells Anna that she believes her and lets her out. She has a plan to get Aunt Ingrid back into the urn.

Kristoff accompanies the sisters into a closed off part of the castle. He keeps watch while they search. Elsa comes across a broken mirror. Anna finds the urn along with her frozen ex-fiance.

Anna and Elsa hide from the guards. They come across a picture of their parents. Elsa asks Anna if Ingrid told the truth about them seeking a way to take away her magic. Anna admits that this is true but she believes if they could see Elsa now they would feel differently.

Anna is prepared to go back in her jail cell. She wants to be the one to use the urn so it does not accidentally capture Elsa. Once alone smoke comes out and turn into shackles. Ingrid is there and is disappointed that Elsa did not believe her lies but she has another plan. She asks Anna if she has read the story about a sad king who cast a spell over an entire kingdom so they may share his sadness. She tells Anna that she has been planning to use the broken mirror in the other room to do this but will instead use the Spell of Shattered Sight on her. Now Anna will see the ugliness in everything. She sends shards of glass into Anna’s eyes.

Anna is cold toward Elsa. She clutches the urn. Elsa is confused. Ingrid joins them and Elsa accuses her of casting a spell on Anna. She admits that she did but claims it is a spell to make Anna express her true feelings. Anna holds the urn threatening to open it. Ingrid urges Elsa to freeze her. Elsa does not and Anna traps Elsa in the urn. The spell over Anna breaks and she is appalled at what she has done. Ingrid freezes her and Kristoff as he enters the room. She proceeds to freeze the entire castle. Rumpelstiltskin arrives and tells her that he wants the hat she had. He takes the urn from her. Ingrid is upset. He tells her he will give it back once he has what he wants. Rumpel disappears.

Ingrid returns to the cavern to get the hat. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice tells her that the Sorcerer is prepared to make a deal. He warns if she summons the Dark One she will never get what she wants. He tells her in exchange for the hat he will open a portal that will lead her to the third magical sister who has not been born yet. He also promises she will reunite with Elsa. She agrees and hands over the hat. The door opens and the Snow Queen finds herself in a new world.


Emma finally gets herself out of the car. Henry finds her and refuses to leave. Unable to control her magic Emma knocks Henry down. His hands bleed. He finally leaves. Ingrid has been watching and tells her that she is on her side. Emma walks away from her.

I get dressed but Robin wants to keep kissing me. I tell him we cannot let this happen again. Although he says he knows he still keeps showing me his affections. I show him the book of Fairy Tales and explain my determination to find the author. I then make my way to Mary and David’s to bring them a locater potion.

Mary wants to continue looking for Emma. Everyone else needs a break. Henry comes home and tells them he found her and what happened.

Rumpel enters his shop and everything is moving on its own. Emma’s presence is obvious and he calls her out. She pleads with him to help her so she does not hurt Henry or anyone else. He shows her a scroll with ancient writing telling her he can take her magic away. He tells her that her type of magic is strong and can destroy the city trying to take it. They agree to meet at a remote area. Once Emma leaves Rumpel crumples the paper up.

Elsa comes from Henry’s room telling them she iced his hands to make them feel better. Mary gets a call from Emma. She quickly tells Mary she is going to get rid of her magic and everything will be good. She hangs up. Hook tells them he wants to check his phone which is in the car. Once in the hall he leaves Emma a message warning her not to do this.

Rumpel visits Ingrid. He sees her yellow ribbons out. He warns her if she tries to put one on Emma she will be disappointed. Ingrid realizes what he is up to and tries to freeze him but an invisible sphere now contains her. He tells her he has no problem double crossing her or Emma. He leaves her trapped.

Will pours a flask of rum into his coffee. He is joined by Robin. Robin has stolen the book of Fairy Tales and wants Will’s help to find out who wrote it. Will tells him that a long time ago the Clock Tower would not move and that there is a magical library underneath.

Mary looks at a picture with Emma. She is concerned over what Emma is doing. David tells her that this is Emma’s choice. They do not notice as Elsa slips out with the locater potion.

As I look at comics with Henry I ask him to open up to me about Emma. I heal his wound. He admits he feels useless because he is not magical. I tell him he has the heart of the truest believer and this is what makes him special.

Hook bursts into Gold’s Pawn Shop which is empty. He calls Emma’s phone again. This time he leaves a more detailed message explaining how Rumpel blackmailed him and Belle does not have the real dagger. He finds a map and runs out the door.

Ingrid cannot escape. She uses her Mirror to communicate with Emma. Emma sees her in the road and swerves to avoid hitting her. She falls unconscious. When Emma comes through she gets out of the car and sees Ingrid who warns her not to trust Rumpel. Emma realizes Ingrid is a hologram of herself and leaves anyway.

I find out that Emma is heading off to get rid of her magic. I am alarmed and tell this to Mary and David. They come to their senses and we are about to head out and find her. We see both Elsa and the potion are missing.

Emma arrives at the house. It is the same house Rumpel and Belle had their honeymoon at. She leaves her phone in the car. Hook continues trying to call her.

I walk with Mary. Henry and David are with us. We try to figure out where Emma may have gone. Mary tells me that she does not believe a book is stopping me from having a happy ending. She believes I lack hope and the patience to let things change.

Will and Robin search the library. Just when Robin has become frustrated a strange paper appears in his satchel. He calls me. He tells me I must come and see something at the library immediately. Mary tells me to go.

Emma is in the house. Rumpel activates the hat and leaves it in a room. He goes to Emma and tells her the spell is ready and all she has to do is go in. She asks him what he would do. He admits he is about power and would not but adds that she is different than him. Emma finally agrees she will go and he leaves her.

Outside Rumpel stops Hook from interfering. He uses magic to pin him to a fence.

Elsa has used the locater potion to find Emma. She enters the house and pleads with Emma not to do this. She tells her that the key to controlling magic also lies within the self. She tells Emma to accept herself. She extends her hand. Emma is afraid she will hurt Elsa but Elsa tells her she believes in her. Their hands join and Emma is able to control herself. In the other room the hat closes down.

Rumpel is disgusted Emma did not go through with it. He tells Hook he will take his heart and control him. Hook pleads but Rumpel snatches his heart out of his chest.

Hook runs in and kisses Emma. She senses something is not right but Hook tells her that he is just happy she kept her magic. Once she and Elsa go outside he retrieves the hat.
I make my way to the library to see what was of importance. Robin gives me a paper. It is a missing page from the book. It is of us kissing. I ask where it came from and he tells me it just appeared. He tells me it is proof I should have hope. We kiss.

Ingrid is finally free. She uses magic and the ribbons disappear. One is now around her wrist.

Emma joins her family outside. She is happy again and uses her magic to create fireworks. The happiness is short lived when she and Elsa realize yellow ribbons are on their wrists. They cannot get them off. They feel themselves being pulled.

Rumpel goes to Ingrid. She gloats as he looks angry. She tells him that this was what she needed. Emma has now embraced her magic and that is why they all have the ribbons. They have become a perfect match. She tells him that she can now cast her spell over Storybrooke. He leaves. The mirror shatters and a black fog comes out.

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