Episode 7: ‘Dark Hollow’

Belle - Ariel

Storybrooke (5 Days Ago)

Flashback to the day we saved Storybrooke and Henry was kidnapped. Mr. Gold tells his beloved Belle he may end up dead saving his grandson. They kiss. Gold boards the ship and Belle watches it go through a portal to Neverland. Moments later she is greeted by the residents including the Dwarfs and Archie Hopper. Everyone is excited until they see a tearful Belle. Belle brings everyone up to speed on what happened with Henry and the rescue mission to Neverland. She shows them something Gold had given her. Mother Superior recognizes this as a cloaking spell. She asks Belle why Mr. Gold would give her such a thing. Belle tells her that Gold warned that others may be coming.

The residents head to the mines. The dwarfs begin using their axes hitting the walls. They find a good area to use fairy dust. Belle asks Mother Superior if she would like to do the spell. Mother Superior tells her it should be her as Gold trusted her to do it. Belle casts the spell and gold cloud emerges.

Two men are in a car racing to get into Storybrooke. They hardly make it in before the spell is cast. Part of their car fell off at the border.

Storybrooke (Present)

The dwarfs eat sandwiches. One remarks how peaceful it is without Snow and Charming around. As Grumpy defends them he is distracted by a woman in the water. Everyone walks to the water and she tells them she is Ariel. Ariel uses the bracelet for legs and exits the water. She tells them she is looking for Belle. Meanwhile everyone is being watched by binoculars. The two new strangers in Storybrook remark they must notify Pan and find out why this woman is here and make sure she never leaves.

Belle sits at the Diner but is too sad to eat. Archie joins her. She tells him she is useless for the situation. She is interrupted by Grumpy who introduces her to Ariel. They go to Gold’s shop. At the shop Ariel gives Belle a sand dollar. The sand dollar delivers an image of Mr. Gold giving her a cryptic message. She needs to find a hidden object and it can be used to save him from destroying himself while destroying Pan.
Ariel is mesmerized by all the objects in the shop. She finds one of the buttons that was on Eric’s jacket the day she rescued him. She tells Belle about him. Gold’s message told Belle she would find a hidden space with the strength of their love. She finds the chipped tea cup and opens a cabinet to find its saucer. Once placed upon it a light emerges leading them to a secret space. Belle opens it and finds Pandora’s Box. They are interrupted by Pan’s spies who hold them at gun point. The men admit they work for Peter Pan.

Belle and Ariel are left tied up. The men leave with the box. Belle gets an idea. She has Ariel transform her legs back into a fin so they can escape. The plan works. Once free they head to the mines believing the men would take the box there to destroy it. They get to the mines and Belle releases a cart to knock them away from the box. Once Belle retrieves the box the men plead with her. They explain they are forced to work for Pan as he holds their sister prisoner. He tells her they should have died years ago and Pan keeps them all alive. Belle assures them that by helping Rumpelstiltskin they will also be saving their sister.

Ariel and Belle head to the water. She tells Ariel good luck and to deliver a message to Rumpel.


Rumpelstiltskin and I explain to Ariel what needs to be done. She will be expected to get into Storybrooke and seek out Belle. Rumpel gives something to Ariel to take back. Ariel asks of Eric. I tell her that she will do this for us first and then I will help her.
Pan tells Felix that he can sense someone made it off the island. He tells Felix he will notify his henchmen on the outside. He then tells him they will need to talk to their friend in the cage.

Neal forms a plan. They need the Shadow to get them off the island. He believes they can catch Pan’s Shadow as it is never with him.
David is upset that Mary will not speak to him. Mary goes to Emma who she warns to be careful of this triangle with Neal and Hook.
Pan tries to manipulate Henry. Henry has had enough and goes off into the forest.

Hook, Neal and Emma leave to capture the Shadow. They search for the Neal’s coconut as a boy. Emma leaves Neal with Hook for a moment. Hook takes the opportunity to make Neal think there is something going on with him and Emma and that they kissed. Neal is surprised but keeps his composure. Emma returns and senses something is off with Neal. They seek a place on the island called Dark Hallow.
Henry watches the Lost Boys. He does not think they know where he is. He hears them making a plan.

Emma gives Neal his sword back. Hook chimes in that he was the one who gave it to Emma. Neal is annoyed and Hook tells him that it was for Emma to have something to remember him by. Hook admits to Emma that he told Neal about the kiss. When Neal is out of hearing range he tells her when this is over she will have to choose between them. Neal returns to let them know he found a path. They enter Dark Hallow which is where Pan’s victims are.

David and Mary search for Tinkerbell. They finally have it out. Mary tells David she would stay in Neverland forever to be with him.
Neal explains they must light the coconut. This will attract the Shadow and they can capture it. He has a lighter. Unable to light the coconut Hook tries to step in. A struggle erupts causing them to lose the lighter. Suddenly they are ambushed by several Shadows. The Shadows pin Neal and Hook trying to rip their shadows out. Using magic Emma lights the coconut and saves them. Neal asks how she did it and Emma admits she has been learning from me.

Pan opens the cage. His prisoner is revealed to be Wendy Darling. Henry finds a bag on the ground. He hears coughing and follows stairs into a tree house. He finds a room made up like a child’s bedroom and sees a girl laying in bed. The girl warns Henry to leave claiming she has become ill because the island is losing its magic. She tells him her name is Wendy and immediately he knows who she is. Wendy tells Henry he looks like Baelfire. Henry leaves but promises to come back for her. Once he is gone Pan emerges and commends Wendy on the good show. She tells Pan she did not like lying to Henry. Pan tells her he needs Henry to believe in him and it is time for her to go back to the cage.

Emma chastises Hook and Neal over the lighter. They find Mary and David with Tinkerbell. Neal presents the coconut with the trapped Shadow.
Henry runs into Pan in the woods. Pan’s plan to make Henry think his disappearances into the jungle are about Wendy and not Henry’s family. He finally agrees to help Pan who leads him to Skull Rock.

Ariel comes back to meet Rumpel and myself. I am glad because he has been making me feel bad asking if I am jealous I don’t have a love. Anyhow, she has something for us. I enchant the bracelet as her reward and tell her now it will give her legs anytime she wants. Before she leaves Ariel tells us they met two boys in Storybrook who they made a promise to. She tells us we must save their sister Wendy.

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