Episode 6: ‘Family Business’

belle - mother - family business

Enchanted Forest

Belle and her mother work in the library. They are frantic as they are about to be under attack by ogres. An ogre enters the library as Belle and her mother hide from him. He finds them. Belle wakes up in her own bed thinking this was an awful dream. She comes out of her room only to find a funeral being held for her mother.
Belle reads books. Her father wants her to get some rest. She is determined to find out why she has no memory of how her mother died. She tells her father she read of creatures that can restore memories. Her father becomes angered and insists she leaves things alone. Belle defies him and heads to Arendelle.


Anna and Elsa are reunited. She notices that Elsa seems more in control of herself. She is surprised when she is introduced to their aunt. Anna tells them that she has never heard of her mother having a sister.

Anna tells Kristoff her concerns about her aunt. She also admits that she did not tell Elsa the truth that her parents were looking for a way to take her magic. She does not know her aunt has been listening.

Belle arrives in Arendelle. She is getting nowhere with a shopkeeper that she has asked help from. Anna overhears them. She introduces herself to Belle and tells her se is heading to the rock trolls as well and will take her. The two women make their way to Grand Pabbie. They arrive at an area they must climb. Anna takes out her climbing tool. She stumbles and the box with the magic hat falls out of her bag. She does not tell Belle much about it but does add in that she hopes Belle never crosses paths with the man she took it from.

Anna introduces Belle to Grand Pabbie. He agrees to help Belle and extracts something from her head. It turns into a pebble and he instructs her how to use it to get her memories back. Anna requires a private moment with Grand Pabbie. He admits to her he was sworn to secrecy about her mother’s two sisters that disappeared one day.

Anna and Belle head back. A storm approaches and Anna believes that her aunt sent it to stop her from telling Elsa the truth. Anna falls over the cliff and holds on. As Belle tries to help her the pebble disappears and crumbles as it crashes against the rocks. Belle hesitates for a moment as she sadly watches the pebble shatter. She again goes to help Anna but Anna falls. She sees the Snow Queen step over Anna. Belle yells out and the Snow Queen answers Belle by telling her to stay out of family business. She takes Anna and disappears.

Anna wakes up to find herself locked in a cell. She accuses Anna of bringing the box to use it on Elsa. Anna insists that is not why she had he box. The Snow Queen finally tells Anna what she is after. She wants a family. She tells Anna that she is nothing like her and Elsa so she will find someone else to take her place.
Enchanted Forest

Belle returns home to face her father. She tells him he was right. Her father tells her that he will tell her the truth. Belle’s mother died saving her from the ogres. He tells her his soldiers are still battling the ogres. Belle tells him that the soldiers cannot do enough. Her mother is a hero for sacrificing herself to save her and she wants to do the same for the kingdom. She wants to summon the dark wizard she has read about. At first her father tells her no but Belle insists she must call on Rumpelstiltskin.


Belle tells Rumpel that Emma needs them.

Emma, Mary and I watch the video of Emma and her foster family. Rumpel and others also look on. We all decide to continue our search. Henry suggests that we may learn something at the Snow Queen’s ice cream truck.

Belle suggests she go look things up at the library. Elsa wants to go with her. Belle looks uncomfortable as she tells Elsa she is unfamiliar with Arendelle.
The search team finds the ice cream truck. Hook break a lock on the ice cream compartments. Inside Emma finds a folder all about her.

Belle tells Elsa that she will leave her for a moment so she can so something. She returns to the pawn shop and finds Anna’s climbing tool. She speaks to it like it is Anna promising to find her.

Robin keeps trying to approach me. I finally tell him no matter how hard I try I can find nothing that will give me a clue how to save Marian. I tell him he needs to forget me so he can help her.

Rumpel tells the Snow Queen that Emma is on to her. She tells him she purposely left those clues for Emma. He still wants a deal and again she refuses. Rumpel returns to his shop to find Belle with Anna’s tool. She tells him he must help her find the Snow Queen. Belle apologizes and uses what she believes is Rumpel’s dagger to force him to help her.

Emma and Hook look through the folder. It is evident that the Snow Queen seemed fond of her as her foster mother. She also found evidence including a card that she was fond of her as well. The come across a scroll with ancient writing.

Rumpel pretends to be under control of the dagger and takes Belle to the Snow Queen’s chambers. She orders him to wait outside so she can take the box with the magic hat. He is shocked that Belle knows of the hat and thinks she has it. He tries to reason with Belle not to go alone but she does anyway.

In the chambers, Belle finds the mirror. It calls to her and she sees her own reflection. The mirror is cruel, tells Belle that she is weak, and has a fake dagger. Her reflection also blames her for Anna’s disappearance.

Rumpel interrupts them and Belle slashes at him with the dagger yelling she ordered him to stay outside. He uses magic to bring her back to the shop. In the shop, Belle collects herself and apologizes to her husband. She tells him the secret she has been carrying about Anna. They tell each other they love each other. Rumpel feels guilty as Belle swears never to keep a secret from him as he would not do that to her.

Rumpel heads to the Snow Queen on his own. He warns her to not hurt anyone he cares about. He then surprises her by showing her he has the hat.
Elsa looks over a book of her family’s lineage along with Emma and Hook. They find the Snow Queen’s real name to be Ingrid. Elsa is able to decipher the scroll and finds a prophecy mentioning Emma. They piece together that she wants a family consisting of herself with Elsa and Emma.

Belle rushes in and tells them the truth about her and Anna. She then tells them about the mirror and how Rumpel believes the mirror is part of a spell to turn everyone on each other except for Ingrid, Elsa, and Emma.

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