Episode 7: Child of the Moon

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Fairy Tale Land

Snow White runs with Red through a forest. They are trying to get away from the knights who are chasing them down. They find an area to crouch down and Red becomes alarmed realizing her red cloak has ripped. She pleads with Snow to leave her for the night for her own safety. They agree to meet up the next day. Red does not see a man with glowing eyes watching her.

Red wakes up the next day next to a spring. She takes off her cloak and goes to get some water. The man who had been watching her snatches up her cloak. Red panics but chases him. The man holds her cloak in one hand a torch in the other. He tells her he knows what she is. Red manages to tackle him. She finds out that he too is a wolf and his name is Quinn. Quinn tells her he can help her. Reluctantly she follows him underground. Red sees other people and asks Quinn if they too are wolves. She finds out that they are but he has brought her there for Anita. Just as Red asks who Anita is the woman appears and tells Red that she is her mother.

Anita explains to Red that her Grandmother stole her and made up the story about Anita being dead. Grandmother is ashamed of the wolf side but Anita says it is nothing to be ashamed of but instead should be embraced. She will teach Red how to control it. Once Red learns to control the wolf she will not lose consciousness trying to fight it. Red removes her cloak as instructed by her mother and they hug.

A pack of wolves are seen running. While they run Anita’s voice is heard explaining to Red that she must give in to the wolf. Red wakes up and finds her new pack surrounding her in human form. She tells them that she is no longer afraid.

Snow tracks Red to the pack. Once inside she is attacked by Quinn. Red stops him and tells him Snow is her friend. Red brings Snow up to speed but tells her that she will not be leaving with her as planned. Snow is disappointed but understands. She would give anything to be with her mother if she could. As Snow is about to leave the knights come in. They have followed Snow to the pack. Quinn is shot with an arrow.

The wolves easily defeat the knights. Red tearfully announces Quinn has died. Anita is furious and blames Snow for bringing the knights to them. Red defends Snow reminding her mother that this was not Snow’s intention. Anita does not care.

She wants Snow tied up and for Red to be the one to kill her. Red refuses and Anita says that she will do it herself. Anita transforms into a white wolf and approaches Snow. Before Anita can attack Red transforms and knocks Anita away.

Snow quickly grabs Red’s cloak and throws it on her. Red becomes human again and sees that in the struggle Anita landed on the arrow. Anita is dying. Red tells Anita how sorry she is but Anita tells her that she chose Snow over them.

Red stands over her mother’s grave to say goodbye. Snow is with her. She tells Snow that her mother wanted her to be a wolf and her grandmother wanted her to be human. Snow is the only one who accepts her as both. They leave together.


The dwarfs work hard in the mine. Happy wants to take a break but Leroy/Grumpy refuses to stop. He finally plucks a hole in the wall and falls in. David gets news of this and comes to the mine. He is with other residents. The dwarfs have found diamonds. These are the diamonds that will be used to make fairy dust to bring Emma and Mary home.

Everyone celebrates with beer at the Diner. Ruby seems distracted. A man approaches her and introduces himself. He tells her he is Billy but in the other world he was a mouse in Cinderella’s castle. He wants to get to know her better and go out sometime. Ruby tries putting him off and is assisted by Belle. Belle tells Billy that they have plans.

David finds Henry having coffee at the Diner. He asks Henry if he is it using it to stay awake. He tells Henry to go get some cocoa instead. As Henry leaves King George/Spencer sits down. He warns David that he is still after him and that David should have killed him while he had the chance.
David enters the kitchen and finds Granny welding a cage. He is confused. The cage is for Ruby. Ruby tells David that now that the curse is broken she is afraid the wolf will come out and hurt someone during the full moon. She tells him that her red cloak is missing.

The next morning Granny arrives at the Diner. The first thing she does is go to let Ruby out of the cage. Granny finds Ruby missing. It looks as though the cage was opened by an animal.

Henry is in a nightmare. He is surrounded by fire. He notices someone else is with him and can hardly see her through the flames. I wake him up and he is surprised to see me. I tell him David sent me. Just then I see a burn mark on Henry’s hand.

Granny and David find Ruby asleep in the forest. Ruby is alarmed that she has no memory of the night before. David assures her that nothing happened. His cell phone rings. Someone is calling him about a truck. He tells the women that he needs to check this out and reassures Ruby that everything will be fine. Ruby goes with David. They come upon the truck and Ruby realizes this is the truck that belongs to Billy. They find Billy dead. Ruby believes that she is responsible.

Concerned about the burn on Henry’s hand I take him to see Mr. Gold. Gold opens a case of bottles. He explains to Henry that victims of sleeping spells sometimes go back to the other world while sleeping. He tells Henry that he needs to learn to control it.

He pours liquid into a small bottle and presents it to Henry as a necklace. He instructs him to wear it when he sleeps. I ask Gold what he wants in return knowing that with Gold there always is a price. I am a little surprised when Gold tells me there is no charge. He tells me he is doing this for Henry and not so much for me.

David still does not believe that Ruby could have hurt Billy. She pleads with him to lock her up as tonight is a second full moon. David agrees and takes her to the jail cell. Spencer arrives and tells David that the townspeople will be angry when they find out that David is helping Ruby.

He believes it should be up to the people to decide what to do with her. David tells Spencer he will go through him trying to get to her.
Spencer rouses the town. People stand with him outside the sheriff’s office. Spencer has the lock cut and enters. The cell is empty. Ruby has been moved to the library. She is with Belle, David and Granny.

Ruby pleads with Belle to chain her once they are alone. Belle refuses. She tells her that she too sees the good in her and will stay by her side. Ruby tricks Belle and instead chains her. She tells Belle she is sorry but she has done wrong and deserves to be punished.

Granny helps David figure out what really happened to Billy. She smells Billy’s shirt and leads David to a car trunk. They open the trunk and find Ruby’s missing cloak. David goes to the front of the vehicle and smashes the window. Inside he finds papers. The papers belong to Spencer. David tells Granny that Spencer is using Ruby as a pawn to take control of the town from David.

Ruby is in wolf form. Spencer leads a mob to her. Spencer wants to kill her but is intercepted by Granny. David announces to the people that Spencer killed Billy and framed Ruby so that he could turn everyone against David. David cautiously approaches the wolf. He tells the wolf that he knows Ruby is in there and Ruby must take control. Finally the wolf sits down and David throws the cloak on it. Ruby returns to human form. He briefly fills her in and she leaves with him to find Spencer who has run off.

Spencer stands in front of a small fire. He tells David that he will never see his wife and daughter again. Spencer has the bag of fairy dust and tosses it into the fire. David throws him on the ground. Tears run down his face as he points a gun at Spencer. He does not shoot him.

David goes home and finds Henry sleeping. Ruby is with him. She assures David that he will find another way to bring them back home. She also tells him that she will help and be there for him. As Ruby is about to leave she tells David that someone should go to the library and unchain Belle.

She then tells him that now she can control her wolf side she wants to take advantage of the full moon and go for a run. He smiles once she leaves and he hears a wolf howl.

Modern Day Fairy Tale Land

Princess Aurora sleeps. She is back in that same awful dream. The room is on fire. The fire ceases and she sees Henry. He tells her not be afraid. Aurora wakes up. She tells Emma and Mary she had the nightmare but this time it was different. She met a little boy who stopped the fire. His name was Henry.

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