Episode 3: Snow Falls Secrets

On Episode 3, Snow Falls, we have discovered some secrets.  Have you?

  • Dr. Whale asked Mary Margaret about wanting 15 kids.  On LOST, Sawyer’s number was 15!
  • Next to Mary Margaret’s bed are ceramic blue bird figurines.  Could this be a reference to the classic Disney version Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?  We think so!
  • All the characters are all stuck in Storybrooke.  On LOST, they were stuck on the island.

Tell us what you found out!  Who does Sheriff Graham represent – Big Bad Wolf or a Huntsman?
What do you think?

One thought on “Episode 3: Snow Falls Secrets”

  1. I think the sheriff is the huntsman who was suppose to kill Snow White in the Fairy Tale. While he works with the Evil Queen, he has morals that he can’t go against.

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