Episode 5: That Still Small Voice

Fairy Tale Land

We open up in Fairy Tale Land at a puppet show.  A young boy walks amongst the unsuspecting spectators pick pocketing them.  After the show he gives the loot to two adults that we find out are the boy’s parents.  He does not like what he does and wants to be free.  The young boy is Jiminy.

Later in time, we see an older Jiminy who now looks like Archie Hopper.  Jiminy and his parents are still up to their old tricks and he expresses his unhappiness.  We get the impression his folks are not the nicest of people as they make him feel guilty for wanting to leave them.  They tell him to go set up for the next puppet show.

It is raining outside and Jiminy is soaking wet working in the water.

A small boy comes along with an umbrella.  He watches the men setting up for the show.  Jiminy asks him if he is standing around to watch them work.  He expresses a love for puppets.  He also tells Jiminy he enjoys the sound of the crickets.  Jiminy is touched when they boy gives him his umbrella because he lives close by.

A desperate Jiminy pays a visit to Rumpelstiltskin.  He brings him gold.  He is about to leave but Rumpelstiltskin senses he has more on his mind…perhaps some magic.  Jiminy confesses he wants to change his life but his parents are holding him back.  He does not like the way that he lives.

Rumpelstiltskin offers a solution to the problem in the form a vial.  He tells him to get his parents to consume the contents and all his problems will be solved.  He does not expect a payment.  He tells Jiminy to leave his parents where they are after the come into contact with the contents.  He is concerned and asks what will happen to them as Rumpelstiltskin assures him he will take good care of them.

It is nighttime.  Jiminy and his parents are about to knock on the door to a house.  They have “elf tonic” with them.  Jiminy does not like this and feels bad.  A young couple opens the door.  Jiminy creates a story that he and his parents are in need of help.  The couple invites them in and offers them food.  They all begin to converse.

Jiminy’s parents tell the couple a story of people falling ill due to a plague and they have one vial of Elf Tonic that fights the plague.  The couple becomes alarmed as they fall for the story.  They offer to buy the Elf Tonic.  Jiminy then leaves with his parents.  He tells his parents he does not feel good about swindling the couple.

They are amused with him.  He ends up taking his tube that Rumpelstiltskin had given him and splashes his parents.  Nothing happens and he is shocked.  His father tells him he had seen the tube and switched it with the Elf Tonic, which was rainwater.  Jiminy panics and runs back into the home of the young couple.  He find the bottle open and on the floor in their home.  He is horrified to see the couple has transformed into dolls.  His parents find this funny and joke that they can use them in their next puppet show.

The little boy who had previously given Jiminy his umbrella shows up.  This is his home and those are his parents.  He is frightened and upset when he sees his parents were turned into dolls.

The next time we see Jiminy he is outside by himself.  The sky is dark and he is making a wish.  We don’t know just what he is wishing for yet.

The Blue Fairy can hear his thoughts and arrives.  She tells him that he cannot wish to change what happened to the boy’s parents as it is already done.  She tells him he can wish for a way to help the boy.  Jiminy makes a new wish and the Blue Fairy grants it.  She transforms him into the animated version of Jiminy Cricket we are familiar with.  Jiminy is happy and chirps to her that he is free.  She tells him the boy’s name is Geppetto.


Henry is at Archie’s office for a counseling session.  Henry explains that like Jiminy Cricket Archie is the conscience.  He also points out that you never hear any crickets in Storybrooke because there are not any.

Emma is meeting with Graham.  He is giving her a uniform that she reluctantly accepts.  He tells her she has to wear the uniform.  Suddenly the ground shakes for a quick moment like an earthquake.  Graham and Emma head over to the site where the shaking came from.  As they arrive so do I.  I tell Emma to get lost unaware that Graham gave her a job.  They quickly make me aware that she is the new deputy.  I shoot Graham a disapproving look for not speaking to me first.

I tell them to do their jobs as I then address the crowd to calm the people down.  I explain that I have a plan to knock all of this down because I know it is dangerous.  I will have the area re-done and paved.  Henry is in the crowd and expresses his concern over paving the area.  I tell him to go to the car.

After I address the crowd, I see Archie and Emma huddled with Henry.  I am not sure what they were talking about which was of course Operation Cobra.  I break up the little pow wow and pull Archie aside.  I have had enough of this.  I tell Archie that he better fix Henry and get these fantasies out of his head or I will ruin his life.  I tell him I will take his job, his practice…everything.  He is visibly upset but will not stand up to me.

Henry later arrives at Archie’s office.  Marco is there.  As Marco leaves, Henry tells Archie that Marco is Geppetto who was Jiminy Cricket’s best friend.  Archie is still shaken by our earlier meeting.  He comes across as harsh with Henry and tells him that he is having delusions.  He tells Henry that he must stop this and understand the difference between fantasy and reality.  Now that Archie has turned on him, Henry is upset and storms out of his office.  Archie feels bad.

Mary Margaret is at the hospital with David Nolan.  He has one more week left until he goes home.  They are engaged in a game of Hangman.  Kathryn shows up which disappoints both Mary Margaret and David.  She has come to show him pictures to help his memory.  He pretends to recognize a photo of a dog named Ajax.

Mary Margaret is later at her apartment with Emma.  She confides to Emma that this would be easier if Kathryn was not so nice.  Emma discourages Mary Margaret reminding her that meddling with married men leads to trouble.  A knock is heard at the door and it is a tearful Henry.

We flash over to Archie’s office.  Emma shows up demanding to know why he did that to Henry.  She suspects that I had put Archie up to it, which of course is true.  As she confronts him her phone rings.  I am the one calling her.  I tell her Henry is missing.  Archie tells her he has an idea where Henry could be.

Henry is at the mine.  Archie and Emma show up.  Archie confirms Henry is there because he find s an Apollo candy bar… yes, just like the ones from the Dharma Initiative in Lost but that’s another story…that he had seen Henry with earlier.

Henry is inside the mine and we see him looking at old railroad tracks.  He finds a strange piece of glass.  As he examines it the mine starts rumbling again.

Outside the mine, Archie and Emma are panicked because of the rumbling.  Archie goes in.  Henry runs away from him still upset Archie does not believe him.  Archie pleads with Henry that they have to get out because it is not safe.  Henry insists there are answers down there.

Outside the mine, we are all gathered trying to figure out how to get them out.  I end up in an argument with Emma.  She tells me she does not want to argue.  I really do not either at this point.  I am both afraid for Henry and what could be found down there.  I agree to let Marco use explosives to open the ground more not knowing that Henry and Archie have found an elevator and are trying to get it to work.  The explosives are set off and Emma announces nothing has happened.  We are stunned and Graham asks what the explosives did do.

Meanwhile, at the hospital Mary Margaret is done for the day and about to take off.  David stops her.  He tells her part of his therapy is to take a 30-minute walk each day and almost everyone is at the mine.  He asks if she will walk with him.  Outside he confides in her that nothing feels familiar or real to him except for her.

They are having a moment that is interrupted as Kathryn shows up.  She tells David that she is sorry but wanted to see him.  She has baked him his favorite cranberry muffins which he remembers as much as Ajax the dog.  He tells her to hold on and turns his attention back to Mary Margaret who started leaving upon Kathryn’s interruption.  He confirms he will see her tomorrow.

Back at the site I am peering over a hatch and I am livid that nothing is moving fast enough.  Archie’s dog is now here and leads us to the spot we believe Henry and Archie are at.  Inside the mine Archie and Henry are having a talk.  He admits he does not think Henry is crazy.  Archie confides that he feels I am a strong personality and Henry should be able to think his own thoughts…exactly what I told him not to tell him.  Henry makes comparisons of Jiminy Cricket and Archie sees the parallels.

A truck is now attached to the hatch.  Ruby is driving the truck and the door to the hatch lifts.  Marco lowers Emma into the hatch after she finally convinces me to let her go. Archie helps her take hold of Henry.  The mine is rumbling again.  Archie tells them it is Ok as he believes it is over for him.  It is not as he is able to save himself by hooking.


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