Episode 4: ‘The Broken Kingdom’


Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 4: The Broken Kingdom

Camelot – Many Years Ago

We look back at Camelot many years ago, and we see young Arthur walking with young Guinevere. As they walked through their village, around the camp, Arthur told her how he would be king one day. On that day, he will pill the sword from a stone and he will gain the title. He knew all this because of a magician named Merlin who was stuck in a tree.

Just as he told the story to young Guinevere, Kane pushed Arthur down to the ground. He said how Camelot was broken because there was no king. Camelot will never hail to someone who cleans stables. After Kane bullied Arthur, he walked away. Young Guinevere stood by him the whole time and said, “If you follow your heart, anything is possible.”

Needless to say, Arthur did pull the sword from the rock and the village all hailed King Arthur. Arthur assured everyone that the kingdom was no longer broken. This moment filled Guinevere’s heart as she watched her love command the village.

However, this power got to Arthur. He had a scroll from Merlin that he tried to translate. This was hard because Merlin only spoke in half truth. The scroll was directions to the Dark One’s dagger. Guinevere asked Arthur to leave it be and come to the party. He must be with his wife.

Arthur asked for five minutes and he would join the people.

While Arthur took his time ( way longer than 5 minutes), Sir Lancelot showed up. He asked Guinevere to dance. As they danced, she told Lancelot how Arthur was getting worse.

The people of Camelot stopped the dancing to give Guinevere a birthday gift. They said it was from Arthur, however, she knew it wasn’t. Shortly after, Arthur came running and said he figured out the scroll.

He was going on a quest. He wanted Lancelot to stay in the village and protect his wife, the queen.

In the middle of the night, Guinevere tried to escape during the night. However, Lancelot caught her on the way out. She showed him armor that would direct her to the dagger. If she found the dagger, she could get back the man that she loves. Lancelot joined her on the quest because he promised Arthur to keep her safe.

The armor eventually led them to an underground cave that was the Dark One’s lair. As they went through a few obstacles, this brought Lancelot and Guinevere closer. They eventually kissed, which shocked them both. They vouched to never let that happen again.

Eventually, Lancelot and Guinevere found a doorway. This led them to the outside, where the dagger was. They tried to grab it, but Rumple showed up. He knew they learned about that place from Merlin’s gauntlet. He told Guinevere that he could give her what she wanted, but only if she made him a deal. There was an enchanted powder that can make everything looked fixed. This would help get her husband back on track and move on with their lives together.

Lancelot warned Guinevere to not listen to the demon. However, Guinevere moved forward and accepted the deal. Before they left, Rumple said how, “Love is the most dangerous thing.”

When Guinevere presented the enchanted powder to Arthur, he used in on the sword and the kingdom. He learned what happened with Lancelot and threw him in prison. Next to Lancelot’s cell was Mierda’s cell. Mierda told Lancelot that an enemy of King Arthur was a friend of hers.

Camelot – Years Later

David came in the round-table room. He met with King Arthur, where Arthur told David about the Excalibur. He said there was a piece missing, and it was the Dark One’s dagger. Arthur asked David to help him on a quest to find it.

David couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He told Arthur how Emma (his own daughter) was the Dark One and had the dagger. They attempted to take the dagger and connect it with the sword. However, it was swiped from them because I couldn’t let that happen.

In the other room, Emma was battling her own demons – The Dark One’s voice. It led her to the dagger. However, I (Regina) put a spell on it to protect it. Emma does have the power to break the spell, but will she is the question?

As Emma had this slight break down, Hook showed up to help her. She told him how the Dark One was always in her head, and she can’t get away from him. He took into the forest on a quest to escape everything. They went to a beautiful area, where Hook and her spent some time together. It helped Emma for the time being.

Before Emma and Hook made it to this beautiful area, Henry was with them. He took them to these stables, where his crush lived. Her name was Violet. Emma realized her young boy was growing up and falling in love. She was happy.


Mary Margaret secretly met with Lancelot at Granny’s Diner. She brought him the dagger. At this point, Arthur and David showed up. They cuffed Arthur because they learned what he was up to. Lancelot said he can break the spell. However, Guinevere showed up and released Arthur. She kissed him in front of Lancelot, and this hurt him. Guinevere used a powder on Mary and David that put them under a spell, so no one will ever know what happened.

Later on, Belle saw the rose was changing. This meant Rumple was awake, but he was gone. Emma kidnapped Rumple and has her own plans for him…to make him a hero.

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