Episode 7: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Fairy Tale Land

I am back at the castle in Fairy tale Land as the Evil Queen.  Snow White is in tears and places a rose over the coffin of her father.  I walk over to her and we embrace.  I tell her how much his death hurts me as a wife, and I can only imagine the pain she feels as a daughter.  I assured Snow I am there for her.

Later, with my mirror, he congratulates and comments on my vengeance are almost complete.  This is where it is discovered that I am responsible for my husband’s death, and Snow does not suspect a thing.

I tell the Mirror how wretched Snow White is, and that her end must be carried out carefully.  I need a killer who does not adore her, as most of the kingdom does.  The Mirror suggests I find a huntsman for such a task.

In the forest, the Huntsman (Sheriff Graham) in Storybrooke, is seen taking down a deer.  As he approaches it, he is apologizing for taking its life.  The deer is intended to be dinner for the Huntsman’s wolf companion.

The Huntsman later enters a pub with his wolf.  Some men start harassing him over the wolf.  One man remarks how wolves raised the Huntsman.  Another asks what sort of man cries over animals.  To this, the Huntsman replies that animals, unlike people, are pure of heart.

The wolf does not like the man, and the man threatens the wolf.  The Huntsman ends up killing him.  Back at my castle, I witness this spectacle through the Mirror and become delighted.  I believe I have found myself a Huntsman.

The Huntsman is now at my castle.  I ask him if he has a name and he is unresponsive.  Once we are talking, it comes out that his parents had abandoned him, and he confirms wolves raised him.  I tell him my philosophy “I always felt there were two kinds of people–Wolves and sheep.  Those who kill and those who get killed.”

I need a wolf, and I he is it.  I make an offer that he will kill for me, and I will give him a place in my court.  At first he declines, telling me he does not wish to be my pet.  I explain that the kingdom loves my target, and I am willing to give him anything to have her heart ripped out then brought to me.

I ask again, what he would want.  He tells me he wants protection for the wolves.

Snow White is now seen walking in the forest with the Huntsman who is dressed as a knight.  They stop walking and she pulls out apples.  She offers him one, which he does not take.

Snow then tells him that she knows he is not one of her father’s knights because he has not offered any condolence for her father’s death.  She also informs he is not wearing his armor right.  She knows he has come to kill her on my behalf.  He confirmed the suspicion.

At that moment, Snow manages to attack him and escape.  The Huntsman finds Snow White sitting in the forest writing.  He tells her he does not understand why she stopped.

She tells him that she has written a letter to me, and wants to make sure he gives it to me after she dies.  He takes the letter from her, and silently reads its content.  The look on his face shows he is having second thoughts about killing her.

He raises his blade as Snow closes her eyes expecting the end.  Instead of stabbing her, he uses the blade to create a whistle out of a plant.  He gives her the whistle and tells her to use it is she gets into trouble.  He commands her to leave now and she runs off.

A knight is now escorting the Huntsman into my vault.  I am excited to see him expecting Snow White to be dead.  I eagerly ask if he has carried out my wish.  He surprises me when he hands me a letter.

I have no interest in the letter but want her heart.  I command him to read it to me.  The letter turns out to be an apology.  Snow White is apologizing to me because she has made it, so I will never have love in my life.

She hopes her death will satisfy me, and I will be able to take good care of the people.  The letter makes me mad, and I still do not feel bad for her.  The Huntsman questions how I could still feel this way about her after this letter.  He has no idea!

I tell him that I once shared a secret with her, and she betrayed me with it.  He presents a heart to me that I hold in my hand for a moment to take in.  I placed it in a wooden box and walk over the wall, which is a series of small drawers.  I hold it in front of the wall expecting the wall to open.

It does not and at this point, I am furious because I know this cannot possibly be the heart of Snow White.  I scream at him and accuse him of bringing me the heart of an animal.

The doors close behind us, and he cannot escape me.  I approach the Huntsman.  As I corner him, I reach into his chest and pull out his heart.  It glows bright red in my hand as I show it to him.  I lean in and kiss him hard on the mouth.  I quickly pull back still clutching his heart.  I tell him his heart belongs to me and so does he.

He will be my pet.  He will do whatever I want.  I begin squeezing his heart and watching as he writhes in pain.  I tell him he will never try to leave me or disobey.

Sheriff Graham Dart
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We see a dart hit a deer.  It’s Sheriff Graham at Granny’s Diner actually throwing darts at a dart board.  Emma arrives.  Graham throws a dart at the wall that nearly misses her.

She is annoyed at this, and he tells her he never misses.  He assures her that he would have not hit her.  He then tries to confront her over being upset about seeing him leave my house the other night.

They end up outside.  He tells her he has no feelings for me and kisses Emma.  As Sheriff Graham kisses Emma, he sees a wolf.  Emma pulls away.  Graham tells her that he has no feelings, and wants to feel something.  She walks off.

After being rejected by Emma, Graham shows up at my house.  When I answer the door, he asks if Henry is asleep.  I am surprised and tell him yes.  Graham pushes his way in and passionately kisses me.

I let Graham spend the night, which is something I do not normally do.  He has all sorts of dreams and they wake him up.  He tells me he had a dream of a wolf with one red eye and one black eye.  I kiss him and remind him it is only a dream, and he should go back to sleep.

He said, “It didn’t feel like a dream.  It felt like a memory.”  Then he gets out of my bed and gets dressed to leave.  I did my best to persuade him to come back, but he did not want to hear it.  He left my house.

Sheriff Graham Wolf
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As Graham is in front of his police car, he fumbles with his keys and drops them.  He sits on the ground in disbelief as he sees the same wolf from his dream.  The wolf turns the corner and leaves.

Mary Margaret’s Apartment

Emma tosses flowers in the garbage at Mary Margaret’s apartment.  They begin discussing David.  Mary Margaret had a one-night stand with Dr. Whale.  Mary Margaret explains that she did this to forget about David, and begins to regrets it.

Mary Margaret tells Emma it is not her thing to do.  Emma says there is nothing wrong with it, and gets offended when Mary Margaret tells her she does it to protect herself from real feelings.  She says to Emma that it may protect her from hurt but it may also stop her from finding love.  Then goes on about how Emma puts up a wall automatically.

Mary Margaret tells Emma she should let her guard down with Graham.

Storybrooke’s Forest

Sheriff Graham is roaming the forest, and he runs into Mr. Gold who is gardening.  Sheriff Graham tells Mr. Gold that he saw a wolf, and is looking for it.

Mr. Gold tells him there are no wolves in Storybrooke, and he has not seen anything.  Graham tells Mr. Gold about the strange dreams.  Mr. Gold tells Graham that dreams are sometimes memories of a past life.  What is he thinking?

Mr. Gold wishes Graham well and continues gardening. 

Sheriff Graham finds the wolf.  He angrily asks it what it wants.  The wolf whimpers and turns to leave.  Graham calls it back.

To his surprise, the wolf comes back and acts as though they are companions.  Graham is flooded by more flashbacks, and the wolf is gone.

Mary Margaret’s Classroom

Sheriff Graham goes to Mary Margaret’s classroom.  They sit down to talk, and she can see something is wrong.

He tells her that they know each other from another life.  He then begins questioning her.  He asks her to remind him how they met each other.  She does not remember.

He points out that he has no memory of how he met anyone in Storybrooke.  She suggests that over time memories may become hazy.  He asks her what she thinks of past lives.

Mary Margaret asks him if he has been talking to Henry about the book of fairy tales.  He tells her he has not.  Mary Margaret touches Sheriff Graham’s head and tells him he is running a fever and really should go and rest.

He tells her he is sorry for disturbing her and leaves.

Police Station

Emma is at the police station playing darts.  I show up and make a snide remark about her work time management skills.  Emma comes out and tells me that she knows about Graham and me.  I tell her I am glad she knows.  Then I told her I am aware of her and Graham as well.

She denies anything is going on between them.  I tell her she needs to stay away from Graham and that she is just leading him to self-destruction.  She looks at me like I am crazy, but I do not care.  I turn and leave.

Sheriff Graham & Henry - Huntsman
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Regina & Henry’s Home

Graham is at my house, but I am not home.  Henry opens the door, and tells him I am out.  Sheriff told Henry he wanted to see him.  Henry is confused until Graham mentions the book of fairy tales.  Sheriff Graham said, “It’s about your book.  Am I in it?”

Henry and Graham go through the book as Henry asks him questions.  He admits the memories came after kissing Emma, which surprises Henry.  Henry figures out that he is the Huntsman, and explains the wolf is his guide.  He explains to Graham that there is a connection between him and Emma because he made her life possible.

Graham does not understand.  Henry goes on to explain that by sparing Snow White’s life he made Emma’s life possible.  They also uncover that the reason Graham cannot feel is that the Queen later ripped his heart out.

In the book, they come to a page where I am the Evil Queen, and in front of my vault.  Graham recognizes the vault from his dreams.  This is where his heart is.

Storybrooke Streets

Graham and Emma are seen together in the street.  He tells her the only person around here making any sense is Henry.  She tells him this is crazy.  He keeps telling her he needs to get his heart back.

At first, she thinks this is a metaphor and then realizes that he is serious.  Emma places her hand over his heart, and tells him that he does have a heart and she can feel it beat.  Emma took Sheriff Grahams hand and placed it over his heart.  This was to reassure him of a heartbeat.

Henry Mills’ Grave (Regina’s Father)

Emma follows Sheriff Graham and the wolf.  The wolf led everyone to a vaulted grave in the cemetery.  Graham tells Emma he knows his heart is in there.  Emma tries to stop him from going in the vault.

He will not listen.  She decides to go in with him.  Inside the vault, he is searching for a trap door.  Emma was insisting there is nothing in the room.  I show up and ask what they are doing.

Emma shoots back by asking me what I am doing there.  Not that I need to explain myself, but I told Emma how this is where I go every Wednesday to place flowers on my father’s grave.  I look over at Graham and tell him he does not look well.  I ask him to come home with me to rest.  He tells me he doesn’t want to leave with me.

Now, I am angry.  I ask it if it because he plans to leave me for her.  Graham tells me he is leaving me because of himself.  Then further humiliates me in front of Emma by saying he would rather feel nothing than settle.  Very nice.

I turn to Emma and tell her that she has been the cause of all the recent pain in my life.  Emma comes back by throwing it in my face that both Henry and Graham sought her out.  She says I should look at myself because I make everyone unhappy.  I am livid and I hit Emma.

This erupts into a physical fight.  Graham comes between us and breaks it up.  She says I am not worth it.  Emma goes to leave, and I try to use the opportunity to talk to Graham.  He is done with me.  He leaves to follow Emma.

Back at the Police Station

Graham is in his office with Emma.  They have a first aid kit out, and he gives her an ice pack for her head.  He is still apologizing.

Back the police station Graham is still taking care of Emma.  This leads to a kiss.  They continue kissing and he again begins to remember everything about who he really is.

He tells Emma that he remembers.

Cemetery Vault

In the vault, I go the grave of Henry Mills—my father.  I place flowers upon it.  I then move the lid, and reveal the grave is actually a staircase.  I begin walking down it and end up in front of the wall made of small drawers.  I open the drawer where Graham’s heart is and take it out.

While Graham and Emma are at the police station, her thanks her.  He leans in to kiss her again but before he does, I am crushing his heart to dust.  I told him he would be mine forever or there would be a price.  Graham collapses on the floor as Emma tries to help him.  There is no use.  I have destroyed him.

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