Episode 4: Crocodile


Fairy Tale Land

Rumpelstiltskin is seen as an ordinary man. He returns home and asks his son where his mother his. Bae admits she is not there. Rumpel finds his wife Milah in a tavern. She is amongst pirates. The group is gambling and drinking. He asks her to come home and she responds by calling him the village coward. She realizes he has brought Bae with him so to avoid further confrontation she comes home. Milah lies in bed and Rumpel wants to know why she is so unhappy. She admits that she is embarrassed by his reputation as a coward for not fighting the Ogre Wars. He reminds her that this is why he is still here for her and Bae. She tells him she wishes they could leave and start over. He assures her everything will be all right.

A woman comes to tell Rumpel that the pirates have captured his wife. He goes to the ship to plead for her return. He is confronted with the ship’s captain Killian Jones. Killian mocks a terrified Rumpelstiltskin and challenges him to a duel. When Rumpel is too frightened to accept the challenge Killian turns his back on him.

Time has gone by and Rumpel is back in that same tavern. He has gone through his change and now has a reputation as ‘The Dark One.’ A man named William comes to him to make a deal. William is a heavyset man who wears a bright red hat. He wants a life returned and in exchange will give Rumpel magic beans. Rumpel does not believe the beans exist. William begs him to believe him. Rumpel tells him if he can get the beans, he will turn back time for him. William accepts. As William leaves, a barmaid comes to Rumpel and he notices Killian and his pirate crew enter the tavern.

As the pirates have had their share of drinking and leave, the tavern Rumpel also comes out but he is hidden under a cloak. He intentionally bumps Killian who at first does not recognize him. Killian sees part of his face and mocks him calling him ‘Crocodile.’ Rumpel removes his cloak. Killian recognizes him and this time, and he seems cautious of Rumpel. At first Killian acts as though he does not remember Milah. He then tells Rumpel she died. Rumpel tells him he is ready take him up on the overdue duel. He challenged Killian and threatens him that he must not try and skip out on him.

Killian enters an alley where Rumpel confronts him. The two men duel. Rumpel seems to be taking him with ease and toying with him. Finally, Killian drops his sword. Rumpel will not kill him right away. Instead, he asks him if he knows what it feels like to have a wife stolen. Rumpel reaches into Killian’s chest but before he can rip Milah, who is very much alive interrupts his heart out him. She yells at him to stop.

Rumpel releases Killian’s heart. He is still on the ground. Milah is confronted by Rumpel and tells him she fell in love with Killian. She barters with Rumpel by showing him the red hat that had belonged to William. She has the beans. The three head back to the ship. Milah shows Rumpel that she does have the beans. He tells her before he leaves he needs to know how she could walk out on her own son. She admits that she was not thinking of that and her judgement was clouded. Finally, she admits she never loved Rumpel. Rumpel reaches into Milah’s chest and rips her heart out.

With magic, he detains Killian. By the time, Killian can get to Milah she is dying as Rumpel crushes her beating heart in his hand. Rumpel tells Killian he still wants the magic beans. When Killian will not give them to him, he cuts off his hand and takes it with him. He tells Killian he wants him to suffer. As Rumpel turns to leave Killian stabs him with a hook. The hook does nothing and Rumpel laughs at him. With that Rumpel disappears into a cloud of smoke.

Later Rumpel attempts to use the hand for magical ritual to find Bae. When the ritual fails he is furious and realizes he has been tricked.
William is now a prisoner on the ship. Killian tells him he may die or instead choose to join the crew. He accepts the offer to join. The ship sails. A vortex opens in the ocean. Killian steers the ship into the whirling vortex.

Modern Day fairy Tale Land

Killian is visited by Cora. She presents a bottle to him. She tells him with what is inside they will be able to go to a place called Storybrooke. There he will find Rumpelstiltskin and she will find me.


Gold presents a necklace to Belle. She asks him what the occasion is. He tells her the occasion is them. She gratefully kisses him. Just then, Leroy comes in the shop. He is fuming and demands his ax back. The two men begin brawling and Belle begs Gold to stop. Belle wakes up and realizes this was just a dream. She goes to peer in Gold’s window and finds him weaving straw into gold. He seems to be using the gold for some kind of magic.

Gold walks into the house and finds Belle waiting for him. He realizes something is wrong. She confronts him and wants to know what he is using magic for. Fed up and furious she storms out and tells him he needs courage and not magic.

The dwarfs are in the mine working. David is there with them. Henry looks on. Ruby arrives to bring muffins and see how things are going.
Gold goes to belle’s room to smooth things over. She is gone. He goes to the flower shop and asks her father if he has seen her. After Belle’s father expresses his still bitter feelings toward Gold he tells her he has not seen Belle.

Belle is at the Diner. She meets Ruby. Ruby does not know who she is and the two talk. Belle gives evasive information about herself and Ruby catches on that she is having relationship troubles. She offers Belle a place to stay. They discuss possible jobs and Ruby suggests the library may be a good place for her. Belle leaves and heads to the library which is locked. She peeks in and is delighted by the sight of books. Just then a man approaches her and asks her if she is alone. The man is William. She is confused and admits she is alone. He grabs her.

Gold does not not know who to turn to. In desperation he asks David for help. David is reluctant but Gold appeals to their common situation.

Belle is taken to a room. Her father comes in and she is happy to reunite with him. He tells her that he believed Rumpel/Gold has been holding her captive. He is shocked when she tells him she is in love with Gold. This information upsets him and he tells her he has no choice. She is confused about what that means. He tells William to take her.
David tells Gold that he has managed to make enemies with everyone. No one wants to help. He suggests they try the Diner. Gold subtly asks about relationship advice. David tells him honesty is needed to make a relationship work. This is not something Gold is used to. At the Diner Ruby admits to David that she had seen Belle. She tells him they may find her at the library. Ruby then tells the two men that since the curse broke her wolf senses are returning and she may be able to pick up on her scent. They bring Ruby to track Belle. The scent leads them to the flower shop. Inside the flower shop they confront her father. He admits that he had her taken away to a place where she would lose her memory of Gold. Gold believes he means the border. After being attacked by Gold Belle’s father admits she is at the mines.

Belle is handcuffed to a cart. William tells her he is leaving the key with her so she has a chance of freeing herself. He leaves and the cart begins to move. She frantically tries to free herself and drops the key. Just then the care moves backward. She finds herself faced by Gold, her father, David and Ruby. She has not lost her memory but is still furious with both Gold and her father. She says she doesn’t want to talk to either of them.

Belle is at the Diner and Ruby tries to get her to eat. She gives her a present that was left for her. Inside the gift box is a key to the library. At the library she sees Gold. They talk and he tells her she is right that he is a coward and magic is his crutch. He then admits he had been waiting for magic to come back so he could find his son. Belle has the realization that because of the new curse Gold cannot leave with using his memory. He tells her he wants to use the magic to break the new curse. As he leaves she tells him they should have a hamburger together sometime. He smiles at this and tells her he would love that.

Gold is keeping William tied to a chair. He wants to know where William’s employer Killian Jones is….

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