Episode 4: ‘Nasty Habits’

Fairy Tale Land

Baelfire is sadly drawing by himself. His father comes home and brings him a knife. Bae does not want it. He knows his father took it from some poor soul who could not make good on a deal. He tells Rumpelstiltskin he wants friends. He wants to leave the house. Rumpel tells him that he fears his enemies may hurt Bae but Bae believes his father does not think he will come back.

The next day Rumpel brings home a crown to give to his son. He is alarmed when Bae is missing. Rumpel goes to another town and accuses the people of hiding his son. They tell him they do not have him. A man explains to Rumpel that other children have gone missing. There is a Pied Piper who plays music and only the children can hear it.

Rumpel sits on his roof. He can see the town. He hears pipes playing and observes boys sneaking out of the bedrooms still in pajamas. He follows them to a bonfire where boys dance around wearing masks. He finds the Piper and goes to confront him. The Piper is Peter Pan. It appears that Rumpel and Pan know each other. Pan is the only person that Rumpel looks fearful of. He tells him he wants to take his son home. Pan explains he got lonely in Neverland and that is why he is there. He tells Rumpel only lonely and unloved boys can hear the music which is why Rumpel can hear it too. Pan admits that Bae is among the boys and he wants to make a deal. He tells Rumpel they can test Bae and ask him if he wants to stay or leave.

Pan finally points out Bae. Rumpel goes to him. Instead of taking the deal and asking Bae he uses magic to bring him home. Bae is infuriated that his father did not trust him as Pan had told him the deal he would offer his father. He tells Rumpel if he had asked him of course he would have chosen to come home.


Felix has taken Neal prisoner and tied his hands. As they walk he does not see Neal free himself. Neal punches Felix knocking him out.

Rumpel creates a black concoction and uses it to create a ‘mask’ over his eye. He conjures an image of Belle and tells her he needs to summon his ‘monster.’ He also tells her he is willing to die to save Henry.

Emma tries to propose a strategy. Tinkerbell is frustrated when she learns we have no plan of how to get off the island. She leaves us. Hook tells us the first time he left was because Pan let him leave and created a portal.

Rumpel roams the island. He hears voices. He uses a mild sleeping spell on two Lost Boys. He almost attacks someone else and stops when he sees it is Neal. Still believing that Neal is dead Rumpel does not believe it is really him until he calls him ‘Papa.’ The two men head over to the ocean as Neal has a plan. Neal uses a conch. Rumpel is confused until he sees a giant squid emerge. Neal shoots an arrow to subdue it and they pull it in. Neal plans to immobilize Pan with squid ink.

We come across a rock structure with a hidden cave. Hook and David are last to enter. Before they join us Hook expresses his disgust with David’s idea to keep his poisoning a secret. Inside the cavern there are drawings on the wall. This is where Neal stayed as a child. We search for any clues Neal may have left behind.

The Lost Boys dance around the bonfire. Henry still sits off to the side. Pan tries to engage him by playing his pipes. Henry cannot hear the song. Pan leaves Henry upon Felix’s return. Felix reports that Baelfire/Neal escaped. They are certain he found his father and they are working together.

Inside the cave Emma finds a coconut with holes. At first I find the thing useless. Emma illuminates it and we find it to be a map of the stars. Hook tells us he taught Neal how to use the stars to navigate but also admits he taught Neal how to make the map in code so no one else can read it.

The Boys fall asleep as a sleeping spell overtakes them. Pan is the only one awake. He faces off with Rumpelstiltskin and calls Neal out. Neal comes out holding a bow and arrow. He shoots at Pan who catches the arrow with his hand. Neal tells him it’s not the tip that was poisoned. Squid ink does its work and immobilizes Pan. Neal grabs a sleeping Henry. Before they take off Pan tells Neal that Rumpel means to kill Henry because of a prophecy. Once away from Pan, Neal demands to know what the prophecy is. Rumpel admits he was told by a seer that the boy will be his undoing. He swears to Neal things have changed and he is there to redeem himself. Neal asks for his father’s dagger. He scoffs when Rumpel explains he gave it to the Shadow to hide. Neal takes his father’s hand while they talk. He lets go revealing squid ink. Rumpel is immobilized. Neal takes Henry and leaves him. Rumpel pleads not to do this as they will need his protection.

Emma walks out of the cave. Mary and David follow her. She is distressed and admits she never did not love Neal and now he is gone. Mary tells David she is angry that she does not know how to help her own daughter. She tells David she would never be able to go on if something happened to him. David tells her she would have to. She tells him it does not matter as nothing will happen to him.

It is not long before Neal is captured by the Lost Boys and Pan. They take Henry back who is beginning to wake up. Pan tells Neal that no one leaves without him letting them and that is why Neal ended up right back there. He has the Boys take Neal away as he assures him once he ‘resets the board’ he can come play the game again.

Belle appears to Rumpel. She suggests maybe the prophecy can be changed. He tells her image to leave him be for now.

Henry wakes up the Boys dancing again. Pan does not tell him what happened and instead makes him believe he fell asleep on his own. Henry tells Pan he dreamed of his father who recently died. Pan uses the opportunity to comfort him and tell him he will make new dreams. Pan plays his pipes and this time Henry can hear the music. The music intoxicates him as he gets up and dances with the other boys around the fire.

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