Episode 3: ‘Siege Perilous’

King Arthur's Camp - Storybrooke

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 3: Siege Perilous


As we looked through Merlin’s books for answers, Arthur joined us. We all were frustrated, but brainstormed idea. Snow recommended that we just talk to Merlin. We found a page in one of the books that would lead us to a mushroom and show us how to communicate with Merlin.

I marked this page with a question mark. Arthur explained that getting to this mushroom is a mission. Without hesitation, David was up for the challenge and Arthur agreed too.

Arthur introduced David to a chest of magic relics. There was one chair at the round table that was higher than the others. Arthur said this was for a knight who had the purest heart. It was for Lacelot, but he betrayed Arthur after he had an affair with his love, Guinevere.

After their chat, Arthur and David were on their way to the mushroom. They knew this journey would be dangerous, but things just got worse.

On their quest, they finally found the mushroom. They grab it and head back. However, there are few obstacles to cross. First, David took the mushroom and went over a watery bridge. It was difficult crossing but he did with the mushroom in hand.

As they were on the way back, some phantom knights animate and fight David. They pulled him under water, but fortunately Arthur was there. He rescued David but the mushroom was gone.

When they got back to the castle empty-handed, David was knighted by Arthur. He took the old seat of Sir Lancelot. Mary was so proud, but she had to leave the room because baby Neal was so fussy.

When she left, she ran into Sir Lancelot. She was shocked because he was presumed dead. He revealed to her that Arthur was actually a villain.

Later that evening, they learned that Arthur actually stole the mushroom.


I went to visit Zelena, and allowed her voice back. She pleaded to leave once her baby was born. Feeling frustrated, I told her to stop acting like a victim. I explained that baby will be well cared for once he or she is born.

While this was happening, the dwarfs were hard at work. Emma paid them a little visit. She stole Happy’s axe. Once the dwarfs learned about this, they stomped over to David furiously. However, David had no answer for them.

Shortly after, Arthur met with David. He told him that someone stole from their chest of relics. One of the items missing was magic beans. Those beans would be able to get them back home to Camelot.

At Gold’s shop, Arthur and David asked if anything was pawned recently. However, nothing was dropped off there. David saw a non-magical chalice and took it. They left the shop, and went back to Arthur’s camp. David lied and told the camp that the chalice was magical. He would use this to find the thief.

Feeling nervous, one of Arthur’s knights cloaked himself and took off on a horse. They finally caught up with this man and admitted to taking the beans. He did it because he hated the king. However, he denied stealing the bean.

On the other side of Storybrooke, Emma and Hook met up. They had lunch together. She transformed herself to look like the old Savior, Emma Swan. Hook felt cautious and did not buy the old look. She left him.

Later on, we found some books, where I recognized my handwriting. It was on a picture of a mushroom, but I couldn’t remember what this meant.

Arthur went to visit the knight was now in jail. The knight explained to the king that he did everything that was asked of him. Arthur asked that loyal knight to take the plunge further. He gave him a bottle of poison and asked him to die for Camelot. If he drank that poison, he cannot be found by magic.

The loyal knight agreed and his body disappeared in a cloud of green smoke.

Before he drank the poison, they talked about how there was never a bean. Arthur has plans to rebuild Camelot in Storybrooke.

On a happier (sort of) note, Belle saw a flower bloom. This was exciting because that meant Gold is waking up. However, he was missing now. What in the world?

David ended up finding a mushroom, but we all were not sure what to do with it. We did recognize it from the book though.

Emma stole a sword from Hook that touched Gold before he was the Dark One. She has also kidnapped Gold. She woke him up.  She told him his heart is blank and she will make him a hero so that he can remove Excalibur.


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