Episode 8: ‘Smash the Mirror’ Preview

Let’s get excited, folks. On Nov. 16, “Once Upon a Time” will air a two-hour special. It will start at 7 p.m. ET on the ABC Television Network.


The Snow Queen attempts to push Anna and Elsa against each other. However, she finds out that pushing their bond is more difficult than she believed. This encourages the Snow Queen to take things a step more dramatic.


Emma is having a hard time control her powers. She is afraid that she might hurt someone that she loves. This pushes her to avoid everyone that she cares about. However, she takes a visit to Mr. Gold.

She asks him for help to get the powers under control. Mr. Gold explains to her that she could get rid of her powers completely. Hook finds out and he attempts to stop Emma from losing her powers.

While this is all happening, Regina is still trying to figure out who the author of the storybook is. However, her journey takes her on a path that she does not expect.

As for Robin Hood, he meets up with Will Scarlet. Robin is on a mission with Mary Margaret and David. Robin asks Will to help them find Emma.

“Once Upon a Time” Stars


Actor Character
Ginnifer Goodwin Snow White/Mary Margaret
Jennifer Morrison Emma Swan
Lana Parrilla Evil Queen/Regina
Josh Dallas Prince Charming/David Nolan
Emilie de Ravin Belle
Colin O’Donoghue Hook
Jared S. Gilmore Henry
Michael Socha Will Scarlet
Robert Carlyle Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold


Guest Stars


Actor Character
Georgina Haig Elsa
Elizabeth Lail Anna
Scott Michael Foster Kristoff
Timothy Webber Apprentice
Raf Rogers Arendelle Servant
Lee Page Arendelle Guard #1
Patrick Roccas Arendelle Guard #2
Sean Maguire Robin Hood
Elizabeth Mitchell Ingrid/Snow Queen


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