Episode 8: Into the Deep

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Henry wakes up. He is excited to tell David that he has spoken to Aurora. Mary and Emma are alive. I am also there with them. Henry tells me that it is my mother Cora who stands in the way of their return.

Granny serves hamburgers to Mr. Gold and Belle. The two are on a date that I storm into the Diner and interrupt. At first Gold tries to get me to leave but I insist I must speak to him. Granny tries to shut the Diner down but I assure her Gold and I are civil. I tell Gold that Cora is trying to come to Storybrooke. Belle listens and finally asks who Cora is. Gold assures her that she will never have to meet her.

I tuck Henry in. We are in Gold’s shop. Both Gold and David are with us. Gold assures Henry that he is more powerful than Cora but I am not so sure. David is reluctant to let Henry go into a deep sleep and return to the Netherworld but Henry insists he must do this. Gold sits down next to Henry and places a hand over his head. He tells him a story about the time that Cinderella’s men had captured them. He explains to Henry that they were able to do this with the ink that was in the quill. He tells Henry that more ink can be found in his old jail cell.

Henry wakes up and tells us that he saw Aurora but he could not get the message to her. He fears something bad has happened as Aurora left him very suddenly. His hand is badly burnt.

Gold uses magic to heal Henry’s hand. Gold explains that the injury must have occurred when Aurora was suddenly removed from the burning room. David does not want to send Henry back and I have to agree with him. Gold warns us that if we do not send Henry back Cora will find her way to us. David comes up with an idea that he should go instead. He believes that Mary will find him in the Netherworld.

I am working on the sleeping spell for David. Henry comes in to observe what I am doing. He tells me that the spell has a strange smell to it. He then asks me if I have been using magic. I promise him that I have not except with Daniel and right now at David’s request. He assures me it is okay because I am using magic to help people. He then expresses concern for David and I assure him the spell will just make David sleep. Henry wants to go back but I tell him it is one thing that David and I both agree upon.

Gold will use a spindle to prick David’s finger. Henry hugs David and David assures him that everything will work out. David has faith that Mary/Snow will always find him. Henry gives David the necklace for protection. Gold explains to David that the only ones who go to the burning room are the ones who have already woken up from a sleeping spell. He tells him that he will have to find the room on his own. David allows the spindle to prick his finger. He falls asleep.

Later Henry is concerned when David has not yet woken up. I assure him that David is probably catching up with Mary.

Modern Day Fairy Tale Land

Killian/Hook makes it down the beanstalk to be greeted by a displeased Cora. She is angry over his betrayal. He admits to Cora that he was swayed by Emma but it will never happen again. When Cora does not buy his story he acts flirtatious but she does not fall for it. Cora leaves him and disappears in

Cora arrives at her own vault. She opens a drawer and removes a heart. The then blows on the heart causing it to glow and other drawers to open. The drawers also glow. Cora walks outside holding the heart and mutters, “Rise.” Dead soldiers wake up as Cora creates her own army of zombies.

Emma shows Aurora a picture of Henry. Aurora confirms that this was the boy she met in the Netherworld. Mary then admits that she has been in that room before. She also believes that if they can communicate with Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin he can help them. Aurora goes to sleep and introduces
herself to Henry. They speak through the flames of the burning room and she tells him that Emma and Mary are alive.

The four women go to the woods. Mulan speaks to Aurora privately. She notices that Aurora’s arm is burnt. Aurora insists that she wants to do this and help them.

Mary assures Emma that somehow this will all work out. Aurora goes back to sleep. She and Henry try to speak but they cannot hear each other. There is a strange noise that sounds like groaning. Aurora is confused and suddenly is sucked out of the room. She wakes up to see that Mulan, Mary and Emma are
battling the living dead. Mulan and Aurora become separated from Mary and Emma. Once Mulan has fought off her attackers she finds Emma and Mary. She is frantic and tells them that Aurora has been taken.

Aurora is in the pit. Cora comes down to see her and offers her stew. Aurora tells her she will not eat and believes it is poison. Cora tells Aurora that she plans to use her as a trade for the compass. Aurora does not believe that the women will give the compass up for her but Cora assures her that Mary and Emma are the type that will. Cora then mocks Aurora asking if she believed that they would take her to the other world. Cora then tries to appeal to Aurora by hinting she can bring Philip back. Aurora has finally had enough and tosses the stew at Cora. Cora uses magic to knock her out.

Cora’s crow finds the three women. Mary understands the crow’s message from Cora. If they don’t hand over the compass Cora will kill Aurora. This creates an argument. Mulan wants to give her the compass as she promised Philip that she would protect Aurora. Mary promises that it will not be
necessary. She tells Mulan that she will go to the Netherworld in Aurora’s place to meet with Henry. She just needs to get into a deep enough sleep. Mary tells Mulan they will need to make more poppy powder.

Emma realizes that Mary is nervous. She asks her about the Netherworld. Mary describes it as a desperate place where you believe you will never see your loved ones again. Emma expresses her guilt over not believing Henry. Mary tells her that blame is unnecessary but Emma mutters to herself that
she still blames me for all of this.

Hook wakes Aurora up. She is frightened to see him. He tells her he is angry at Cora so he is setting her free. He tells Aurora to deliver a message to Emma that he still wants to go to Storybrooke and to help her.

The women find the poppies. They crush them into a powder. Emma holds Mary’s hand as Mulan blows poppy powder into her face.

In the Netherworld David finds himself in a room of mirrors. There is a torch that he carries to find his way. He begins calling out for Snow and does not get an answer. Mary is in the burning room at the same time calling out for Henry. David realizes that the necklace is glowing. He holds it in front of him believing it will help him find his way. The necklace becomes too hot to hold and David drops it. He cannot pick it up but suddenly realizes that he is on top of the burning room. He breaks the floor and falls through. Once inside he is reunited with Mary. He explains to Mary that he did not believe it was safe for Henry to come back. He quickly explains to Mary what Gold told him about the ink. Mary questions how he was able to get to the Netherworld. He admits he is under a sleeping spell. David/Charming jumps through the flames so that Mary can give him true love’s kiss and wake him. As they try to embrace they realize that they are not really there. Their bodies go through each other like ghosts. Mary begins to fade and tells him that she is waking up. He assures her that it will work out and she will wake him once she is home.

Mary wakes up frantic. She tells Emma what happened and wants to go back to sleep. The thought of David being alone there is awful for her. Once she has calmed down she tells Emma the instructions David gave her about the ink. They realize that Mulan has taken off with the compass.

Cora is angry to come back to the pit and see Aurora gone. Hook has stayed behind. An angry Cora traps him against the wall. She wants to kill him. He tells her to check his satchel as he has something for her. Cora opens Hook’s satchel and looks surprised. She asks him if it what she thinks it is.

Mary uses arrows to trap Mulan. The two argue and Aurora arrives before anything happens. Emma is shocked to see her. She explains that Hook let her go and has a message for Emma. As Aurora speaks and delivers the message the women do not realize that she is being controlled by Cora. Cora is speaking into a glowing heart and using it to control Aurora. She hears the women’s plan and knows everything. Hook promises he will help her get the compass.

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