Episode 6: Tallahassee

Emma’s Past
Emma sees a bright yellow VW bug. Only back then it was not her car. She swiftly breaks in and is ready to take off. One she has the car working she is surprised to find a man sleeping in the back seat. He is the same mystery man we have previously seen waving a Storybrooke post card. The man shows her the keys and tells her to keep driving. Emma believes that he is the owner and is wondering how much trouble she will be in. Instead the man begins flirting with her. A confused Emma is not paying attention to her driving and is pulled over. Once the police man comes to the window the man tells him that Emma is his girlfriend and she is learning to drive stick shift. The officer buys the story and leaves. Emma realizes that she stole a car from a man who stole the car first.

Months later, Emma and her new love Neal go to the gas station. They have become a regular Bonnie and Clyde. She appears to be pregnant but is actually shoplifting while Neal occupies the store clerk. A man comes in and sees Emma stealing and calls out to the clerk. Emma quickly clutches her gut and acts as though she is going into labor. The clerk is confused. Neal and Emma take off as the man tells the clerk the two were there to steal.

Emma and Neal patiently wait outside a motel for a family to leave. They sneak into the motel room to examine their stolen goods. Neal has stolen Emma a key ring with a swan symbol. Emma examines a dream catcher in the room. Emma is not really pregnant. Neal shows Emma a picture of the map. He has a fantasy of settling down with her and starting a real life.

During the day Neal shows Emma a picture of himself he found in a post office. He is wanted for stealing watches. He was caught on surveillance tape. He tells Emma he wants to go to Canada but leave her behind so she does not get caught up in his trouble. Instead she devises a plan that she will be the one to retrieve the watches. They will sell them and use the money to begin their new life.

Emma goes to the lockers where the watches are hidden. She pulls out a key and opens the locker. She grabs a blue bag and walks out right past security. She goes to the car. Neal and Emma examine the watches. He pulls one out he wants her to keep. They form a plan and he leaves.

Neal realizes that he is being followed. He runs but is caught. He believes he has been caught by the police but it is actually August who has tackled him. August mentions Emma’s name and this gets Neal’s attention. August introduces himself and tells Neal that he has a story for him. August wants Neal to leave Emma because Emma has a destiny. He realizes how crazy the story sounds so he tells Neal he wants to show him something to prove it. He takes Neal to his motorcycle and opens a box. Neal peers inside and whatever he sees is enough for him to believe August. Neal reveals to August that he is in love with Emma and does not want to leave her. August explains she has a destiny to follow.

Emma waits for Neal. He does not arrive. Instead she is greeted by a police officer. The officer tells her he received a tip that he would find her there. Emma is stunned.
Months later August and Neal meet up in Canada. Neal wants to know if Emma is okay. August reassures him that she is fine. She received an 11 month prison sentence in a low security facility. This troubles Neal as he feels it should be him. Again August reassures him that he has done the right thing. Neal gives money and the keys to the car to August. He tells him to make sure that Emma gets both. He also has August promise to send him a post card to let him know when Emma has fulfilled her destiny and is free for him.

Emma is in her cell. A guard comes in and shows her that she received mail. Inside the envelope is the swan key chain and car key. The guard tells her she is lucky she has a car waiting for her when she gets out. She notices a pregnancy test in Emma’s hand and congratulates her on the baby.

Modern Day Fairy Tale Land

Emma, Mary, Mulan, Aurora and Killian/Hook approach the beanstalk. The four women argue that each of them wants the chance to go up there. Emma asks Hook why the magic beans cannot be used for a portal. He tells her that giants have destroyed the last of them.

Finally it is agreed that Emma will accompany Hook up the beanstalk. Mulan gives Emma a sack of poppy powder. She tells her to use it to put the giant to sleep. Emma tells Mulan to help Mary if they fail. She also tells Mulan to cut down the beanstalk if they do not return within ten hours. Emma and Hook begin their journey.

During the climb Hook tries to make conversation with Emma. She is at first evasive. He believes he can figure her out and sees she has the look of someone who feels abandoned. He has seen this look on the faces of the boys from Neverland. He asks her if she has ever been in love. Emma tells him she has not.

Mulan creates a clock in the sand. Aurora tells Mary that she is afraid to sleep because she has nightmares. She is surprised when Mary tells her that she understands. Mary tells her it is a side effect of a sleeping curse and she had the same problem. She tells Aurora the nightmares will fade.

Once in the new land Emma is surprised to see how barren it is. Hook treats a cut on Emma’s hand with rum. He appears to be trying to charm her. She remains cautious. The two discuss a strategy. Emma tells Hook she realizes that Rumpelstiltskin took more than his hand. She asks if there was a woman and Hook admits that there was.

Emma hides at the head of a statue. Hook begins causing a racket to wake the giant. The giant comes stomping out. Hook goads him into attacking him. The giant is taken by surprise when Emma throws the poppy powder in his face. The giant falls asleep. She is concerned and calls out for Hook. He emerges and tells her they make quite a team.
Aurora has fallen asleep. She cries and whimpers. Mary wakes her up and asks her what the nightmare was. She tells Mary that she had a dream of a room with red curtains on fire. She was trapped and someone was watching her. Mary again promises the nightmares will eventually go away. She cradles Aurora’s head in her lap.

Hook takes his time examining jewels. Emma reminds him they have to move before the giant wakes up. They find a skeleton on the ground. Hook announces that must be Jack. Emma sees Hook about to stumble over a wire and she grabs him. He is delighted with the contact. Just then the giant wakes back up.

The giant manages to get a hold of Emma. She is being squeezed. She tries to reason with him but he believes all humans to be evil killers. Emma bites him and he drops her. Emma triggers the wire and the trap falls over the giant leaving him pinned on his stomach. Emma comes face to face with him holding a dagger which she believes to be poisoned. She explains that she does not want to kill him and just wants the compass. At first he does not want to help but she tells him he is wrong and not all humans are killers. Finally she gets the compass and goes to leave. The giant frees himself. Instead of attacking Emma he creates an opening for her to leave. He says he owes her for not killing him. She tells him she needs one more favor. Emma finds Hook. Instead of taking him she chains him to a wall. He does not understand how she doesn’t trust him now. She tells him she must be cautious and is giving herself a head start.

Mulan glances at the time. She is ready to destroy the beanstalk. Mary tackles her. Just then Emma appears. They ask where Hook is. She said she is giving them a head start in case he cannot be trusted. He has ten hours.


David hears Henry whimpering. He wakes him from a nightmare. David asks him what the bad dream was. Henry tells him he had a dream he was stuck in a windowless room with red curtains. The curtains were on fire and a woman was watching him.

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