Episode 6: ‘Ariel’

Little Mermaid - Ariel

Fairy Tale Land

Snow White is chased by my knights. They corner her at a cliff. Rather than surrender she jumps into the water. Snow is unconscious. A mermaid saves her. When she wakes up she meets Ariel. Outside of the water they sit and talk. Snow tells Ariel she is being chased by me. Ariel shows her that she collects things and among her collection she pulls out an invitation to a ball honoring Ursula. Ariel shows Snow that her tail can transform into legs for a limited time. She explains she once rescued Prince Eric from a shipwreck and since then has fallen in love with him. They will attend the ball but she makes Snow promise not to reveal she is a mermaid until Eric falls for her.

At the ball Eric stares at Ariel. Snow encourages her to go to him. Not used to her legs Ariel stumbles. Eric does not mind. He wants to dance with her. He tells her he has seen her face before. He tells her he was once shipwrecked and believes Ursula saved him and showed him Ariel’s face in a dream. He plans to leave to travel the world the next day and tells Ariel he wants her to come with him.

I watch them in the Mirror. I am furious with my knights for allowing Snow to escape. I kill one to prove a point. I then have a new idea.

Ariel confides in Snow that she does not believe she can fit in Eric’s world because she is not human. Snow encourages her to be honest with him. Still believing that Ursula is a myth Ariel goes to the water and finds she has nothing to lose by asking to stay in human form longer. To her shock Ursula rises…only it is really me pretending to be Ursula. I tell Ariel that I can help her.

Ariel is excited when she sees Snow. She tells her that Ursula is real and has given her a gift that can help both of them. She gives Snow a bracelet. Snow’s legs suddenly disappear and she turns into a mermaid. She sits on the ground in panic. Ariel thinks she has done a good thing and tells her now she can hide in the sea and never be found by the Queen. I arrive and Ariel is confused when she recognizes me. Snow tells her who I really am and Ariel is upset I tricked her. Having no interest in Ariel I tell her to leave us. Snow also asks her to go. Finally Ariel leaves us. I begin using magic to strangle Snow. I am interrupted by Ariel who sticks a fork in me she stole from the ball. She gets the bracelet off Snow and pulls her into the water.

Ariel brings Snow back to the land. Snow thanks her and tells her to go to Eric and tell him the truth. At his castle Eric waits for Ariel. When she arrives she tries to call out to him but she has no voice. I sit outside the water and tell her I took her voice away. Eric cannot hear her and leaves. Ariel swims off in tears.

I go home. At my castle the real Ursula appears to me in the Mirror. She grabs me and warns me to never again impersonate her.


I try to teach Emma how to evoke her magic by angering her. Although David and Mary go along with this they do not like it. Hook approaches Mary and David. He tells them that Neal is alive. Mary wants to tell Emma. David and Hook want to keep it secret. Mary cannot keep the secret and tells Emma anyway.

Rumpel stands before a fire trying to see the future. He is interrupted by Pan who makes a breakfast appear. He tells Rumpel that the future cannot be seen in a place where time stands still. Pan tells Rumpel that to kill him he will die too. He suggests that neither Neal or Henry will forgive him anyway and he should go home and make a new family with Belle.

Meanwhile I hear the rumor that Neal is alive. I am not sure I believe this but my agenda is to save Henry and I am not interested in any detours. I break away from the group. Pan continues watching the remainder of the group and tells Felix to move Neal to the Echo Cave.

Belle appears to Rumpel. She tells him she wants him to come home and start a family with her. I see them. I use magic to strangle the image of Belle. I want Rumpel to come to his senses. This thing finally transforms and it is a Shadow. It runs off. I tell Rumpel to get it together and that between the two of this our magic is strong enough to do anything. We come up with a plan to detain Pan rather than kill him so Rumpel can live. We know we are going to need something from Rumpelstilskin/ Mr. Gold’s shop.

The group enters the Echo Cave. Neal’s cage is isolated and there is no way to walk to it. Hook explains that the cave with create a pathway if they each reveal a dark secret. He tells them Pan does this believing he can use their secrets against them. Hook goes first admitting he and Emma kissed. The real secret comes next as he reveals his true feelings for Emma. Mary admits that she is bitter that she missed Emma’s childhood and wants another baby. David tells her it will not happen with him as he was poisoned and the only thing keeping him alive is spring water linked to Neverland. A path forms. Emma goes to Neal and tries using a sword to open his cage. Neal tells her that is not what will work. Emma admits to Neal that she never stopped loving him but was hoping he was really dead so she can put their history behind her. His cage opens and they embrace.

Outside the cave Neal thanks everyone for saving him. He privately talks to Emma telling her he is not angry with what she told him and he will not stop fighting for her. Hook sadly overhears them. Mary is furious with David for keeping his poisoning a secret.

At the ocean I pick up a conch. Ariel appears. Rumpel is impressed mermaids can travel between realms but reminds me they cannot be trusted. I explain that this one can. I give Ariel her voice back. She asks why she should help me. I make a bracelet appear in her hand. I tell her for helping me I will give her legs. I also tell her I am sending her a realm with Eric and that realm is Storybrooke.

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