Episode 6: The Shepherd Preview


David (aka John Doe) has to decide between staying with Kathryn or being with Mary Margaret.  He has found himself fallen deeply in love with Mary Margaret.  In addition, Emma finds Sheriff Graham in a lie.


Fairy Tale Land

Prince Charming encounters a life changing event.  It will  forever alter his destiny

WARNING SPOILER ALERT BELOW.  Read at your own risk.

Further details of the upcoming episode.

Coming up on next’s week episode of Once Upon a Time is episode 6, The Shepherd.  We go deeper into the relationship with David aka John Doe (Josh Dallas) and Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin).  They have an unexplainable pull towards each other in Storybrooke.

We know the connection is in relation to the Prince Charming and Snow White history in Fairy Tale Land.  Ginnifer stated in an interview “Mary Margaret is feeling the sparks of something she can’t quite yet put her finger on, having these urges to stand up to Regina.”  She went on to say, “She can’t quite follow through, but something is being kindled in her.  She thinks it might be the influence of Emma (Jennifer Morrison).  She attributes it to having her first real friend.”

In the storyline, Emma is the daughter of Price Charming and Snow White.  The question here is how Mary Margaret would feel if someone told her that the new BFF is really her child.  Ginnifer said the concept is ridiculous.  Especially, since they are the same age, which would make it physically impossible.  However, Mary Margaret has an inexplicable connection towards Emma.

Jennifer Morrison commented on the show as well.  “She obviously doesn’t know or doesn’t believe that [David’s] her father,” says Jennifer. “But I think she’s had those moments both with Mary Margaret and with (David), of feeling oddly connected to them, like she’s known them in some way that she can’t explain. And there’s a familiarity that’s instantaneous, compared to other people that she comes across in town.”

Regardless, the three can wrap their imagination and minds around being related to each other. Emma’s first meeting with her father in Storybrooke will have the mood of a daughter rebellion. She initially lies to him the first time they meet, says Jennifer.  She thought it was hilarious that her first interaction is lying to the father. She thought it was “kind of great.”

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