Episode 6: The Shepherd

Prince Charming - Once Upon a Time
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Fairy Tale Land

So, we see Prince Charming in a sword fight with a large growling opponent. He is knocked unconscious on the ground and about to be slayed. His opponent finds out the hard way that he was only playing possum. Charming reaches up and slay him first. We hear a crowd cheer.

Charming is commended on his fighting skills by the King his father and King Midas. We find out that Charming’s father’s kingdom is suffering. Midas has a special talent that anything he touches turns to gold. He is willing to give gold to the kingdom in exchange for having a dragon killed.

As Midas and Charming’s father walk off Charming is now conversing with the knights. It turns out the brute on the ground is not dead after all. He slays Charming who sinks to the ground.

The King is seen over his dead son laid out in the castle. He tells him that Midas cannot know. As he converses with the dead prince, Rumpelstiltskin arrives. We find out that the late Queen had been barren and Rumpelstiltskin had been the one who had gotten him the child. He begs of Rumpelstiltskin to bring his son back to life.

Rumpelstiltskin tells him there is no resurrection. A new deal is made. Apparently, his son was a twin. We flash over to a farm and see the Shepherd who is the identical brother to the Prince.

Shepherd is chasing around sheep. His mother has returned from the market. He welcomes her home and she tells him that at the market she was approached about his eligibility. The grain merchant is interested in having him matched up with his daughter. He tells his mother that he wants to fall in love and not marry for riches. His mother advises him that one cannot have everything.

Rumpelstiltskin arrives at the farm. Mother now explains to Shepherd that she had twins. She had made a deal to give one baby up because she needed to save the farm. He learns that the King needs a dragon slayer and must only play the part.

The knights will do the work and he will be the one to bring the dragon’s head to Midas. We see Shepherd clad in armor. Midas cannot tell the difference and tells him he will be a legend. A knight helps him get prepared and assures him they will take care of the dragon.

He is nervous as they head to the dragon’s lair. As he waits with two knights outside the lair, he hears the chaos inside. He instinctively wants to go in and help, but they will not let him. The dragon has defeated the knights and is now outside flying around.

The two knights are out of commission and he must now battle the dragon. He takes a knight’s sword and gets the dragon to chase him. He leads the dragon to a narrow passage where the dragon’s head is stuck. He beheads the dragon. We are now inside Midas’s castle. He is pleased with his dragonhead.

He offers another proposal. He wanted not only a warrior who could slay a dragon but a suitable husband for the Princess. He introduces Abigail who we know as Kathryn in Storybrooke and had previously seen traveling with the Prince in a carriage.

Abigail tells her father “he will do” with as much enthusiasm as one would have toward an old shoe. Shepherd who is now referred to as James is about to decline but the King has other plans. He whispers to him that he will accept this offer and save his kingdom. If he does not he will kill his mother and destroy their farm.

James goes back to the farm. His mother is delighted to see him and gives him a warm welcome. She admires him dressed now as a prince. He tells her about Midas’s proposal.

She tells him she misses him and wants him home. She understands now what he was saying about finding true love and wants that for him. She said his freedom to choose is important. He informs her he is taking the offer.

He tells her that he has no choice and has come to say good-bye. She suggests he run away and he repeats to her that one cannot have everything. She gives him her wedding band tells him true love follows that ring.

He tells her that he does not want to give a ring like that for Abigail. She tells him he must take it anyway. Midas and Abigail are with the King and James. Abigail says to Midas that he is her father and knows best. She is cold toward James and ready to leave. He tells her they will take a scenic route. We see James holding a familiar pouch and on a carriage ride with his new fiancée. A rebel Snow White is seen ready to make her ambush…


Kathryn takes David home. She asks him if he remembers anything. Outside their home are windmills. She asks him if they remind him of why he changed his mind about the ugly house. He does not recall. Inside the house is a surprise party. The townspeople are celebrating his homecoming. He does not recognize anyone. Dr. Whale chats with him for a moment to give him some encouragement.

Henry and Emma are off in the corner at the party. He tells Emma that David doesn’t remember because he has been in a coma throughout this and must be with Mary Margaret. David approaches them telling them they are the only people there that he knows. Henry asks him if he has ever used a sword and he gives him a curious look. He then asks Henry and Emma if Mary Margaret is coming and is told that she is not.

In the kitchen, I try to console Kathryn. She tells me that even though her husband is back she still feels like he is not. I tell her I lost someone I loved once and can never get them back. She leaves the kitchen looking for David.

David has left the party and we see him outside with Mary Margaret. For whatever reason she is putting up a bird house while it is night. He helps her. He tells her again of his feelings toward her. She reminds him that he is married and it is not right. He tells her he chooses her over Kathryn.

Mary Margaret is now seen absent-mindedly doing dishes. Emma interrupts her. They discuss David. Emma tells her that she did the right thing. They continue over to the table to have a drink. Emma assures her it was the right thing to do and David needs to figure out his life.

David is now looking at pictures that mean nothing to him. Kathryn tells him he looks different now and he used to keep his hair shorter. She tries inviting him to come to bed with her. He declines and tells her he would like to continue talking. She kisses him, which he allows for a moment. He then pulls away and rejects her further telling her it’s not right.

Mary Margaret is at Granny’s. She is reading a paper where “John Doe” getting home is the headline. Dr. Whale stops by and tells her he thinks she resigned from the hospital because he never asked her on a second date. After he leaves, I show up and sit down with her.

I tell her that what she is doing is wrong and needs to stop. She is defensive and tells me that nothing has happened. I tell her to keep it that way because David belongs to someone else. I tell her David walked out on his wife which actually surprised me that it surprised her. I guess she did not know. I remind her she will ruin everyone’s life and to back off.

David shows up at Mary Margaret’s classroom. She tells him he cannot be there and needs to leave. He then tells her to think about things and if she chooses to be with him to meet him at the toll bridge at eight o’clock. After work, Mary Margaret heads to the police station to tell Emma that David left Kathryn.

I find David that night. He is confused about where he is going so I help him with directions. I cannot change his mind but perhaps I can change other things. I direct him to Mr. Gold. As Mary Margaret waits for David, he goes into Mr. Gold’s for help. My directions have him confused. Several things in the pawnshop catch his eye.

He is staring a glass unicorn when Mr. Gold gives him new directions. As David tries to leave, he is mesmerized by a wooden windmill. He tells Mr. Gold that he remembers it and it was once his.

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